Reality star James Lock strips naked for cancer

9When they are good looking, and are baring their hot bods, then I have to share for our ogling delight.

Reality star and British heartthrob James Lock stripped completely naked to raise awareness for male Cancer Research UK after losing his grandfather to cancer. He shot the naked photos for the current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Till tomorrow, I will never understand how stripping naked will help cancer research, but hey, if they’re stripping, we’re happy.

See the full pic after the cut…1412347479643_wps_7_Jamie_Locke_jpg1412347479643_wps_7_Jamie_Locke_jpg (1)

25 thoughts on “Reality star James Lock strips naked for cancer

  1. *Whew Fans self profusely n singing Yield not to temptation* Hmmmmm….. @Pinky, all these nakedness u are sharing this morning… Diaris God oh n he’s watching u on 7D

  2. Waking up this morning to see this kinda nude pix was a wonderful feeling… Today’s gonna be a good day *Singing that song****Goes back to my fantasy of lala land***

  3. Werreminute, why is the last pic a zoomed view of his crotch…. And y’all are seeing this…on a sunday…. Hmmm..darris God in everything we do.. Meanyle, *double-zooms the pic*

    • I dint prescribe that to you ooo.. ur on ur own.. this pix can trigger hypertension or cardiac ish in a predisposed person..morning fab

  4. Stripping naked sells magazines and generate more cash which are then donated to the charity of their cause like Sisters against nudity or God would punish all nudist holy organisations.

  5. Cool body I must say, woulda preferred dark skin tho….

    I think he’s real ‘small’, to cover everything with the cup of one hand!!! *bite me thirsty sistahs*

  6. perfect, well – proportioned body, #sigh … I really need to start working out seriously … if only he were black, I’d install him in a bright, gaudy castle, build a deep large moat all around and plant landmines all around to deter Pinky , Iluvmua and other desperately thirsty hoes …but he’s white, y’all can have him ***pulls off ferragamo heels,massages feet abd falls into bed for a deep long sleep***

  7. LOL @ God will punish all nudity holy organisation. Totally sounds like ‘God is a fire breather bible ministries incorporated’.
    Thanks khaleesi for keeping your hands off this one. I think i might be one of those thirsty hoes you talked about. I really should get me a pink Beretta Bobcat khaleesi scares me. *smiles and nods*

    • oh hunny boo, so long as he aint black, you can have him – no competition whatsoever from me, but the minute its a black hottie, u better start ducking and running in zigzags cos my sawed off shotgun will be raking the entire gaybourhood with shots!!

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