42 thoughts on “Thirsty? Pick Your Beverage

  1. 2 Large glasses of everything! except the milk, I’ll be needing just a few drops of that … ***licks red rouged lips slowly***

  2. I’ll have a kettle of licorice root Tea… and a large bottle of Water for the road!
    *fake smile and gives Pinky a $100 tip*

  3. As for me and my friend, Wildsaint, we will share a crate of beer. Peradventure we don’t get high enough, we’ll try some whiskey. Pinky, you have competition in my friend, Wildsaint.
    Guard your loins!

  4. Last time I saw this pix, I settled for beer then Oj.

    This time arnd I think tea for breakfast then wine as a nightcap would be nice.

  5. *Looks around for Dennis*

    *whispers really low*

    Pink Panther can I have 3 cups of coffee?

    Pls use your discretion while delivering!



    #RoadTrip #TheMacaulays #SallahInCalabar

  6. My fairygreetings goes to Pinkpanther(shakespearian walter)u are really resounding,resonating and refeburating..All thanks to u 4 creating this..And to my lovely and wonderful friend and brother..the one dat makes me smile alltimes..even when I’m down,he’s always there to make me happy in any possible way he could..I’m talking of #Enkayced#..my motivator in this mindblowing kitodiares..I’m actually new here..Other hoyt smoking brodas here as well like Mr and mrs macualey,Dominic,Khaleesi,King,Micky,TeamKizito and the most alluring name I hv heard of #Rapum# U guys are Great..Holla..

    • Onyiosi…they said pick one haba!! Na only you den go serve pschewwww (in typical calabar accent)…..eh in other news the Macaulays pls greet all the fyne fyne calabar hot housebois for me ojare…..men am sooo horny here!!!

      • Hehehe king, e be like that sometimes…u horny, I might just know the right solution. Lemme cushion the shock effect of ur hornines, I swear you will come begging for more #olivertwistthings

  7. I’d do a tall glass of wine….ain’t thirsty much and no fighting with Pinky for a whiskey tho!

    ***could use that for leftover!

  8. How come i didn’t get a welcome like wildsaint. I’m fairly new, barely 2 weeks old here and never really got a welcome.
    *sulking in the corner* Though i know many of y’all don’t care.

    *In other news*
    Because I’m not a heavy drinker i’ll have a cup-o-coffee, black with a coupla shots of whiskey.
    #lemme run before somebody points a pink gun at me.

  9. Khaleesi,tanx a lot darling..I do appreciate..Brian Collins..never mind..Yours is coming in a grand and palatial style..Trust me baby

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