Tyler Perry confirms he and girlfriend are having a baby

tylerI did not even know he was dating. Apparently, he has been shagging Ethiopian model, Gelila Bekele. And now, they are going to have a baby. The film entrepreneur confirmed the happy news over the weekend at the New York Film Festival. After reporters shouted questions about his rumored girlfriend and impending pregnancy, Tyler replied, “We’re good. Very happy. She’s excited, I’m excited so we’re very happy.”

So, Hollywood and the world at large, are there still any more whispers of his sexuality, in light of these events?

38 thoughts on “Tyler Perry confirms he and girlfriend are having a baby

  1. That last line…like saying are there anymore whispers about @King’s sexuality? C’mon Pinkpanther (not comfortable using pinky, sorry) w shud knw better…

    Anyway, baby out of wedlock…hmm…no one’s talking o, isn’t he supposed to be like a christian motivator/preacher/evangelists of sorts? Hmmm hmmm

  2. I am sooooo ooo happy for the man ojare
    …haba it’s only when you haven’t seen a kid of yours, i.mean your own blood and flesh extension that you would dare to think this world is all about you and only you….you would just see how selfish you were before you had them….oh goodness the joy my twins bring to me ah!!! Abeg ojare whether gay or str8t get a kid of yours abeg and grow up!!!! #reoilingmeshotgunojare

    • Yeah yeah yeah we get it. You have a kid and it seems all is right with the world when the little bundle of joy is placed in your arms. Some Hollywood shii… but like dennis said, not everyone is wired out to be a parent. I be chilling for your kid to hit puberty.

      • Oh James, u’re messier than a 3-year old’s coloring book for this! “…chilling for your kid to hit puberty…” Hahaha! Why u gotta do king like that? Not nice…not nice at all! #MESSY!

    • ” it’s only when you haven’t
      seen a kid of yours, i.mean your
      own blood and flesh extension that
      you would dare to think this world
      is all about you and only”.

      keep campaigning bro.
      until I get all mischievous on you by giving you an awfully long list of very renowned selfless unmarried and childless individuals in history.
      keep up with the campaign.

    • I can’t agree less. Kids are bundles of joy. Wait till they become a year old and start using you as a “live toy”, and calling “dady dady”. The joy is boundless

  3. Why can’t everybody be straight until they say or are caught otherwise? The desperation of labelling just anyone gay just cos they fine, unmarried or kinda effeminate self.

      • I’m slowly getting to a point where the sexuality of a person doesn’t even matter. Gay or straight, na him cup of tea. Changes nothing. Straight could as well be the new gay and gay could be the new straight. My only interest is…*sips lipton*

  4. You can as well say there are no 50 year old gay guys in Nigeria. Guess why? They are all married!

    Humph! Next..!

    • Legal, I know a 45 year old hunk who is neither married nor attached. And he looks incredible for his age. Thing is, I don’t know his sexuality. And people around him speculate fiercely. Dude doesn’t act like it bothers him.
      My point is, there’s always that existing statistic that you don’t believe possible in Nigeria

    • my dear, the 45 year old hunk is an exception.
      I tell my gay friends I don’t intend ever getting married, and they are always like WHAT? that’s a joke!
      The majority of 9ja gay dudes have plans for marriage.
      My point? Marriage isn’t the proof of straightness.

      • I don’t know why most of my friends wanna get married…TO A LADY…I mean who wants to sentence himself to an eternal prison…Filled with unhappiness…children might be a joy for some, but for me(right Now) I think I’ll pass.. I just don’t get why they need to satisfy other people’s needs instead of theirs…I mean aren’t we allowed to be selfish in our life decisions??

  5. Peeps who say this turn out to be the very best of parents….. Eventually, nature is an awesome electrician when it comes to such ‘wiring’

  6. Being a model for young christians all over the world, this dude just inflicted a severe injury upon christendom. Hahahaha! He probably got converted from christianity to humanity. 😛

    • LMAO,@converted to humanity! I know right! am happy for him though. @those who dont wanna have kids, heed my advice & hop on the next plane outta here ooo, you’ll thank me later when your in your kate 30s & 40s … ***the single independent gay man lifestyle doesnt work in naija ooo, I’d hate for my dear dennis or legalkoboko to suffer the emotional trauma thats certainly waiting***

      • LegalKoboko, you’ll marry, remember our wedding plans *winks* I’ll carry our baby…so, leave king in his kingly highness.

  7. my sweet, tell them oo. We rebuke the spirit of emotional trauma sensei is shiarin in KD.
    Lol @ “his Kingly Highness “. That king is something else. *said with a poker face *

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