30 thoughts on “Photo: Alex Ekubo looking all dolled-up

  1. Wait pinky did he do that to himself or someone else did???? That pic on the right is classless and dragqueenish……ugh just don’t deal….and pity cause truly he’s a final man….

  2. Is it just me or is he trying to send a message we already know….. *sips lemonade and awaits the FBI/CIA TB*
    The left pic yes, right pic NO..

  3. To think that Alex actually shared this himself? Dude be screaming and scratching to escape from that closet, Uti please let him out.

  4. nice pic on the left … stomach turning pic on the right! he’s one of the few guys I might break my **no light skinned guys*** rule for … hes fucking phynne!!

  5. I see Jay Manuel on the left… And Rashonda from the Projects on the right. I guess he’s trying to say something through the images. Sometimes silence speaks volumes #LipsSealed

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