singles 30On the bed yet I lie,

I feel all tissues failing me

I feel all senses fading from me

I see all faces living dead

My memories come rolling

Like the waves of the sea

Of all I want to do

Yet have not done

Of all I want to say

Yet have not said

Of those little pretty faces

I will see or touch no more

Of all those little cookies

I will smell or eat no more

My heart aches

I feel its weak strength

Fighting in me

My blood slowing down

Its pace

My vision wearing me out

Adieu my loved ones

Until the next life

When we will be together

Sharing once more the wine

And bread yet to bake

When we will not remember

The latter and live again a new life

To you, my beloved one

Life has brought us together

In this clouded world

We shall meet in the other

I will wait for you

I will keep your wine to toast

And bread to share

I will leave your space

In my heart for you

To fill once more.

Written by Ola

23 thoughts on “THE LAST BREATH

  1. And I just remembered Lana Del Rey singing, in Dark Paradise, “…I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side.”

  2. Hmmm.. Sounds too sad. More like a suicide note. Nicely written though but pls try to write stuffs that captures the essence of joy and happiness in this stinking, rotten world. Nice job still Ola.

  3. This piece reflects the importance of BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MIND.. it is a true picture that will be lived reality one day…I’d rather work hard and lead a meaningful life…so as to have a peaceful transit…thanks Ola for that piece , it inspired me to remain focused and pursue excellence and make meaningful use of the limited time made available to me….but one thing is certain…I won’t fail to give my heart the true love that it yells for…for that is the only thing it might remember when I’m transiting…..

  4. Hey , sadness and depression have been known to inspire writing far more than good emotions. Happy people don’t write – they flenjo.

    As for death, it’s that thing nobody wants to talk about. Some say if you talk about it, it will happen. Hmm so if you don’t talk about it ?

    Those who have experienced the death of a loved one find solace in talking about Death. Cos there’s so many unanswered questions. Those who think death is far off might prefer other topics…

    Thanks for capturing such a deep subject.

  5. This poem just reminded me of the lines of the hymn “over the river faces”it goes thus 1. Over the river faces,I see, fair as the morning,looking for me;Free from their sorrow,grief and despair,waiting and watching patiently there. 2. Brother and sister,gone to the clime,wait for the others coming sometime,..watching for dear ones, waiting below used to be one of my favorites as a kid

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