Actor Benson Okonkwo claims he’s the Sexiest Man in Nigeria

benson 1Nollywood’s Benson Okonkwo is one confident man, recently declaring that he is one of the most appealing men in Nigeria. The actor who emerged second place in Vanguard’s sexiest in Nollywood 2013 spoke with Vanguard and reportedly said:

“Well, it’s not a new thing. I have always been sexy and I know it. I started modeling before acting. I started modeling at the age of 16. I have always been admired by the public, and that’s what makes me stand out. The confidence I have today is from my being sexy and I have a lovely and beautiful mum that I look like, so I got the beauty from her. Even when I was in school, I have always won awards for being the sexiest. So this is something I am used to. I have also won a prize as Vanguard’s sexiest actor. And now Karis Media sexiest actor, and more awards will come. Because to me, if I am to say it and I will say it again; I am Nigeria’s sexiest man.”

Such admirable confidence. Over to y’all, Kitodiariesians. Lol.

28 thoughts on “Actor Benson Okonkwo claims he’s the Sexiest Man in Nigeria

  1. I’m picturing him blab all that mumbo jumbo in my mind and it ended with a perfect hot slap to his face. Such Nonsense! Nexxxxxxtttttttt!!!!!!!!

  2. Some people just don’t know the wahala photoshoppers go through to make a picture fine. Sexy is kuku relative. Let him keep at it

  3. B***h calm your tits! Such effrontery… First of all, I don’t know who this is! I guess some D-List actor *searches on Google* How tacky, his images! *yawn* Its 3am here… I can’t deal. Back to bed.

  4. When you can’t act to save your life, keep accepting every little interview and scream how Sexy you are. That should get you noticed

    • Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥ªђ she’s a sexy guy! *Oh wait*
      (Looks again… ß̍̍̊…h puhleeeeeeeease, ƔU̶̲̥̅̊ Α̲̅я̩̥̊ƺ as sexy as М̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ armpits)

  5. Benson Okonkwo sexiest?? This is really the apocalypse!!! Btw, am sure that pix is from a hundreds years ago because the Benson I know now, is pure white very fat! This girl talks too much plus she has no talent whatsoever! She can’t even act to save her life. Her escapades are just everywhere. She wants to jump on bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Wheww! I’ve never been this negative on the internet before but this bitch has really worked my last gay nerves!

  6. First of all, that picture of him is at least 10 years old (awon hi 5 days).

    Second, nigga please! Oh well, I guess when you’re your own PR, you just go ahead and spill it any way it comes to mind. As far as I’m concerned, he’s made all the wrongest career moves. He should have just gone to law school and been a barrister, instead of whatever it is he’s doing (certainly doesn’t look like acting to me).

  7. Every man with a dick in Enugu state has had both him and his younger brother!!!
    I know stories of his family that would make all your ears tingle with shock.
    It doesn’t even help that his uncle is Annie Okonkwo, the politician.

  8. Oh puhleeeasse!! Who’s this deluded bitch! I met her back in my days in enugu, he has this weird delusional sense of grandeur. Little wonder he was thoroughly hated all over his UNEC Campus. He once got on stage during a campus fashion show and was booed off by hundreds of students chanting and clapping ‘homo homo homo’ … I felt so sad on his behalf, i wanted to die in his place. But the bitch is just too damn arrogant … sexy my gay ass!! + I hear she’s piled on over 50 kilos of body fat now #whocares# … ***bitch get a life, you cant act and you’re nowhere near any of the known definitions of sexy or handsome*** go to the stadium and take several seats joor!!

  9. If he is d sexiest dude in Nigeria then I’m d sexiest dude on earth…all dis ugly niccurs sef, dey need a gud slap to set their brains back to default…#hopenearhimihave!

  10. *I jump and pass*… Saw this today though, going through the archives… *Applies my zaron lipstick and runs off to church*…

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