FOREWORD: You guys remember Unoma, right? Well, she has an ongoing literary project that concerns the Nigerian LGBTI community, one she wants us to be a part of. It’s a kind of anthology that intends to document our lives as gay Nigerians, our experiences, our struggles, and our peculiar ways of navigating the very hostile terrain of the Nigerian society. Telling our stories have the power to help upcoming baby gay Nigerians know that they are as normal as those of us who lived and triumphed over rejection, pain and oppression. Our stories can possibly reduce homophobia because it lets people see that we neither chose our lifestyles, nor live as gay men and women because of any spiritual or demonic forces.

We live and exist in our fullness because of the way we are. And we are a beautiful people.

And so, if you have any stories of survival and overcoming that you would like to be in the anthology, kindly either send to me on pantherptb@yahoo.com or to her on unomaazuah@gmail.com. Thanks, guys.


singles 2I have read all the kito stories on this forum, but I have not seen one in the likeliness of mine. My story is almost one of a kind.

Peter Amechina (real name) and I were friends for seven years, starting 2005 to 2012, when my Kito story happened. We met in a bank. He walked up to me, having mistaken me for someone else – his pickup line, which I was impressed by. We exchanged numbers and not long afterward, we developed a quick rapport. We didn’t live in the same area, he in Enugu and me in Owerri, and so we maintained contact through phone calls and texts. BBM and Whatsapp made things easier years later.

Though sexuality was the string of connection, our friendship wasn’t based on sex. We were more friends with occasional benefits. Over the years, I got to know a lot about him and his family members, though I never met them, the same way he got to know about me and mine, even though he never got to meet my people. He visited me a number of times. One such time was in December 2008, when I was left in the municipality alone, and my folks traveled for the yuletide. He came to my house then, with a friend in tow, and we all had loads of fun during the period of his visit.

And so, seven years of friendship and trust rolled past.

In 2012, I was going to be in Enugu for a meeting with a rep of some international university. I contacted Peter and made plans concerning staying over at his place for the night, seeing as I didn’t envisage my returning home that same day. I was not a stranger to Enugu, my aunt lived there, but I’d always rather stayed with a friend than with married relative and her family.

My meeting ran late, and at the end of it, I was relieved to get the chance to see my friend again. It had been about two years since we saw each other last. He was waiting when I got to his place and his welcome of me to his place was effusive. We chatted a bit and he left and returned moments later with a late lunch or early dinner. He had something to do, so he excused himself and left. He came back around 9pm. We showered together, got back in the room. We chatted a while again and soon started fondling with each other.

Not long after we got naked, the door was thrown open, and two guys were inside the room.

You can guess what I have chosen to leave out. I was accused of misleading their friend. I was stabbed in the middle of my palm, hit with thin water pipes, that type that has more biting ferocity than your primary school teacher’s cane. All the while, one of the guys created what in his head would convince me that Peter wasn’t part of the plan. He would feign hitting Peter with the pipe, and somehow, the blows never quite struck Peter, all of it an attempt to make me believe both Peter and I were in the same dire predicament. I had to give up my ATM card and pin, and it was by ‘coincidence’ that Peter had to go with one of them to the bank and leave me with the second one, who apparently suffering an attack of conscience said he was sorry I had to go through that. For some reason, he seemed to sense that there was more to me and that I was probably going to bring hell when they let me go. One thing he said that I remembered most was that I should choose my friends carefully.

How though? How careful can one get in the choice of friends? Was seven years not enough time to build confidence and trust in someone whom you’ve allowed in your home several times? Was seven years not enough time to call someone friend?

My account was cleared out, only six thousand left, of what mainly was a large sum of money that was in my custody from the family business. My blackberry was taken, and so was the change of clothes I brought for the next day. I was let go at the first sight of dawn the next day.

My parents were glad I was alive when I got back to my house, the money wasn’t an issue. When I got back online, Peter denied he had anything to do with what happened that night. I didn’t argue with him. Something I learned about revenge is that it is best served cold. I didn’t bring down any hell, like that second guy feared. When I do, it won’t be on him. Whenever I think about Peter, I see what I’ve learned. He isn’t reason enough to give up on friendship or trust, but he will be reason enough for the worst thing I will do in my lifetime. Even if it takes decades, one day, I’ll be ready for him. And my prayer is that when that day comes, that God might have deemed it fit to take him away from the earth. If not, he will be praying for death by the time I’ll just be getting started.

Written by Morrison

LAST WORD: Morrison sent me photos of this friend, Peter Amechina, for me to put up along with his story, as a cautionary move for anybody staying in Enugu who may call him friend. The homophobic citizenry of Nigeria who set up and lynch members of the gay community are bad enough. But when one of us becomes a turncoat and seeks the pain and humiliation of his fellow gay man, those are the lowest of the scum that litter the surface of the earth. Check on Peter Amechina’s pictures below.Pictures

91 thoughts on “HIS KITO STORY (EDITION 10)

  1. Morris, can you ask Pinkie for my details? Please do…Nwanne nke’m, do keep calm and we’ll laugh best soon.

  2. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this!

