48 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day II

  1. You wish he had! Honestly common who r we kidding…gays just went overboard on this…and sometimes they do and say too much hurt on themselves just to prove their point ugh….wont even try to deal…

  2. Abeg who is this king, .. who invited u here. Who are u addressing as ‘ this gays’ such a condescending mien.. abeg pack well… what’s wrong in Mr Jesus having 2 Dads? Everybody does. Earthy Father and spiritual father.. Abeg go circumcise ur thoughts joor

  3. am sure if Jesus was alive today he wld simply laugh it over.
    the way some so-called christians carry things on their head is both stupid and ridiculous. Jesus was both simple and loving, not an overly sensitive and cowardly guy

  4. Some squirm when they see homosexuals or “blasphemers”. They fume, rant and rave. But Baba God remains silent; shines his sun upon all irrespective of who you are, sends his rain upon the farm of the good and bad alike. If only christians could be like this. Not only are they not, they are also hypocritical and sometimes ten times worse than what they condemn. If there is anything that sickens me to the stomach on this planet, its the christians because they have taken the most beautiful story ever, the story of the Christ, and perverted it beyond recognition. If there is any antichrist, it is them. Satan couldn’t do more damage to the Jesus legacy as they have done in their blind thoughtless knee-jerk zeal…

    • And am sure you know what the bible says about someone like you who condemns his children and yet say you love him…..Ha! Who r u Deceiving? Surely not me nor any of d kitodiarians here…

      • Well, if I condemned God’s children, I would be guilty. But alas! There people who call them selves Christians, who have not come to the place of love, who practice not love and neither do they teach it are NOT God’s children. For it is written, “Love one another, for love is of God. He who loves is BORN of God and knows God. He who does not love, does not KNOW God. For God is love”. These people are not Christain, they are wolves in sheeps clothing, white-washed tombs with stinking flesh inside, blind guides of the blind, who strain a gnat to swallow a camel. And as Jesus held not himself back in denouncing them severely, so also I won’t. Tanku!

      • I was on my way back from a friend’s place this afternoon, when I saw a woman who looked like she was returning from a church, what with her fine dressing and hand clutching what looked like a bible, flag down a taxi and get in. The cab driver was about to take a turn, saw a gaggle of pedestrians who were about to cross the road he was coming down toward, and he stopped to wave us past. He waited, very patiently, as we walked past.
        And what did this very Christian woman who was just on her way back from church do in reaction to the driver’s act of kindness? She started ranting at the man, quite loudly so that we pedestrians could hear her, railing and scoffing, telling the man to call other people from far and wide to cross the road nah, since he has refused to take her to where she wants to go.
        A simple act of love and patience that cost nothing from her, an act portrayed by another, and she saw no sense in that. Yea, we’re such shining examples of children after God’s heart.

      • The woman,s act was unchristian. Let me relate this with what happened to me last night. After attending a friend,s wedding yesterday in Abuja.It was late to travel back to My base.I called another friend of mine and we met at his office.after hanging out we retired to his house for the night where I met another of his friends. There was no introduction nor interactions between me and this his frnd.I immediately freshened up and went to bed because I was very tired. 3hrs later,I noticed someone giving me Bj and it was this stranger.I felt so insulted and outraged. Will it be sensible and fair for us to conclude that tahts the way guys or gays behave?

      • C’mon, King, will you keep the shut up…we’ve had enough out there already; having one more in-house is what we must not settle with…so, go take a chill pill and rant no more.

    • Well its not everyday someone grabs your cock in the middle of the night and give you a bj without your consent. But every single day, I come across hypocritical christians who don’t practice what they preach. The people who have shown me the most love in this life don’t even take their christianity seriously. The hypocrisy is pervasive, to ubiquitous to be swept under the carpet and it stinks to high heaven. To all so called christians I can only say, “remove the PLANK in thine eye…”

      • Amplifying one truth above the other is a type of heresy(falsehood). If we alll try to be the change we clamour for the world will be a better place.

      • Amplify love? Have I said that? The only thing I know you amplified so far is scorn for organised religion with strong emphasis on Christianity. Your hatred for Christianity if I still remember was borne out of the fact that you feel it condemns homosexuality. That’s human,I know but it’s beautiful to love who or what hates you

  5. Joke aside, Jesus indeed had two dads. Christian doctrine says Jesus has two natures..the human and the divine. So whats the fuss?

  6. So true!!! Jesus earthly father was Joseph and His heavenly father,God.corect.I have many fathers too.my biological dad,2 God-fathers during my baptism,mentors I call dads.Pinky,if that was meant to ridicule the Christ you guys need to work harder.let me give u some clues; there is this Islamic and other school of thought that suggests that Jesus rose from d dead and was smuggled to India where He got married,had children and later died like other mortals.Try attacking Him from that angle.But let me assure u of one thing.The more attacks Christianity gets,the more stronger it waxes.

    • I give up! You have absolutely no sense of humour. For the record, I could never ridicule Christ. I do believe in His supremacy. Its what mankind is doing with His legacy that I don’t believe. So take s chill pill. I truly am going to strive never to engage you here, seeing as what was my intention to tease you has been distorted into yet another one of your fanatical negativism.

    • When the Christ was attacked, what did he do? In silence, like a lamb to slaughter, he opened not his mouth. Yet I’m amused by the endless throng of zealots who raise their rusty microscopic shields, thinking in error, that with it they can defend the maker of the universe. God, if He indeed is almighty, needs no defence. Being impssible to KILL, he opened his armed in love; permitted Himself to be nailed to the cross. And its not strange, for in his word he declared, “resist not evil”. But a heretic church will always rise to defend the only thing in existence that needs no defence. And while they do this, they in their ignorance neglect to defend the very people that they have been commanded to; the weak! Note, THEIR HYPOCRISY! Thank you!

  7. why does none of this interest me … ***cranks up ac to drown out sounds nearby church, snuggles deeper under thick fluffy duvet & pulls man closer*** #bliss#

  8. Deeply religious minded people have no sense of humor. Don’t waste your time trying to tickle them with religion, except of course you wish to tickle them with OTHER PEOPLE’S religion.

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