Man Crush Tuesday: David McIntosh

dm21Some Kitodiariesian who has declined identifying himself to me sent me these pics of Kelly Brook’s ex-boo. This guy is quite simply hot. I follow him on Instagram, and daily he stops the hearts of millions of females – and me – with his deliciousness. Anyway, check out the interesting photos of his below. (Dude loves to tease!)

Move over, Kelly. Your bikini-clad figure is not of interest in this here picdm

Work those cakes!dm6dm30

Abeg see how this David is finding trouble in the pic belowdm42

29 thoughts on “Man Crush Tuesday: David McIntosh

  1. Those Cakes make me Jealous but then again, those are his and I’ve… I mean I… Well I… *damn this dude is so hot he’s making my fingers stutter*

  2. I aint even gon’ lie, this man is uber-HOT! Damn! And his sex appeal is like kilode!
    That last pix, d officer at d front desk of wherever that is…I can’t see too well,but is dude licking his lips while staring at that ass or nah? His face be like: “Dayuuum! Now that’s an ass I’d like to surfboard!”

  3. Choi! I still can’t stop scrolling back up to that first picture…and d last one…and dat 4th one too…(and d 2nd one and 3rd one…#OkBye!)

    • Dan, U took the words outta my mouth. He’s sexy yes, but I’d prefer it with less muscle tone.

      @King, there’s plenty of cakes here 4U. @Khaleesi, can we have the supersonic English translation of this pic pls? lol *runsaway*

  4. Oh no!!!, I can’t breathe ….chai!! See cakes oooo….I do wanna do things to him that should definitely be illegal…. Abasi mmi mbok, se mien doooo ye uto idomo abuk idem uto’m.

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