Photo Of The Day: Animal Loving

kd 4During my service year, I saw my neighbour’s male pig, very horny little thing, banging away at another male one in the sty. It made for some amusement to us corpers who were watching. Yes, all of us – straight and perhaps gay – were amused by the animal homosexuality. But for our fellow man, what we have is violence. One of life’s cruel ironies, no?

19 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Animal Loving

    • *wakes up fully* Before facts began to surface that animal homosexuality existed, the homophobic folk used to accuse us of being the only specie to exhibit same-sex relationships, when we showed them the facts that we weren’t actually the only creature to exhibit such relationships, their accusations shifted from being ‘even animals don’t do it, so y should u?’ To ‘if animals that don’t have sense do it, should u a man with 6 senses do it?’ These people don’t seem like they’ll be having tea and biscuits with us, we just have to learn to be ourselves and stop trying to make excuses for ourselves. They don’t make excuses for being straight, they just be it.

  1. Great. But even if it were exclusively human, it won’t make any difference. Interesting though. And your corper mates sef, hahaha. They were watching animal porn? Okay oh.

  2. Hehe…keep consoling urselves o, abi hw una take knw say d pigs b male??? it’s an established fact dat homosexualtiy is from d cells an not by choice, stop stressing it biko!

  3. Lol…ur fellow corpers back then prolly didn’t express any outrage at d sight cos animals aren’t really a “threat” to humans (in terms of sexuality), and thus,shouldn’t be taken seriously. But to them,human homophiles (see what I did there…hehehe;I like d word jor,sue me!) should be feared/punished because every gay gay “wants to bust ur ass” or “convert u”…smh.
    That pix up there tho…the lions; too cute! But d elephants; Scary! I mean,hav u seen an elephants “kporindo” on discovery channel before?U would know that an elephant has not just one,but TWO trunks!

  4. Male penguins even have a “wedding”. I saw it on animal planet, where a male penguin picks a stone and places in front of another male penguin and they become partners for life! How romantic! The kind of stuff Pink Panther is made for
    *runs away*

  5. Nigerians are largely a bigoted and homophobic bunch, I’ve long since given up hope on them changing, at least not in the next 70 – 100yrs… evidence if same sex relationships amongst animals wont change them, not even evidence of same sex relations among the angels in heaven can shed some light into their dark, twisted, hate – choked hearts … so … whatever! ! ***re-touches bright red lipstick b4 the mirror & walks away***

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