    I have f**ked this Peter!

    He is short with a very small cock (sorry I had to add that) did his IT at then Intercontinental Bank Asaba (where we met) at west end, he was living in his grand mothers house off Jaret Street by cable point.

    I think he went to IMT, I am not sure. Pink Panther please confirm from the writer!

    OMG! Its him; he sets people up? This is crazy!!!

  3. i am of the opinion that the publishing of peoples picture on this blog should be stopped. First, how do we verify that the story is àctually true and warrants having the alleged perpetrators name and picture in print. it means that if i have a vendetta against someone personally, all i have to do is frame up a kito story and send his picture along with it. Secondly, for all, we know, we are just hearing one side of the story. What if amechina in this case comes out to say that he had no part in this affair and he was a victim too. even according to the law, one is innocent until proven guilty. I suggest humbly that my submission should be looked into.
    PS I don’t know AME China personally. I am just an advocate of fairness.

    • Actually I am with you on this Obatala. Unless we can verify the story (which unfortunately we have no means of) then maybe we can skip the photos.

      I can have an axe to grind with someone and I would make up a kito story and send his photo along with it.

      • Actually I thought of it and I take it back. I do know you personally and I believe before you run a story like this, you would have checked and double checked.

        Oya omalicham no vex


    • we have nothing to fear in this regard, Sista Pinky us upright, just and full of integrity. I have not a shred of doubt that she would thoroughly investigate before putting up any pix, biko these scumbags need to be outed to us so that we may tread with caution. you’ve been with this jerk b4 and you were untouched probably cos he was out of his comfort zone and therefore had no power over you …

  4. This one is the very definition of treachery.
    Seven donkey years after, …and then this!
    I need time to adjust to this shocking story.

  5. Ugly dull eyed black lipped ghetto looking biatch…
    Sorry Morrison…I’m quite shocked… 7 years is a lifetime…The more I read about kito stories here, the more skeptical I am about meeting new people…this story gives a whole new meaning to trust..

  6. I concur with you Obatala. There are always two sides to every story. And the side we saw today is so awful to the point that we NEED to see the other side if there’s any.

    • I tink d essence of d Names and Photos is jst so we all r careful of d said person.
      It won’t do any harm being careful of any monicker-amaechina
      Moreso d pix is open to d community n nt d outside world-whr d supposed danger can come from.I’m tinkin d ysday FB story must hv drawn ds recent concern.
      Vengeance is definitely for who has d fight dats if he’s taken it frm d hands of d Lord. Its nt in U or I’s place to tk.

  7. See the ugly mucheche sef wey u wan roro with.
    Most of una no get taste.
    His burnt lips; person wey don chop igbo, his spoilt orange head.
    Ada zion sorry.

  8. Seven years???? Wow! I’m almost speechless with shock! How does one hav d “mind” to do dis sort of thing to a friend of 7 years? Where they do that at? Na wa oh! (Um…maybe dis is why some ppl are wary of broke/un-employed ninjas)

  9. Amaechina,s actions are the type of things jobless, greedy and low-level guys do as a means of survival.the truth is that these guys are gay but chose to sacrifice their “frnds” for economic reasons.conscience? These guys do have conscience but do you know what? They are emboldened by the fact that (to them) gay is sinful therefore a crime against a criminal is justified.i think, pinky,khalesi,s-sensei et al will have to take another look at the meaning of their favorite expression “internalized homophobia.the lesson here is if you have a friend, be concerned about what he does 4 a living and if he is unemployed, find out his plans.if u discover that he is the type that builds castles in the air or an NFA(no future ambition) better run

      • @Dennis, yes ooo, I v read and re-read the comment to see if there’s something I somehow missed, but the comment is illlogical, much like a dog attempting to chase its own tail … Gad says these guys justify their actions because to them, being gay is sinful he then goes on to ask us to re-examine our ‘favourite expression’ (internalized homophobia) … biko how much more ironical and confused (hehehehee) can a man get?
        Dear Gad, please enlighten us as to the true direction of your thoughts …

      • I’m sorry for the confusion.what I was trying to point out is that scenario like this are classical cases of real “internalized homophobia as against the way you guys use it.the guy is gay alright yet he felt no remorse to rob his friend.i further said that in his mind he felt justified bcos he sees gayism as a crime therefore justifying his own crime(robbery).I hope I didn’t confuse us more? I’m sorry if I did.My english teacher retired the day I was to start school in my village,bikonu.

