Anti-Gay Baker breaks down in tears over Business Shutting Down

f5ga5pyiaryd1qmzxygjAnti-gay baker, Melissa Klein openly cried at the Values Voter Summit last week over the forced closing of her business due to backlash stemming from her refusal to make a cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding.

In January 2013, Sweet Cakes By Melissa refused service to a lesbian couple looking for a wedding cake. The subsequent fallout included national media attention and a state investigation for anti-gay discrimination — perpetuated by the Kleins’ continued actions, such as baking cakes for an “ex-gay” group.

The couple is now reportedly fighting a $150,000 lawsuit from the state, a reality that made Klein break into tears while discussing her passion for the process of baking wedding cakes during the Values Voter Summit.

“For me personally, when I would sit down with them, I just would want to know everything about her wedding,” an emotional Klein told the audience. “I’d want to know about the flowers, her dress, the centerpieces, her colors, the way her hair is going to be. I would even want to talk about ‘where are you going on your honeymoon?'”

Following outrage over the business’s anti-gay actions, Sweet Cakes By Melissa eventually had to shut down.

36 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Baker breaks down in tears over Business Shutting Down

  1. I don’t know if to be sorry for her or say “serves her right.” I guess it’s hard building enthusiasm to render a service for a relationship you don’t think is right.

    • It’s exactly that same mixed feelings that made me not add my side comments to the blogpost. On the one hand, I want to stick my tongue out at her and say ‘Serves you right.’ On the other hand, I recognize that business can be about the freedom to pick and choose who to render service to.

  2. “Any tongue that rises against u (us) in judgment shall be condemned”. Beloved in the lord this is the lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

  3. Buh the lesbian couple should understand that she’s not the only cake-maker in that state.. They could have just gone elsewhere (that’s her loss, business-wise)…. I think the gay couple just took it personal… *but that’s nonna my bieznis…..*sips black coffee*

  4. Well oyibo cake baker.. money is still money weather from the Gays or other confused groups..u should have shut ur mouth, baked the damm cake or lease the contract..well u ve learned thru the hard way.. u don’t discriminate in biz..

  5. I love how the west forces homophobes to swallow their homophobia with coffee whether they like it or not! LOL

    A part of me was gonna say “well its her business, she should decide who to serve or not”, but then I threw that notion into the trash can!

    It’s discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation which is illegal in the state. Its the same as denying a man service because he is black!! That is wrong also.

    She can start selling cup cakes on the street corner tho! #CareerChange

  6. This is unfair by every stretch of the imagination. I have no tolerance for homophobes, but she has a right to deny her services to whomever she pleases. Its her business, its not a government owned business.
    I am all about fighting for equality and all that, and while I dont agree with her, its her choice.
    Its like all the LGBT community do over there is try and force people into acceptance, and guess what the homophobes mind remains as rigid and unchanged as ever.

    • No, actually she doesn’t have that right. It’s illegal to discriminate based on sex, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. It’s the height of injustice, and it is NOT TOLERATED. Period. Her dumb, home-of-the-free ass knows that, she just wants it to only apply to her, not to others. You can be damn sure if she went to a store, and they wouldn’t serve her because she was white or a Christian, her sniveling would reach new levels and she and her stupid political party would bring all kinds of legal fury upon them. It would be in the news for eternity.

      P.S. She voluntarily shut down her business rather than be forced to serve homosexuals.

    • Deola she does not have to right to deny people service as she pleases!

      It’s discrimination on grounds on sexual orientation. So NO is it is not her prerogative to serve whom she wishes!

      I think she should call Paula Deen and ask her what chefs do when they loose their businesses! *long hiss*

    • I just want to reiterate the repercussions of allowing discrimination to thrive.


      Small, isolated town. One grocery store. The store owner refuses to sell food to blacks. Or Muslims. Or gay people. The black/Muslim/gay family doesn’t have a car. Or the money to move. How will they buy food? Is this just?

  7. Chileee look what I found on Huffington Post:

    “Following outrage over the business’s anti-gay actions, Sweet Cakes By Melissa eventually chose to shut down their storefront rather than serve gay clients but the bakery is currently operating out of a home kitchen and is still taking orders online.

    Clarification: An earlier version of this story reported that Sweet Cakes was “forced” to shut down in the wake of the backlash it received for not serving LGBT clients. However, the bakers chose to shutter their business rather than offer cakes to gay clients.”


  8. The irony that is NOT lost on me here, is the fact that she named her business “sweet ‘CAKES’ “…I’m just saying…*sips tea*

  9. How sad! All the parties(the couple that was refused service and the service provider) are at the receiving end.For the couple,the feeling of rejection must have been traumatic ditto for the baker for the public backlash and loss of goodwill in her business. As the couple takes solace in the solidarity the public has given,I also wish,that the lady tenders a genuine apology and her biz re-opened.I love mercy and forgiveness

  10. Fact is its not fair. She has a right to choose who she wants to sell cakes to. But on the other hand, some unfair things have to happen to people like this in order to make a clear statement about something as deeply ingrained as homophobia. Its a battle and men must die on both sides. Let’s call it collateral damage.

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