65 thoughts on “A Case For The Bisexuals

  1. Sexuality is not just abt having sex…….. Bisexuality is not screwing everybody at the same time. These are true facts…Really Nice…. Happy Bisexuality Day….

  2. Sexuality is not just about sex! You can be gay and celibate! You be Bi and monogamous.

    A lot of gay men don’t like bisexuals, cos it can be quite confusing dating them. What I don’t get is when a Bi-guy is dating a gay man, in a committed relationship and still wants to fandango with girls, “afterall it’s not a guy”. That’s when it gets tricky

    • I hate that too. Eating two different shades of cake @ the same time ..I always say: eat one type of cake at a time…

  3. “Sometimes the peddlers of misconception about bisexuals are gay…..”

    “Many Gays are suspicious of bisexuals……”

    This reminds me of an article posted here some months ago, and a large volume of people of who commented that day, were suspicious of bisexuals.

    Then again, that’s not surprising since the piece was based around a guy who went to a friend’s mum’s party or something and met a guy whom he assumed was straight, but later loved sausages. Then he got dumped by this same guy, cos apparently he’s bi.

    But let’s be truly honest- as much as I love Elnathan’s standpoint- I love his twitter activism, which I have been following for about 2yrs now- he can’t expect me not to be suspicious of something that’s neither hot nor cold.

    Some might argue there’s warm, but warm water is most times 55% hot & 45%cold or vice versa.

    So really pardon me for not being slightly wary of Mr 2face (and am not talking about the music artist).

  4. So I’m guessing Elnathan is bisexual? I’m ashamed to admit that I used to believe “bisexuals” are really gay ppl who just want to “please mainstream society” and “cover their tracks”…*covers face*; I stand corrected.
    Lol@ “a bisexual is a person who reaches in front of someone’s pants and is happy with whatever they find there”

    • Chestnut, so you assume he is bisexual because he is talking about Bisexuality?

      All animal rights advocates are animals?

      Wangari Manthai, the Kenyan woman who fought to protect our forests? She is a tree too?

      • Hehehe…why did I have a feeling that u would come for me,Dennis? Anyway, I’m sorry,I can be myopic that way, but I think it only makes sense that when one is so passionate about a topic, well…*shrug*
        Animals and trees and children and etc cannot speak for themselves,so it only makes sense that humans and opportuned advocates would do so for them. But bisexuals, unlike Koala bears and Iroko trees, have mouths and twitter accounts,and can speak…
        Anyways,how’s calabar? I’m sure u guys hav met lots of “Akpans, the fufu-pounders”,lol. If u see that outrageously sexy Liyel Imoke,tell bae I said “Hey boo!”(That man is tooooo dangerously HOYT!)

      • Pinky, have u ever looked into that man’s eyes? That dangerous glint in his eyes…maybe u didn’t notice him b4 today.

      • @Chesnut Cross River state is great! This state needs atleast a week to discover all its hidden treasures. I will be back.

        You know I don’t do Fufu pounding akpans, so no thankyouvery much I will pass.

        I sha saw plenty fine pikin on the hiking trail, but erm the oda Mr Macaulay was right behind me, so I looked ahead, lest I get a screw driver in my neck

    • Lol Elnathan’s sexuality is undefined. He doesn’t do labels hahaha

      On twitter and on his blog, he openly admits to having crushes on men and talks about his penis and weight and vaginal disorders and gay rights. Then when he’s in a bit of a catch-22, he writes about his “lover”

      • I agree, and then his sarcasm *sighs* I’ll rate it NSFW cos you’ll have to explain to your boss what’s tickling you if you’re reading his blog during a very serious management meeting

      • He doesn’t describe his lover in terms of sex. I admire the guy, doesn’t do labels, something I am an advocate of

      • I don’t think he’s a fan of erotica, that’s why he doesn’t write of his lover in sexual terms.

