guard-black-backgroundHis name is Moses. From the first time I saw him, I felt this odd rush of magnetism. I couldn’t tell if it was the way he always made eye contact with me whenever we met, or his intense scrutinizing manner, the way he looked at me like he could see into the depths of my soul.

Anyway, he was one of the security men in the complex where my office was located. I had just been posted to Abuja from the Lagos Head Office of our stockbroking company. Though I had been to Abuja a few times in the past, my past visits were never more than one week long. I liked the calm and peace of Abuja as opposed to the insane and unpredictable bustle of Lagos, but I never imagined that I would ever live in Abuja. I was born, raised and educated in Lagos and considered myself a true Lagosian. My only time outside Lagos was during my university days. I had found it difficult to secure admission in any of the universities in or around Lagos, to my extreme annoyance. After two years of sitting at home while my contemporaries were already halfway through their undergraduate studies, and when my parents’ exhortations that I consider a school in the East since it was in my catchment area had reached hysterical levels, I caved and my father was able to pull a few strings. A few months later, I was admitted to study Transport Technology at the Enugu State University.

I started out with an intense dislike for the dull-reddish, dust-coated Coal City. I despised this sprawling yet easygoing city with every fiber of my being. However, as the months wore on, I adjusted and started to like the city. To my utter surprise, I started to enjoy the local cuisine as well as the calm and considerably more relaxed pace of life in Enugu. I had never imagined that a day would come when the thought of spending time in the asphyxiating and choking atmosphere of Lagos would fill me with dread. Yet, after a year in Enugu, I liked it so much. It didn’t help that the boys were cute, uncomplicated and in plentiful supply – Duh! There are so many tertiary institutions in that city, as well as in several nearby municipalities. At a point, I took to spending just one week in Lagos during the holidays, and this was for the sole purpose of obtaining money from my parents, after which I would hop on the next bus back to Enugu. My best friend in Lagos, Yinka, once came to spend two weeks with me, and at the end of his stay, after sampling a selection of men from Enugu and its environs, the randy tart remarked, “Hmm, Chinedu, you get plenty better boys for this Enugu o. It’s so much easier to hook up here, just a phone call, and the boy hops on the next okada to come fuck your brains out. In Lagos, you need to schedule for weeks ahead because he might be all the way in Ikorodu or Igando and you’re in Ajah or Lekki, that’s quite a trip! Not counting the hours you’ll have to spend in traffic… My sister, you dey enjoy joor.”

All too soon, my wild and free undergraduate days came to an end, and I soon found myself spending one uneventful year in Delta State where I was posted for my NYSC.

Ok, back to the Moses. I was still new in Abuja and had barely any friends to speak of. I was still trying to figure out the city’s routes. Moses was always at the gate when I drove in on most mornings. He would greet me with a dazzling toothy smile which made my heart miss a few beats. He seemed different from the other security men; his uniforms were always neater and in better condition. He never had the scruffy, careless appearance that some of the other lower cadre staff seemed to have embraced. I mean, there’s no rule that says that if you’re a street sweeper or cleaner, you can’t look clean and well groomed and dignified! Anyway, Moses was clearly different. He had that look of a guy who actually cared about his appearance and put in some effort to look good, no matter his circumstances.

One morning, I drove in, and as I got out of the car, he walked up to me and offered to help me with my bag. I smiled and declined his offer.

“I’m a young guy like you,” I said, smiling. “I can carry loads four times heavier than this bag. There’s really no need for that”

Perhaps, my smile and light banter got him to loosen up, and soon we were talking animatedly. I learned that he had finished secondary school with very good grades, despite being born and raised in a poor farming community in Cross River State. He aspired to study Engineering in the university but had come to Abuja to look for work and raise some money, hence his working as a security man. We were about the same age despite the fact that he looked older and deferred to me due to our different stations in life. In spite of the seemingly severe odds stacked against him, he chose to look on the bright side. He hoped to save enough money from working as a security man to start a small business and along the line, further his education on a part time basis. I discovered that he lived in Dawaki, which was along my route home, and so sometimes, thereafter, whenever I closed from work, I would give him a ride home. Moses was a nice guy. I liked that he was smart and ambitious and was willing to make major sacrifices in order to achieve his future goals.

