Talk About ‘Coming Out’: David McIntosh ‘Unveiled’

Kelly-Brook-David-Mcintosh-MainSo yes, if you haven’t already heard, you may read it here. The nude photos of actress Kelly Brook’s hottie ex-fiancé, David McIntosh have hit the internet. And boy! That dude is packing as much heat under there as he is packing everywhere else.

Following the leak, Kelly lashed out at David on Twitter, after he publicly accused her of being responsible for naked photos of him being leaked online. The 34-year-old model blasted her ex-fiancé’s ego on Twitter and urged him to “be a grown-up” after he publicly accused her of being responsible for the leak, as the private pictures were stolen from her iCloud account by hackers.

The brunette beauty tweeted the former ‘Gladiators’ star and told him to call her after she found pictures of his “k**** online.” He responded: “silly me for sending pictures to someone I thought I could trust but then would leak them #byaccident.”

An outraged Kelly then hit back: “Your Ego is beyond. David all my US iCloud pics are online not just of you. Be a grown up,” To which he replied: “yes very grown up tweeting ‘ur knobs online’ how about use email thanks x (sic).”

Twitter followers of the two ex-lovers watched with avid interest as the spat went, taking sides and dropping their own tweets in favour of either of the two. As I was going through these tweets, that of one tweep caught my attention. This fellow tweeted: “who cares when you’re stacking a python? LOlz”.

And he is. Yup, David McIntosh has quite the endowment. Wanna see? Click below.




48 thoughts on “Talk About ‘Coming Out’: David McIntosh ‘Unveiled’

  1. iesu Nazarerum, Rex Iudorum!!! Jeeezussss!!! how can one man be this hot?? **faints and falls to the ground, remembers that dick & that gorgeous ass, revives mid fall& grabs uzi-submachine gun & brandishes it@iluvmua, Pinky, Kryss & Dennis – yea bitch hands off/faceoff those cakes!!!!
    haaa!! am ready to declare nuclear armageddon on any bitch who crosses me#

    • Singing *fuck me pumps* by Amy Winehouse as I construct our (Me and David’s) altar of love. Suddenly remembers I have some sisters who are spoiling my prayer…Khaleesi! Khaleesi!! Khaleesi!!! Am singing *Jolene* by Dolly Parton for you ooo, Pinkie is my witness. David hun, please come home, am done making the bed. Returns to singing *fuck me pumps*

  2. That’s an Oyinbo python, not the African variety, so all I’ll pass on behalf of all the size queens.

    Butt, pun intended, as for the view I saw when David was well, taking in the view on his balcony, well, yes, that’s shall I say, worth looking forward to ?

  3. To look or not to look, that is a question. Pinky, shebi that other celeb woman the other day come dey complain say no be only leakers but lookers she dey vex for. Shebi she said, “I didn’t say you could look at my nudes!” Okay oh. *the devil is a liar, Pinky. Bye*

    • Heheheee!!! Rapum, think about what you are missing by not looking. He is endowed. He has cakes that are a perfect flavour of chocolate and vanilla. And he got Khaleesi all hot and bothered. You sure you still don’t wanna check out the goodies?

      • Ah, Pinky, I hate lap dances. So, this one will pass. Lol. *sprinkles obara Jisos as I read your comments, you evil tempters* hahaha

    • Already having a knowledge of who David Mcintosh is (and what he looks like in his underwear), if u can resist d temptation to look at his nudes, then u are truly gifted…d force is strong with you.

  4. Sorry, but this has made me lose a little faith in humanity. These intimate photos have been stolen, people, and you’re glorifying this horrible crime. This is a disgusting violation of privacy.

  5. Dayyyyyuummmmmm………!!!!!! I’m goina slug it out with Khaleesi this tym…. Back off bitch, this one is myn…* brandishes a Winchester MP4 rifle* (҂`_´)
    < ,︻╦̵̵̿╤─ ҉ ~~~ • • •
    \ \
    ,/ ﹋╯. ..!!!! GET YOUR HANDS OFF…!!!!

