Photos: Gay Loving At The Beach

gay1How is it fair that two gorgeous men like this can look so hot and so in love and be enjoying themselves by themselves, hmm? Oh well, the gay couple above shared pictures of themselves sharing ‘love’ time at South Beach. That light-skinned one (the madam, I’d like to think) sure looks deliriously happy. I’d be happy too, if I had a hunk like his squeezing me in his powerful arms. #sigh

More pictures below.Untitled4gay

29 thoughts on “Photos: Gay Loving At The Beach

  1. U need see how our ignorant Myopic Nigerians, dissected them and hurled curses on them in Miss Petit blog.. some people are so blind to acknowledge beauty and gorgeousness

  2. The last picture brought back sweet memories… Been a while I’ve been carried that way…… And, this is really cute….

  3. Oh wow! Same love looking more like sane love these days….good for them!

    Meanwhile, why does everyone assume the light skinned one is the madam, just because he’s smaller? That’s not how it works everywhere o….Nigerian stereotypes don’t follow everywhere.

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