Kelly Brook no longer engaged to hottie David McIntosh

Kelly-Brook-and-David-go-hikingThe model and actress made the shock announcement on Twitter Friday night, as well as deleting all photos of her fiancé from her Instagram account and stepping out in Los Angeles without her engagement ring.

‘It’s a sad Day but I wanted to share with you that David and I are no longer engaged,’ Kelly tweeted from the US, while David is in England. ‘I love and respect him and wish him all the best.’

Only last week David and Kelly were seen looking happy as ever, kissing and hugging as they enjoyed a holiday in Greece. The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they frolicked in the sea. And on Wednesday, the former Gladiator star had tweeted how much he was missing Kelly.

It seems the whirlwind romance was too much for Kelly, who accepted David’s proposal just eight weeks after meeting him on New Year’s Eve.

Just to be clear, the David McIntosh this Kelly broke up with is this David McIntosh, right?dm11

This very same one…Kelly Brook's boyfriend David Mcintosh working out in Beverly Hills***NO DAILY MAIL SALES***

This one packing a bulge like this…Kelly Brook's Boyfriend Wears Short ShortsThe one having this much fun with a tranny on his laps…dm2

The one with a pout like this…David McIntosh 11


43 thoughts on “Kelly Brook no longer engaged to hottie David McIntosh

  1. Lol, no matter how good looking people r people still break up with them. This is even evident in some gay relationships I’ve seen.

  2. Goodness gracious me! Why did Kelly let go… *reason best known to her*
    This British ex-military and service operative though… He’s jagged yet so smooth . Those ceps and thighs… *snaps out of daydream*
    Well, Kelly’s loss is definitely gon be another woman’s, guy’s or tranny’s gain! 😀

    • Well,kelly is also a super-hottie herself so I’m sure she’ll be fine. What I really want is the tea; he musta done something real messy for her to be so open and public and final abt d…disengagement. U can almost feel the “I’m so over it” vibe in her tweets. What could this impossibly hot hottie hav done to get kicked to d curb so publicly? Pinky abeg do some research and get back to me…

  3. all that glitters is not gold
    one thing i realised is that beautiful people are often selfish and bliv they r doing u a favour by dating u….am not saying thats wot happened here o

    but guys who spend too much time on themselves rarely have time for anyone else
    #loving my bf wit his potbelly n big sweet….#

  4. Akpan that pounds Fufu in the buka near my office! This must be his twin brother


    *In marki Costello’s voice*

  5. Ah but those outlines and the cakes aaaahh gay heaven pure gay goodness!!! What I won’t do for those!!!! Now I gat to think……

  6. “Eleyi gidi gan”. “This one is strong”. Physically perfect from top to bottom. Hmm, hm. Kelly has her reasons though. And what’s McIntosh saying about this?

  7. At some point, people who are so good-looking don’t have the best of character… That may be the reason for the break-up. Maybe he’s too interested in looking good, he doesn’t care about her.. … Who knows.!?

  8. It is not always about looks. And I’d pick a mature, reasonable, sensible, modest, clean and average looking dude over an adonis.

  9. now I dont usually dig white or light skinned/mixed men, but damn! this nigga hottt! I just burned my rule book & threw it out the window! he’s good for a fling sha, most guys this hot know they r hot & expect you to worship and adore them & they frequently won’t think twice about trampling all over your feelings & flirting with any hoe who displays a hint if thirst ….

  10. I dn’t blame her. there are lot’s of fine guyz dey r like ice cream u lick n throw away d cup. It’s clear he’s nt d take home pack.

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