56 thoughts on “Fuckernizer anyone?

  1. Lol! Rapu’m you obviously didn’t read the caption before or after the pictures….. Smh!

    How did you conclude this was Dennis’ guy?

  2. To whom it may concern,
    Dear Dennis, I really need a car and would love your recommendations for a very good mechanic who knows how to work a car.
    I would love for him to accompany me on a test drive.
    Phone and house number are requirements.
    Yours SINcerely,

  3. I wouldn’t have thot this mechanic would be Dennis’s type tho; he once mentioned that he prefers bodies that are a bit “girly” (or something like that…)

  4. First of all, I know I am a horrible horrible person for taking a photo of a guy’s behind when he wasn’t watching.

    I went to change my brake pads innocently ooo when I saw this. Imagine when the guy squatted to work on the tyres and the shorts went really low, you can almost see the parting of the red sea! LOL

    For some reason I was lingering around the car too much instead of sitting where other customers were sitting.

    Yes I am going to hell

    Thankyou very Much

    I still beta pass King
    *zooms off*

    • Dennis u’re messy for taking this poor guy’s pix without his cosent! Invasion of privacy! Just when all our hollywood celebs are crying that their nude pics were leaked on something called “iCloud”.This is d kinda stuff d FBI picks ppl up for.lol…ur bicycle awaits u! Hahaha

  5. God in heaven!!!!! Sheribaba sherimama hum hun. That’s right, this can make a man go all sorts of religious Cray Cray.
    I swear my mechanic is like that, fixes my car wearing a tight Jean that’s fighting to contain his cakes.

  6. My generator guy is totally like that. Good looking and buff. With nice guns and cakes. All i can think of right now is both of us going at it missionary style with my legs around his waist and then i grab those cakes to pull him in for a fuller feel. Hottttttttttttttttttt.
    Erm Dennis is his workshop close to Sasun roundabout? I might be in the mood for
    a stroll when i return to PH.

  7. A good excuse to drive to Ph and drive to this “fulknizer” garage with a car complaint of mine with emphsis laid on the axis of the tyres(all of them)

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