Thirsty? See Tyson Beckford leading the pack in ‘Black Magic Mike’ Movie

Chocolate-City-Movie-film-tv-roundupFilming is officially underway for Chocolate City, a movie about Black strippers that got greenlit off the success of Magic Mike. Tyson Beckford, Michael Jai White, Robert Ri’chard, Vivica Fox and Ginuwine (singer of the universal stripper anthem “Pony”) are part of the cast. Whether the movie is good or bad…that’s none of my business. My business is, does anyone else see the hot loveliness of my man, Tyson? #sigh

More pictures below.article-2734111-20CA9F7D00000578-675_634x625chocolate-city-training-flex-muscles-beckford-bar-trainingChocolate-City-Movie-film-tv-roundup2article-2734111-20CA9F5500000578-519_634x630article-2734111-20CA561100000578-328_634x957That last picture though… *fanning face* I do so hope he gets to drop those pants in the movie.

55 thoughts on “Thirsty? See Tyson Beckford leading the pack in ‘Black Magic Mike’ Movie

  1. Am not just into him, many informations leaking. I want my man to be private not known and I have that perfect person will be sending his pictures to you pinky.

  2. Hmmm nice abs and lovely colour…eh pinky luv…u do luv a full breasted breakfast I see Hmmmm…” eyeing u with my side eye oo”

    • Hian! But where is Khaleesi ooooooo? I can’t wait for her to storm this post like a hurricane…she’s going to tear her bra and set all her lace-fronts on fire when she sees these pics…

  3. Hell yeah! You expect someone to take in all this sexiness and not get thirsty… *inhales musk* High on ‘Tysonsterone’
    “If want it (substitute for “horny”) let’s do it, ride it, my pony, my saddle is waiting, come and jump on it”
    *singing “Pony” by Ginuwine*
    *sips mocaccino*

  4. That 3rd to d last pix, of Tyson and that “My cousin skeeter” boy (they grow up so fast and sexy…*sigh*)…look closely at that pix; if Tyson swipes his fore-finger from left to right in rapid succession, he could totally get that boy’s left nipple harder than a pebble…*sips tea*…
    Unrelated: wow,tyson beckford’s initials never occurred to me until today…*dis my tea is too sugary*

    • Chestnut a Limo is waiting to take you to hell!!
      LOL! TysonBeckford? TB? Chai

      Tysontestorone? What won’t I hear on KD this morning, the thirst is real

      • Eyah not fair o! Why should I ride to hell just because I prefer using ppl’s actual initials instead of their full names? It saves me time and energy nah; it’s just easier to say “TB” than “Tysoooooooon Beeeeeckfooooorrrrdddd” (too long biko!)…hehehe.

  5. But wait o, d last pix, I see TB (by “T.B” I mean Tyson Beckford ooooo!) Standing in front of a sign that looks like “Lavida gentlrMEN’s club…I’ve never seen d “magic mike” movie itself; were they stripping for men or women? Correct me if I’m wrong, a gentleMEN’s club caters to d needs of male clientele,no? *puts kettle on d stove for another cuppa*

  6. There’s a British movie about male strippers that was made in the 90s, I can’t remember the name but I remember the theme song being ‘You Sexy Thing’ by Hot Chocolate…. I have a feeling this is a remake.

    Couple of guys fell on hard times and becoming strippers was their way out. Was a good movie, would love to see this one, an American remake is always a good step forward.

    The Full Monty….. That’s the name of the movie. I’m almost sure this is a remake….

  7. I used to wonder what people (mostly straight guys) saw in people who stripped till I saw a movie that had male strippers. Then it was “heaven on high! Please take me now before I die from the thirst.” Lol.

  8. *catwalks into diaries , spots tyson , fans self , takes of blouse ,gasping for breath* I fink am having a seizure grandma. Pinkie *fans self more* dennis where u @? U berra come give me mouth #runsaway

  9. If I don’t see this movie when its out, then something is terribly wrong somewhere! Tyson Beckford and Michael Jai White… Just what the doctor prescribed.

  10. Yassssss!!! Thats what am talkng aboutttt!!!! ***blows a billion jasmine flavoured kisses @ Pinky*** yum yum!! this is the kind of man I mention in my daily prayer points, the prayer runs thus: **one evening am hurrying home from work, a storm is coming so the streets are quiet, as I walk past a dark deserted alley, Tyson Beckford jumps out from behind me and clamps one massive muscled arm arnd my neck, and another hand over my mouth. I panic and try to scream, realise who it is and yield happily as he drags me off Into the dark deserted alley, as always, my berkin purse is adequately stocked with condoms and lube*** Tyson honey,please come and kidnap me!! I promise I wont make file a police complaint. I can just imagine what I’d do to those full juicy succulent lips while I squeeze and slap that tight bubble butt!!! Yum yum!!

  11. My Tyson, my Beckford…pinky darling God bless you this early morning and always for this gift…the sight of my celebrity crush. If only TB knows, so many ways I could please…*looks for my lubrica lube*

  12. indeed faggots r ten times hornier dan a straight guy lmaoo so much thirst here sum sistaz weave done scatter finish sef only if dey kud grabb tyson from dia screen n fuck d hell outta dem…watchin E! now and my boo is on aww terrence!!!!

  13. Thank the blessed Lord above for this bounty of beautiful black bodies. I got carried away with alliteration because I’m still staring at these pics–my finger kept going back to the same letter…

    Channing Tatum was the only dancer with moves in Magic Mike, seriously. Brothers betta represent lol

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