32 thoughts on “Morning Humour III: Heartbreaking Photo Of The Day

  1. Chai! ROTFL

    This is hilarious!

    I know this guy in PH here, he is a bouncer at a night club so you can guess what he looks like; tall, strapping, muscular, 6pack and all. The guy however can bottom for Africa and asia. Has no interest in being top whatsoever and a lot of bottoms are always heartbroken over it. LOL

    It shows that stereotypes aren’t always true and labels shouldn’t mean anything!

      • He used to work at D2D, then casablanca, and later he moved to kelly’s sports bar. I’m not certain where he is now, but he is pretty popular here!

        If you checked the word “power bottom” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of him right next to the word!


  2. Those are actually the kind of guys that can turn me on comfortably. I remember one Akwa Ibom dude I met at a gym some time back. Muscular with all the necessary appendages to go with it.
    After taking all the risks involved in opening up to him and baring my request, imagine my utmost delight when I found out in the heat of the action that he wanted my candy bar in between his heavenly, muscular, perfectly sculpted cakes!
    *rubs hands together mischievously*
    The rest was history!
    Unfortunately, as with all good things, he went back to his state of origin, i went back to my state of detachment and it all came to a crashing end.
    Still planning a trip to Uyo though… The cakes are that good!
    Mr Bassey and King can attest to what good cakes do to a man’s thinking.

  3. Truth is, sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles…..I’ve always wondered about those bouncer types though. In Nigeria, they only build up their top half and end up looking a bit like Johnny Bravo, hence the lack of cakes. Then those hard bodies….a soft landing is always appreciated…. But maybe I’ll give it a go one day.

  4. And Dennis, pray, do find out where our power bottoms bounces right now. I just might turn up in P.H for that.
    In Other News, I hung out with LegalKoboko on Saturday evening.
    There would be no need for TMI. Lets just say 2 Kitodiariesians had a long, frank conversation about life on the DL in our neighborhood!

  5. What Dominic wants. Dear God, please bring them to me, been dreaming and praying for years to meet one. It’s a huge turn on knowing I’m banging someone more masculine than me. Time to hit the gym!

    • This is what brought about the term “Macho Mary*
      This can ß̍̍̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ very Depressing *speakin from experience* but then, what can we do about it???

  6. I just pray I don’t fall in love with one…my heart can’t take it biko…buh just incase I steewpidly do…is there any topping school I can enrol him at?

  7. Ahhhh I too have my experience and here it is…there was this guy that was all macho and manly and will always loudly tell all that he is a very strong top…lol!!! well I happened to meet him at a party some years back and we got talking and he requested that he come visit me one evening and I was curious cause (was there no one that didn’t know that King tops bottoms and even tops that don’t know where they belong?) ok so he comes and still wondering why he was in my pad allowed him a shower and with curiously gave him dinner…hmmm without much talk sha….he playfully asked to blow me and I agreed oh boi..not to bore you with details but needless to say the morning found him going home with a slight limp..eh was 3 or 4 rounds of the SCHLONG…..and he called again to secure another date!!!!!!….i always smiled at the twinny bots that kept on wagging their tails at him….”thinking lost cause”

  8. This king is just something else. Lol!!
    Supper top no be small. Your Almighty SCHLONG deserves an award jor
    *clears throat *

  9. Yeah Dennis, I’m due in PH tomorrow, and that burly bouncer’s musculed glutes will def make my stay very interesting. So do a brother a favour and track him down for me PLEASE!!!!!

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