  6. OMG, this man is totally blessed! How can u have hair like that and skin like tha and a height like that and a body like that and a cock like that and an ass like that? Is this really fair? *sobs* He’s fucking perfect, I tell ya!
    And pinky, that headline “…coming out”…u’re wrong for that! I thot of another kind of “coming out”…how u gon’ play with a brotha’s hopes and emotions like that? Not cool! Lol
    I will say this tho, I don’t think Kelly leaked those pics; she just seems classier than that to me,plus, if she was mad enuff to break up with him,I don’t think she’d want to “hype” him by showing his gorgeousness to d world. Somehow,I don’t think he’s too mad tho; he’s fine and he KNOWS he’s fine; he strikes me as an exhibitionist (not that I’m complaining…hehehe). But it was messy of him to get all catty with her on twitter; amma hav to give him a slap on the wrist b4 I forgive him for that…or on the butt (wrist,butt, doesn’t matter does it? A correctional slap is still a correctional slap,no matter where it’s administered,no?) #OkBye

  7. Ewoooooooooooo! Chimoooooooo e gbuo m! *faints, get up nd fans self*! Khaleesi!! I don’t care if u r d mother of dragons or dragon flies, get ur whoring hands off my man! I thought u never liked white! Talk of double standards! Yeye pikin! Swerve biko! Sex is usually a painful thing for me but wit dis hot piece of man………I don’t mind cha cha! He can get it anyhow he wants even hanging from a tree! And am very sure we would definitely need a Macintosh on dat bed cos it gonna rain cum all night! Choi!!! Is dis 4 real or am I dreaming *faint again*? He is perfect *drooling*!
    King dear, am so cheating on u wit dis man nd am unapologetic about it *grabs lube nd condom*!

  8. Hmmmmm. Pinkie, I had already made up my mind to strangle u tonight if u hadn’t added those nudes !!! Buf thank goodness u did *takes anoda look @ nude* he does have nice cakes but I fink I would leave dis 1 4 khaleesi becuz my boo @dennis is much bigger down dia *winks* #runsaway

    • *Whispering* Wake up! Wake up nd get dis memo oh! *clears throat* Ehen, this is a public service announcement! From today onward, dis legalkoboko’s koboko just turned illegal! D new Legal koboko in town now is my boo Davy bobo Macintosh! *whispers back* now u can die back!

      • Sambarri wants to join me in the land of …

        ~Jboy my sweet, teach the wikid girl a lesson biko~.

      • Kryss S, your name is synonymous to cry & crisis…je juo ajuju…ana ekwu maka ‘anu kporo nku n’eju onu’ nwata ntakiri di ka gi, na-efuchasibeghi eze, ekwesighi na-ekwu okwu. That said, he can be your DummyKoboko but leave my LegalKoboko out of this…and I mean every word.


    • Enyia, berra be kiaful…*stirring a fry-pan full of heated ororo*

      OAN, for the first time, I had a boner to cakes…McIntosh, you have touched me @ the g-spot.

  9. Ah! Chestie darling! With dis hot piece of man, I know I’d b a mess once he is done wit me! Infact, am a mess already *tears g-strings nd bra! Scatter my lace wig whilst eyeing Khaleesi* Choi!!! D tinz we would do eh, mouth cannot tell *singing Rihanna’s “S&M”*! Lol!

  10. hahaha! He is cute. But old age and experience has taught me not to allow myself get drowned by appearances. If the person living in the body is beautiful, then other things begin to appear beautiful. But im sure you hot-blooded children find me very boring. 😀

  11. Cakes Cakes Cakes on a Sunday Morning… Alhamdulilah I’m a Muslim no church for me… I’ve got all the time to make a movie of those cakes… Bless God Somebody….

  12. At this point, I want to thank God for providing me with a large screen tablet device. I zoomed my soul into this pic and thank God it was not grainy. Every detail to make me have wet dreams was displayed. Chai!This kain of guy can do whatever he likes with me. The kind of guy I will empty my account for for just a night. Jesus this is too much on one person.

  13. Ahaaa! I said it…..definitely a grower. This breakup seems to be so huge. I really think there’s something more than we’re privy to.

  14. I wouldn’t mind licking that ass for lunch and then eating it for dinner. For a late night snack I would suck the oxygen out of his anaconda and leave him breathless as he cums like he never has in life.

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