Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama Admonishes FG To stop Punishing Gay Nigerians

Archbishop-Ignatius-Kaigama2The Catholic Archbishop of Jos, Ignatius Kaigama has said Nigerian government is “wrong” for “punishing” gay Nigerians.

Speaking at a press briefing with The Tablet at the Vatican yesterday, the Archbishop stressed that the Catholic Church in Nigeria is opposed to any discrimination of gay people.

According to him, after Nigeria adopted a law that hands out 14-year sentences to gay Nigerians earlier this year, he had announced the Church’s support for the legislation. However, there was a “gross misinterpretation” of this by the media.

The Catholic Church, he now says, only supported the elements of the law that set out that marriage is between a man and a woman, but is against “the criminalization of people with different sexual orientations.” He told The Tablet:

“We are not supporting the criminalization of people with different sexual orientations. We would defend any person with homosexual orientation who is being harassed, who is being imprisoned, who is being punished. The Government may want to punish them – we don’t. In fact we will tell the Government to stop punishing those with different orientations.”

50 thoughts on “Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama Admonishes FG To stop Punishing Gay Nigerians

  1. I would have been happy with this news, but then again I thought about it and realized that celebrating this news will amount to seeking validation from them.
    It will mean that we are wrong and they are right, and now they finally (graciously) allow us to be who we are.
    So I will pass

    *long hiss*

    • Dude’s got a point. But appreciating the news shouldn’t be all about feeling validated. It could also mean pleasure at the fact that the church might be coming around, one church leader at a time.

      • akuko!!! am still hungover and cant think str8, lemme clear my head and come back … ***gurl that vodka strooonggggg***

  2. I don’t think its about being validated at all. in fact he sends a very different message to government. he has in fact become a voice of reason in the midst of the madness. his message is to stop criminalization of our lifestyle. not validation at all but common sense.

  3. Interesting. Way forward indeed. It’s the sense of entitlement that I hate. “In fact we will tell the Government to stop punishing those with different orientations,” he says, like he’s the great grand father of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He didn’t even say he’d make a case, but that he would ‘tell.’ Great. Religious leaders have proved time and again how they own this country.

    But hey, who’s he fooling? When this bill came out, he didn’t speak out against it. When he lauded it, he didn’t make the distinction he’s making now. But, whatever.

    • The Catholic Church isn’t like other churches. Matter concerning the doctrine of the church is a delegate one. You can’t just speak without authorization. maybe he was against the bill from start or maybe he was for? We can’t tell, but what we know now is that he wants to speak out.

    • oh purleeease! Lexus give me a break! A Catholic Bishop can say HIS OWN MIND in Catholic doctrine issues without further authorization. He has the teaching authority to do that. He only consults in matters of DOGMA.

      The chap probably got more than a few tongue lashing from the Pope last Sunday about his country’s outrageous anti gay law. And he is here now dancing to a different tune.

      I laugh in Latin.

      • Legal whatever u flog with…I beg to differ. He may be a bishop, but if he’s to state an opinion in a sensitive case like this, it has to be the OPINION of the church since he represents the church.

        That said, I hope this is just the beginning of a new era. More voices should just follow suit and hopefully, we will have the Nigeria we so desired where everyone is loved and respected.

    • He said that unfolding events made him have a it bad 4 one to change his earlier stand on an issue especially when more informations are got? The earlier we wake up to the reality that religious leaders wield a lot of influence in this country the wiser for us

    • Enigmous, I Just googled the profile of a Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a retired
      auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of
      Detroit in the US, a notorious promoter of
      homosexuality, contraception, and
      homosexual and women’s ordination: ” Bishop Gumbleton has consistently been a
      supporter of New Ways Ministry and has
      also called for homosexual priests and
      bishops to “come out” and be truthful to
      themselves and others”.

      Archbishop Kaigama could have done the same. But he chose the comforts of bigoted teachings.

  4. It is definitely not the voice of the Archbishop but the voice of the Holy Catholic Church. If that was his voice he would have the Pope to face just like that Australian priest who spoke without permission. The church is coming around. isn’t this more than a coincidence, him making this statement during the inner meeting of the church to redefine marriage, pre marital sex etc. There is light at the end of the tunnel guys. love you all

  5. Story 4 d Gods! U r in support of d law but against d misinterpretation by d media! Isi a dikwa gi nma? R u ok! Sheer case of hypocrisy! Stick to wat u want, fight 4 it nd quit acting like d goody two shoes dat u ain’t! Ewu Gambia! These ppl just annoy my spirit!
    By d way, am making chicken egusi soup oh with wheat nd u all r all invited later in d day! *dashes of to d market*

    • Somehow, I feel you misunderstood this man. I believe what he said isn’t bad at all. Is that not what we have been fighting for? Someone now says it and we go on-all-fours and start barking?

      Every human is permitted not to like what the next person is doing, just don’t criminalize someone for sinning differently from you. I think that’s the positive we should take from his speaking out while we hope others will follow suit.

      P.S. Keep my own egusi soup o, and make sure there are lots of stock fish in it. Also, I don’t do eat wheat, pounded yam will do.

    • This man made his positions known and we are insulting him.what is our own opinion and where have we aired it? During the debate where were we?The committee members told members of the human rights community that we don’t have gays in Nigeria.How many of us challenged that lie?

  6. With due respect to the Arch Bishop, the Catholic church is full of disrespect for those with homosexual inclination. His claims are against the facts on ground.

    But I’m glad the ground is gradually shifting.

    And to those who say we don’t need the validation of these people, abeg drop the heroics. We don’t owe these people anything, and yet they’ve hijacked our precious space and have made it as toxic as hell. The least we can do is to heave a sigh of relief. The tide is changing and I’m glad it is.

  7. oh puhleeeezeee!! spare me all this crap!! the Catholic church like most other Nigerian churches was a vocal supporter of the obnoxious anti – gay bill, I vividly remember Archbishop Onaiyekan of Abuja pouring vitriol on gays and baring his blatant homophobia before the world on TV. I was shocked and dismayed and this further affirmed the correctness of my shoving religion outta my life. y’all are a bunch of hypocrites leading a few hypocrites and numerous fools #BBM talk to the hand smiley# … And yes, I honestly don’t need your approval or validation … in fact I need it as much as a fish needs a bicycle to get around the sea ***yawns and rolls over continuing to battle major hangover*** nonsense and condiments!!

  8. Lol @ Nonsense nd condiments! D mother of Dragons has spoken!
    King my love!!!!!!!!! Take d next available flight to Abuja i.e. if u ain’t here already nd I wud b @ d arrival lounge in my sexy two-piece bikini waving my pom-pom @ u *wink*!

  9. *looks into magical crystal ball* I see an upcoming tryst in King and Kryss’ future. Or could it be more? I can’t really say… The unicorn spirits aren’t giving me a definite answer, but, there will be sex -A LOT, if I might add…. Stay gucci people, I’m your in-house medium. *screams ‘Mind Freak’ like Chris Angel*

  10. @Infamousdiaries *stammering* Sex? *tightens bumshort* Am scared of sex oh! It hurts a lot! Lets just stick to d cuddling nd smooching biko!
    By the way, I hope there is no Mrs King around? Make person no wear me kito oooh! My bathroom slippers still fine 4 my legs! Lol!

  11. It is not what he said he is for the anti gay law and the punishement if he was not and is not then he should actively seek to have the whole law if not the imprisonment clause repealed. BTW Jesus has abolished the law of Moses and established Grace for us. You can be a gay and a Christian

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