      • Dog chasing it’s tail


        My son does that! He always looks stupid doing that

        Khaleesi! You delight me so

    • “Internal homophobia” is not my favorite word biko. I no dey follow una fight over that mata. Check previous posts and comments for confirmation

      • Wao.see how you clearly summarized my “dog chasing it’s tail” comments which some “wise men” say they don’t understand.I hereby withdraw my apologies while expecting theirs.

  10. I’m sorry house. But this is why I don’t do ibo. Guys. Rmr the help us catch that thief episode. It happened in enugu involving an.ibo guy. Please is it just me or is the east the place for shocking kitos. That’s just saying my 2 cents. Oya release ur venom. I’d rather go with my version of Mrs macaulay to the east than choose to pick up a brood somewhere. This is just sad. Just as every one has been saying “morrison doh. Aya fon ano fien”.

  11. Ds story jst shatters me
    It unsits me frm d comfortable zone of every frend I hv made down ds line n places doubts in my heart as if d cynical me wasn’t enof stress already.
    7 years keeps ringin in my head!

  12. Ders notin written abt dis scumbag bag hia dats a lie,I met dis son of a bitch wen my family moved frm Onitsha nd Asaba,dat was in 2004/2005,he was doing his IT den,he had a frnd den Bright nd they do dis set up tin 2geda,funny enof he denies eva doing it with him,un4tunately 4 Bright,while on his way frm one of his evil acts,he had a fatal accident nd died on d spot,Peter was busy fuckin all d teenage boys on dia str in Asaba coz he was stayin at d grandma’s houz who is always abroad,till one day,one of d lil boiz he was fucking was cot by d mum wher anoda boi of his age nd 3 odas boys were fucking his son,d whole street was on fire,Peter disappeared 4 mnths nd its coz of his wayward lyf dat made his mum to still leave him here in Naija,am not suprised at all,he can do dis nd even much more

  13. I hate guys like this, this kinda thing has happened to me. he let me suck his dick n he cums and then he turns on me. all of em will burn in a special part of hades.

  14. And the stories become worse by the edition. This is like a terrible 11 on a scale of 1- 10 and i have had a terrible kito experience myself. Where is gad who would say someone let their other head think for them. Really there is no excuse for this one. Someone you considered a friend figured you are well to do and decided to take his share?? I’m just horrified.
    @ Morrison. I am really sorry that that happened to you. Don’t really know if time will heal your wounds. Who can blame you if you have serious trust issues after an experience like that.
    I think pictures are the way to go so that people will be cautious.

    • Gad is here.if are irked by the fact that Gad advices that we be cautious at all times, may I remind you that you are free to be callous.keep hooking up with charlatans.advice is a stranger.welcome him and he stays for the night but reject him and he leaves. I must add here that the case in point is a bit helpless but still,caution brothers.cau(ion

    • I dunno sha, I hear Benin is Kito HQ for the entire west african subregion, still Asaba is close enough to be influenced I guess …

  15. Thats the more reason I hate meeting ppl on their own turf, dey definitely have an upper hand over u nd as dey deem fit! Maybe its just because I hate trying out new stuffs dats y I don’t fancy meeting like dis, although 7yrs of knowing some1 wud brew some level of trust! Sorry though!
    By the way, d guy is super ugly! Choi!!!!!!!!! If u wanna eat a frog, @ least eat one wit much oil!
    *First time in here*

  16. I honestly cant wrap my head around such cruelty … how does one get so close to you over a 7-year period and still find it in him to betray you without a single stab of guilt?? na wa!! we all really need to be careful, not just with new hookups it seems, but even these days with old friends (shudder) … I pray this crust of scum gets a bitter taste of karma’s lash!!

  17. U guys were never friends, u were just 2 blind to see it…he was waiting for d perfect opportunity and u gave it to him on a platter of gold by going to his house…trust is good but wisdom is better…it’s beginning to look like dis kito stories happen to pple who just av sex wit anybody, nah biz u go do for there no b sex…it’s time to start tinking wit our brains insteadof our dicks!

    • Some people’s insensitivity is really quite shocking. Seriously, after 7 years, how was he supposed to know that the guy wasn’t loyal to him? And you’re busy sneering about him having sex with his friend and thinking with his dick… Jeez! What sort of comment is that? If this was an issue with a random stranger, it would be understandable. he gets set up by a friend and you’re here mouthing off about how he should have been more careful. This could happen to anyone, we should know that. And consider that before we pass judgment.