One Friday evening, after a long busy day, I was driving out of the office when he ran up and tapped lightly on my window. He was also done with his shift but had decided to wait so he could ride home with me. I unlocked the doors and he climbed in. I noticed his long, well-formed limbs, and took a few seconds to admire his smooth chocolate-colored skin. He was truly a good-looking guy, and with some nice clothes and a bit of pampering, he could easily become an irresistible catch. As my thoughts took a lewd turn, I hastily shooed them out of my mind. Moses was my friend and he really looked up to me. I had no idea if he batted for my team, and I frankly wasn’t too keen on probing. I wasn’t a huge fan of conversion missions. In my opinion, they were too much work and the risk always outweighed the perceived benefits. I hadn’t had a shag in months and was pretty horny, but the hectic pace associated with trying to adjust to a new city and a new job did an effective job of keeping me fully occupied.

As I drove, I asked Moses, “So, what do you usually do on weekends like this?”

He replied, “There’s a woman who is into catering and events management. I work with her on a part time basis whenever she needs me, usually on weekends when she has weddings and other functions to cater for. But I already called her and she said she won’t be needing me this weekend, so I guess I’ll rest and do some reading.”

About ten minutes during the drive, it started to rain, with the downpour rapidly increased in intensity. I looked up at the sky puzzled. The abruptness and severity of the rain forced many drivers to pull up at the sides of the road to wait for it to let up. I chose to drive on, and so with hazard lights blinking and moving very slowly, I navigated the car through sheets of pouring rain, which made it a very difficult task to see ahead.

We soon got to Moses’ stop and I pulled up by the side of the road, hoping for a let-up in the intensity of the rain, so he could pick an okada and be on his way. As if to punish me for defiantly driving home when I should have stopped like other motorists, the rain ramped up to a new level of ferocity. It was like the heavens had simply opened up and were pouring out their rage at some earthly atrocity.

I finally sighed and said to Moses, “There’s no way you can find an okada to take you into your street in this kind of rainfall. Why don’t you come with me to my place? You can leave in the morning.”

He readily agreed, as he had his toothbrush and other items in a bag which he always carried with him. It was a necessity, as he sometimes slept over at the office complex if he was unable to get home on any day.

I drove off and twenty minutes later, we were at my gate. It rained all through the journey. The downpour was so intense that even as we dashed the short distance from my parked car to my door, our clothes were soaked in the pouring rain.

Finally we made it into the house in our wet clothes. I changed into a pair of shorts and an old T-shirt. Moses took off his uniform and was dressed in a pair of tight boxers and his singlet. My gaze lingered on his muscled, shapely legs and his athletic upper body. I wondered how I hadn’t noticed much earlier what a good looking guy he truly was. He was so unlike the stereotypical security man. His neatness and impeccable grooming accentuated his smooth, evenly toned, chocolate skin. I quickly shrugged out of my lustful reverie and fetched him a drink from the fridge. We sat in the living room drinking and talking. I got to learn much more about him. He was a rather intelligent guy who had simply not gotten the opportunities that I had. As we talked, I realized that I hadn’t talked to anyone this deeply in a very long time. I was new, in a strange city, with all my friends far away and caught up in their own busy lives.

Without warning, Moses suddenly blurted out, “From the first day I saw you, I just admired you, your dress sense, your calm manner, your handsomeness… I’m glad I got to know you better…” As he spoke, he looked into my eyes with that piercing gaze of his that seemed to bore into my soul. “I look up to you as a role model.”

It was obvious that the wine we had both been drinking was starting to have an effect on us both, on him especially. Feeling reckless, I moved closer to him and put my hand on his muscled thigh. The skin felt tight and smooth. I rubbed my hand over the skin slowly, looking deeply into his eyes as I did. His eyes bored back into mine. Emboldened, I moved even closer, leaned over and kissed him on the lips. At first, his lips were stiff and immobile; he seemed like he was trying to draw up his reserve of willpower to resist my advance.

Then suddenly, his lips came alive, twisting and probing and sucking at mine. His hands swiftly moved to the back of my head pulling me closer. As we kissed, I could feel our lust rise swiftly like an erupting fireball. I caressed his neck and jaw line as we continued to kiss. I tugged at his singlet and he raised his hands over his head so I could easily pull it off. I also pulled off his briefs. He quickly undressed me and pushed me back on the couch. I reached down and grabbed hold of his dick. It was my preferred size, thick and fleshy without being overly enormous. I pulled and squeezed at it rubbing his precum all over the tip. This drove him crazy. I maneuvered him into the 69 position so we could both suck each other off. I was underneath him with my head bobbing up and down as I sucked his dick along its entire length and played with his balls. Tentatively, I ran my fingers around his butthole. I waited a beat, to see if he would stiffen or show any other sign of discomfort. When I sensed none, I slid my finger gently into his tight hole while continuing to suck him gently. His moans and writhing told me all I needed to know; he was enjoying what I was doing to him. In response, he lifted my legs and a few seconds later, I felt his tongue and fingers playing around my hole. This drove me wild and I was soon gasping, “Fuck me please, fuck me…”

I pulled open the nearby drawer and retrieved my condom and lubricant collection. Moses hurriedly grabbed a condom and rolled it around his erect, pulsating dick. It was so hard and erect I could have sworn it pointed upwards rather than outwards. As he squirted a generous amount of lube on it, I muttered, “Please enter gently.”

