37 thoughts on “Photo: When you get it… lol

    • He’s Versatile, but tops in most of his films. Am a fan of his and I just checked my stash to confirm if it was truly him in the picture and I was right.

      This picture is obviously a fan photo at one of the gay pride events around the US

      • Some days you want ice cream, somd days you amarula, some days you Moet Chandon, some days you want pure water.

        So its nice to always have a well stocked bar darling

      • 275? Omg!

        How did u download 275 videos?

        I don’t even have a stash, I usually stream if I wanna watch porn!

        Continu stashing, god is stashing your sins in his hard drive too!

      • Lool how do I collect such a large amount of stash? Its easy- How do you have so many shirts and boxers?

        Answer that and you’ll get your answer lol

      • I usually download full versions rather than previews. So I don’t stream. I like to be relaxed when am watching my latest collection lol. Streaming seems rushed to me

        plus like I said before, its always nice to have a well stocked bar lol. You never know when you might need a different variety of something “stiff”

      • Lol Max trust me my definition of small is nothing compared to a fmr colleague of mine. Dude had 1terabyte external harddrive and 80% was filled with porn. Go figure.. The remainder was occupied by system files that allows the hard drive to run and few irrelevant documents and setup files for softwares

        Mr Bassey am sure we can figure something out sooner or later lol

  1. Lol. Pinkie why evuls na ROTFL.. Dia is God ! Dia is God in everin tin we are stashing! All those videos you re stashing will ansa! What of two links , two links to show that u re stashing videos ! Did u come wif any? No too ! Continu! Only you waka come !!! There is God oooo!

  2. I really hope for his own sake that the small guy is top and the Goliath is a very submissive bottom. Talk about a car wreck. sheesh.

  3. LMAO.
    Just can’t stop laughing with all these comments.
    All these guys on this blog, unu emebichago.

  4. Small guy is Armond Rizzo, aka Joey Rodriguez, 24 year old dancer & porn model from Chicago.

    Currently the rave in PornyWood, Armond is the definition of submissive bottom, what every guy who wants to be worthy of that title must aspire to.

    Study him.

  5. Omg!!!!! Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh…..lmao! Why are people so mean? But experience shows that small and portable dudes are the best bottoms. Not sure of the anatomical logic there, but that has been my experience.

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