  18. Seriously, the kito stories I have read so far on this blog have made me to be more careful. Pinky nwanne m keep it up. As for the poix and real identity, go on posting them cos it’s a small gay world. The other side of it I’d like us to bring up here is to expose those gay guys who go about robbing a fellow gay after a mutual fling. To Morrisson, all I can say is sorry love. Such stab after 7 years of friendship, hmm… it’s shocking

    • whatever! choke on ur large pie of bullshit nusy be sure to douche afterwards so u dont shit all over the next poor boy who ventures near ur pathetic ass …

  19. *in beyonces voice* morrison sweerie am sowie love !! And for that guy ,(after 7 years smh) he needs to be burnt on a stake. @ khaleesi and all, kito has no hq in nigeria ok! Each region has its own fair amount of hungry ,starved, scruffy, scraggy bitches that go into stuffs like daat!!. @ dennis hmmmmmm! @all pinkie needs to post their pix and info so that we can always be careful and know wah to do when any of these low lifes approaches us. And finally , we all need to watch our backs ok and if possible always do a background check on that “guy” just for safety reasons !!!! (Longest comment ever) *jumps around and tears G string) lol

  20. I support using photos. We should follow where lagosheat.wordpress left off- those public outings of criminals was the biggest help Kito victims got up till that point. Only people who have never been in a serious kito would argue about this.
    By the way, 70% of kitos are committed by gay people against gay people, and of the remaining 30, there is always a gay collaborator with the str8 criminals, reinforcing the fact that there are only 2 types of people in the world- not gay & str8, black & white, but good and evil.

  21. According to iduke, kito episodes don’t happen in Lagos, or Abuja or Kaduna or Sokoto. They only happen in the East. Kudos to you, bro.

    If you do not want to be friends with anybody from the East, it is your cup of tea. But negative generalizations have always been the basis for such things as the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

    As for my dear Morrison, I honestly don’t know what to say. Because you are not at fault in any way. The only mistake you made was being friendly with a spawn of the Devil. But believe me, your opportune time for revenge shall come. Sooner or later. And make sure you fill your arsenal with enough hate-forged weapons. Because, I personally won’t forgive you if you let this son-of-a-bitch low-lifer go scot-free.

    And guys, we should be wary of ESUT and IMT students. They are specialists in setting people up. There are good ones among them though.

      • Lol. You’re welcome to have a f**k with me
        But I don’t think you read my post very well.
        I’ve actually dated an ESUT guy and he was nice and good while it lasted.

        But on a more serious note, there is no gainsaying the fact that 90% of kito episodes in Enugu are orchestrated by ESUT or IMT guys.

      • I lived in Enugu for over a year. I still have a home there.from my experience,gay criminals in Lagos and PH put together is joke when compared to what guys do in Enugu.I don’t know if it’s owing to the poverty level or greed but whatever it is,its no excuse.This doesn’t mean that we don’t have good guys in Enugu too.

      • Very horrible stories.Let me relate to just 1 out of the many that I had to come into. A frnd of mine came home from Abj and ended up in a hotel room with a guy he has been chating with.After working hard most of the night,my guy was tired and slept off.He woke up the next morning but his guy was nowhere to be found.He checked and his things were intact but his car keys has gone.He rushed to the parking lot but his car wasn’t there.To cut a long story short,when he informed me,we got across to the Ops room and all checkpoints mounted @ exists from Enugu were alerted which led to the idiot being apprehended @ Okigwe.He was still awaiting trial b4 I left Enugu.Need I add that he was a student of IMT? I have met IMT students who I can describe as angels though

  22. Lol my man!! I had this guy on my bbm list and he was pressurising seriously for us to meet. He was forced to delete me. Guess I did the right thing unknowingly. But this story looks fictitious. Anyway *puffs cigar*

  23. I know this dude from Onitsha and he is a confirmed tb guy, met him once thru a friend n he wanted something BT sadly he wasn’t my type… this was like in 2006… short n stout… well I wouldn’t blame you considering u guys have been “friends” fr a long time…
    men are wicked… even more horrible when your kind indulges in the treachery…

  24. Saddest Kito Story of the Century……Sorry for ur Emotional and Financial Loss Bro….but 7 Years….Damn…Only God knows when he has been planning it……

  25. Isn’t Peter a medical doctor? Gosh men….I know this dude. I’ve fucked him before, when he came to Lagos a couple of years ago.


  26. One of the peeps on here posting crap about trust is actually a devil in sheeps clothing … But just like I’d say in this story .. Karma is a shameless bitch ..Morrison just sit relax and get busy doing other things because when karma is ready to act,she will personally give you a VIP invitation to come see the wreck she’s gonna cause on his life or in my case their lives … Gbam!

      • Well Pinkpanther, I got an interesting story to tell but it’s not complete yet until harvest …. When I’m ready to tell it , I’m sure everyone will learn the bitter truth that not everyone is your friend,most of them want what you have and will do anything to have it at your detriment and on the other hand,most of them will only pretend to be there until their mischievous plan is ripe … I will share my story of love,disappointed,shock,betrayal but not now … The time will come ….. And the olorigbeske(s) will hear it

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