He grunted and began to push his dick into me. I gritted my teeth when I felt a stab of pain as his dick slithered into me. I grabbed his hips and stopped him from thrusting.

“Wait a few minutes…” I breathed out. “I need to relax.”

Moments later, I felt a bit more accommodating of his girth and I gyrated my hips gently. In response, he began to thrust slowly at first, and then faster and faster as we both adjusted to each other’s tempo. Soon the room resonated with the thwack-thwack-thwack sound of his hips slapping against my ass cheeks. He leaned over and I grabbed the back of his head as our lips met. We kissed like two frenzied things while his hard dick continued to piston in and out of my hole. I reached behind and placed my hands on his round tight muscular ass, pushing him deeper into me. As he continued to fuck me, I slid my finger in his asshole and worked it in and out in rapid circling motions. Soon, I could sense he was close to climaxing, as he gritted his teeth and shut his eyes tight. His body stiffened and seconds later, I felt his cock spasm and spurt as his cum erupted. With a contented sigh, he collapsed onto me, his heavy breathing gradually returning to normal.

He slid his rapidly-softening dick out of me, took off the condom and dropped it to the floor. I adjusted myself on the couch so he could lie beside me and cuddle. We lay there, with his naked ass against my dick and my arms around his midsection. And we dozed off.


I awoke with a start. It was a few minutes before I was fully aware of my surroundings. I had fallen into an exhausted slumber after the bout of hard pounding from Moses. I suddenly realized that he was also awake and was slowly grinding his hips against my dick. I reached forward and grabbed hold of his dick, which was erect again.

“I want to fuck you this time,” I murmured into his ear. “Hope you’re cool with that.”

He nodded in agreement. I stood up and maneuvered him into the doggy position, leaning over the couch with his tight round ass in the air. I quickly rolled a condom onto my dick, and lubed it up generously. I positioned myself over him and slowly lowered my dick till it was pushing against his butthole. He stiffened as I slid into him.

“Enter very slowly and gently please…” he grunted, in a reiteration of my plea when he fucked me earlier.

I paused for a few seconds and then continued pushing gently till I was all in. I braced my hands against the sofa and started humping away slowly and gently. His soft guttural moans of “Ah-ah-ah…fuck me” whipped me into a lust-filled frenzy, and soon I was fucking him with a manic urgency. I reached underneath him and grabbed his cock which had been waving wildly to the momentum of my thrusts. I stroked his cock rhythmically while I fucked him.

“Ah, ahh, yea, fuck me and wank me, yeah…!” he panted.

I stroked him faster and faster, and moments later, I felt his whole body clench, and he groaned before he began to shudder. “I’m going to cum, fuck me harder, fuck me harder…!”

From overhead, I watched as the cum spurted wildly from his pulsating dick. His tight asshole tightened and pulsated in tandem with his cum as I fucked him harder. I humped his tight sweet hole for a few more minutes, and soon I could feel the stars gathering at the back of my head as I came. I collapsed to the floor, pulling him down beside me. We kissed for a few moments, and then went to the bathroom to clean up.

This was to be the first of my several trysts with Moses. He became my regular fuck buddy and close friend. I eventually got to meet other guys, but Moses seemed to have a special place in my life. We weren’t dating or anything, but we just had this special bond which I honestly haven’t been able to fully describe.

Anyway, later that year, one night after we had a particularly raunchy sex session, we lay side by side in the dark room with his head nestled in my arms. He began to tell me of how he was fed up with working as a security man, how it was a thankless dead-end job which only ensured a hand-to-mouth existence. He had not been able to save any reasonable sum of money in order to carry out his plans to start a small business and perhaps further his education. He told me of his cousin who lived in Spain and who seemed to be doing really well, judging by the opulent house he had recently completed in the village, as well as the luxurious cars he had recently shipped back to Nigeria. Moses had contacted him, and his uncle had arranged for a human trafficker to smuggle Moses into Europe via North Africa. He told me that all had been set in motion and that all he needed to do presently was to make it to Agadez, a city located on the outskirts of the Sahara desert, in Niger Republic.