      • Dennis,when u say u’re an advocate of “no labels”, I find that a bit confusing; u’re d same person that implied b4, that we should always let our sexuality define us…maybe I I’m wrong, but I sorta interprete that to mean “don’t see urself as a non-labelled human being; always identify as a GAY human being”. Whenever I say “don’t let ur sexuality define u” I basically mean “don’t wear any labels”, so it would seem as if we had opposing views, but now, u’re basically saying d same thing I always think: “don’t wear any labels(whether gay or straight)”. I’m confused…if u find time,could u explain to me? Tnx

      • Hahahahahahaa!!! I love this chestnut. You’re such a wily one. See how you pounced on Dennis and tied him up neatly.
        Yes, Dennis, care to explain these distinctions that seem to be troubling Chestie…?

      • I should have said gender and not sex. He doesn’t talk about his lover in terms of gender! Even for pronouns he writes (s)he! So quite a few people are curious about him.

        Rumor has it tho that the D can kill someone. You did not hear this from me!

      • Chestnut darling, it’s simple but two different contexts!
        Now when I talk about labels I mean in terms of sexuality; top bottom, versatile, VB, VT and what have you. Even gay, lesbian etc. Human sexuality has been shown to be fluid, so we can all be open to sexual experiences without the burdens of tags.

        As per letting your sexuality define you, we dealt with dat d oda day. Its more about the motive of the person who says it.

        Having said that we should draw a line between sexuality and sexual experiences, cos they ain’t the same thing. This is where tags come into play.

      • Dennis I don’t understand dis ur explanation jor! U just used big big english to confuse me…God dey sha.

  5. In a society that criminalises same-sex love, if you knew you had a valid “escape” from a life that exposes you to hate, ridicule, imprisonment and even death, you’d hold on to it tight. In that Khaleesi’s story we read here recently, the bi guy he dated said he didn’t want to do guys too much lest he gets too addicted and can’t quit. Even went as far as prodding Khaleesi to taste pussy “for his own good”. In a sane society that respects diversity, that will not happen. And gays and bisexuals are suffering for the insanity that’s our society but instead of us addressing the real problem, we are turning inwards to hate ourselves. Sometimes the person we think is a villain is actually a victim, if only we would look closely.

    • I think that distrust or resentment the average gay man harbours for the bisexual stems from the fact that, Here’s someone who can actually escape with ease, who can validate his sexuality with ease when it is questioned… At the end of the day, he has what the gay man cannot have so readily.

      • But that’s petty! Same way a bisexual who feels he is entitled to cheat because he has “more options” is being petty; he needs to be educated. But to stereotype ALL bisexuals…nobody has explained to me how that works.

  6. I’m perfectly bisexual.
    I love it that way.
    I see absolutely nothing wrong with sharing a girl with a fellow bisexual guy.
    Maybe once in a while, as in the case of my last relationship, i’ld get jealous because I knew my guy had to go home to his lovely wife and her wide open bosom.
    Right now, my ‘Oga at the top’ is on vacation with his hot wife in the U. S.
    In the end, what matters is finding out whether the person is worth the headache, because the headache is not a variable in a relationship. It is a constant!

  7. whenever the issue of bisexuality comes up, i always feel too much discrimination from the comment section. Thank you for being such impressive hypocrites and i wish you good luck finding tolerance from society…

  8. I don’t mind bisexuals.. I however detest the few I’ve met that feel superior cause they are bi or the one that expected me to understand his deciding to date a female and making me seem crazy when I acted jealous.

  9. oh gosh had a crazy day, followed the convo but was too busy in the head to structure and replies
    bisexuals : hmmm I’ve always viewed that bunch with wariness and caution, I dont quite know what to make of them. I do know that I dislike and would NEVER sleep with the ones who try to act and feel superior to gays because They can sleep with women while gays will not or cannot. its also extremely distasteful when a bisexual guy keeps repeatedly trying to force you to taste pussy. Hello!!!??* if I liked pussy, I wouldn’t need anyone to tell me to find it and fuck it!! I stay away from it for a reason! because that’s how am wired! if you cant understand that — thats ur personal problem not mine …
    all in all, its a good series of tweets, if only more of these homophobic brainwashed zombies that abound in this country exhibited such mental acuity and clarity of mind … sigh …

  10. You have no idea how much I worship this man. The day I managed to land in his DMs… I had a virtual orgasm. I can never praise him enough. He could put a leash on me and–oh dear. I’ve said too much.

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