Alarmed, I tried to warn him of the dangers involved in desert-crossing to Europe. I told him of the countless numbers of would-be immigrants who perished on dangerous trips such as this. I tried to impress on him the vastness of the Sahara and how foolhardy it was to attempt to cross this formidable sun-baked wasteland in the back of a truck with barely enough food and water. What if the truck broke down, I asked. What if they fell victim to bands of marauding desert tribes? And finally, if he managed to reach North Africa, had he considered the big risk he was taking by crossing into Europe in a boat which was likely to be ill-maintained, overcrowded and where he would be faced with all manner of danger? After talking for several minutes, Moses’ responses made it clear that his mind was made up and nothing could sway his decision.

Two weeks later, I drove him to the bus park and purchased a bus ticket to the Northern city of Kano, from where he would catch another bus to Agadez, where he would meet up with the human traffickers, who would ferry him to Libya in North Africa. He had spent the previous night with me. My worries about him had killed my libido and as such, I was not my usual randy self. Moses however seemed upbeat and kept touching and stroking me until finally, I responded. He had been energetic and wilder than ever, while I was subdued. It was like he wanted this last time to be memorable, to leave an imprint on both our souls.

Moses placed his small bag with all his things in the luggage compartment. We hugged tightly for a few moments too long, I was starting to get worried that people around might wonder at this ‘longer than normal’ embrace between two males, and so, after a few moments, I pulled away from him. I could feel suspicious moisture in my eyes as I did so. As he turned to get aboard the bus, I placed an envelope with some money in his hands. I stood there feeling a large lump of dread sitting resolutely within my soul until the bus pulled away.

He called me later that day to inform me that he had arrived safely in Kano, and was set to continue to Agadez two days later. We talked a few times, before he proceeded to Agadez. During those calls, I relentlessly tried to convince him to abort this scary mission he was about to embark upon. But he was stubbornly resolute. Over the phone, he told me what a wonderful person I was and how much he would miss me. He also hoped that soon we would see each other again. He hoped he would be in Europe shortly and that he would try to call me once he arrived safely in Europe. He told me this on the night before the day he was scheduled to set off for Agadez.

That was the last I heard from him.

And now, every time, I hear of a boat carrying migrants sinking en-route its deadly crossing to Europe, or of a batch of would-be migrants perishing of thirst, hunger and exposure to the brutal elements when their rickety vehicles break down in the vastness of the Sahara, I wonder if perhaps Moses was aboard. I feel a sick dread rising from the depths of my soul. I feel bitter at the lack of opportunity which have created a feeling of hopelessness and thus driven able-bodied and intelligent youths like Moses to place their lives into the hands of an uncertain and peril-fraught future.

Moses, I pray that you are alive, that you somehow made it safely to Europe, and that you are thriving wherever you are. I shall continue to pray for you and hope that someday soon, I will see you again.

Written by Khaleesi

40 thoughts on “TOP SECURITY

  1. Khalessi I feel what you are feeling, don’t relent keep praying and hoping all things goes as planned for you.
    Keep faith.

  2. Great Piece, Khaleesi.

    Buh, no thanks to you…you just left me more feverish than I was. I join you in praying and hoping against hope that he’ll call someday to state he’s doing well.

  3. Wow…. This is one of those stories that leaves you speechless but its utterly relatable at the same time.. Losing someone to the “Spain/Italy Greener Pasture Program”

    In my case the guy in question is/was straight, but we were close. Despite pleas from myself and other close friends, he still went ahead with the trip.

    I feel your pain Khaleesi, truly a great story

  4. No security men for me thankyou!

    Khaleesi does have a softer side, this was a great read.

    My cousin took that path to Europe, no word from him since then. Its been 8 years! It would be better if we knew for sure that he was dead and we can have closure! His mother has refused to go ahead with burial rites, she believes he is alive! I want to believe that too, but I dont!

      • It’s almost as if she has become another person. She carries a picture of him everywhere and tells everybody it’s her son in Europe!

        Discourage anyone you hear who wants to undertake this journey

    • my hunny Dennis, plz get off your high horse nne m, these days, you have lots of HND grads who (for lack of better options) are forced into security jobs or to work as hotel waiters/waitresses. its heartbreaking but true in present day Nigeria … I’ve come across quite a few and a good number of them are decent people, I have absolutely no qualms about being friends with them … am not a snub … as long as you’re a good person with a good heart you will bw my friend and I will be a loyal and dedicated friend to you as well … ***hugs***

      • Darling you misunderstood Dennis. He was saying no to security men in terms of sexual appeal. He wasn’t trying to belittle them or anything. They just don’t set his blood flowing towards… errr…Mrs Macaulay territory…

      • *Balances on the emir of kano’s high horse*

        Sexual elitist or whatever you wanna tag it

        No security men for me Thank you very much!!!

      • @my hunny Dennis, biko no vex ooo, if u wanna be shagging only pink blooded arab princes with thin straight noses & glowing silky smooth skin and with clear blue shimmering eyes, biko who am I to stop you?

      • What’s with a security guard? Especially younger ones who I’m sure will beat me in class but just lack opportunities. I once refused to date a guy bcos he asked “are u a graduate”. I immediately had d picture of an idiot standing with me.I gave him a long but stern lecture on the stupidity of using certificate (paper qualification) to determine your frnds.He just got a 1st degree and it was shacking him.I was so pissed.Just as Iam now.Chief Olowokere, a one time Chairman of UAC(2012) never saw the 4 walls of a university and yet we all sat under his teaching in a biz summit.He is an ICAN fellow.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! My dear khaleesi! Dis brought tears to my eyes and a Boner to my trousers! *cleans tears* . Wait a min dear ! U fucked him ????? *opens mouth in disbelief* comments reserved!

  6. Didn’t see this ending coming… it was really sad especially since there is no closure as to what became of this person. We can only hope and pray he made it and he has started building a life of some sort for himself wherever he may be…
    On a lighter note, heavy rains always seem like a formula for these epic hook ups!
    Nice read!

  7. I was gonna write that i hope this story is true until i saw that pinky wrote that it’s fiction. It felt so good it had to be true.
    Beautiful story.

  8. Pinky, who is NOT the author of this story, asserted that this story is fiction … I shall neither deny nor comfirm her assertion … for now …

  9. I can just imagine how muscular and revved your Top Security was 🙂 That was such a beautiful piece. I’m sorry about how it wound up… 😥 My prayers are with you as well Khaleesi….

  10. Thank God itz fiction.
    This pain of not knowing the whereabouts of a loved one especially one who embarked on such a hazardous journey is nerve-wracking. It takes a lot of courage to keep hope alive.

    I think this is the first piece I’m reading from Khaleesi. Very nice and relatable as someone said.

    • Hmmm. I wonder when you saw Titanic.
      It’s either you just saw it recently for the first time or you must be one hard-hearted guy (didn’t mean than in a bad way).
      As for me, my eyes run like a tap. Any little thing sets them off (Things like this touching story Khaleesi wrote; I just thank God it was fiction). I cry like a baby, most times. *coversface*

  11. Hmmn! So after all this ur gra gra, u still have a soft side Khaleesi? Awwwwwwwwwn! That’s so sweet! See me clutching my chest while reading through. Am sure ur khal(Security man) gave u a swell time! So sweet! I pray he is safe though *Singing “talking to d moon” by Bruno Mars*!
    By the way, I hope this is not fiction ooooooooo!

  12. what a beautiful story line. so touching. moses i pray u a alive & pls come back bkux d blank will never b filled 4 ur frnd in abj.

  13. HmMm. What can I say! A beautiful piece no doubt. This reminded me of the very 1st bf (wife) that I had.I remember seeing him off @ d airport to fly to Qatar on d day he passed out frm NYSC.I never knew I could cry over a guy.Maybe he knew we would betray emotions(cry),thats why he made sure nobody except me saw him off.I pray 4 Moses and all young Nigerians who had to flee the hopelessness here for the hopelessness in Europe.In God,s hands we are safe and they.

  14. Anyone who knows Khaleesi would know that this is fiction….. Lovely one sugar! And that was how we pushed your former series into the doldrums. You better dust that story and continue, you were on to something there.

  15. *cleaning eyes with handkerchief**sniff*…twas quit a touching story…Ɣ☺υ̲̣̥ would neva 4 dat kind of tin…bt d consolation z dat its fiction..nice piece…Ɣ☺υ̲̣̥ a splendid writer…

  16. Wow! Nice story! I wish u were able to purchase him a plane ticket to europ too. But anyway, may God keep him safe 4 us all wherever he is. He seem a nice person striving to meet family responsibilities at all cost. Pls God, keep him safe cus u ar rich in mercy.

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