Let’s Discuss…about Christianity’s Take On Soul-mates

Blog_Let's DiscussThe piece you will read below is something penned by a Kitodiariesian, Festus Ola. (Remember the story, Aboki, Give Us Water [Read HERE]… he wrote that) Anyway, he gave voice to his rumination concerning what the Bible had to say about soul mates, and how the Holy Book’s take could include the love of people in same sex relationships. Read below.


Okay… I have been doing some thinking. You know how the Bible talked about the marriage of a man and woman as becoming one “flesh”? (Mark 10:8). How come the Holy Book also laid some emphasis on two men becoming soul mates as stated in 1 Samuel 18: 1 (said the souls of David and Jonathan were knitted together). Furthermore, we all know about the story of the relationship between David and Jonathan, how they swore oaths of undying love more than once, even to the point of Jonathan becoming naked while taking the oath.

This makes me wonder about the difference. The Bible urges us to focus on things of the soul because the “flesh profiteth nothing.” If so, does it mean perhaps there is a different and deeper significance to relationships when it comes to the soul of two people, two people who could also be two men or two women?

In today’s world, people (Christians inclusive) are encouraged to marry their soul mates as a major tool for a long lasting happy marriage.

In as much as I don’t know if David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi shared any sexual intimacy during their relationships, I must say that the level of their relationship coupled with the powerful words of sworn love would have raised more than a few eye-brows if they were in today’s world.

Bottom line? A man’s soul mate can be another man. My Bible tells me so.


Back to me… this begs the question as to whether there is a tacit endorsement of same sex relationships in the Bible, given that it flourished the relationships between David and Jonathan, and Ruth and Naomi. #JustWondering… What do you think?

92 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss…about Christianity’s Take On Soul-mates

  1. I’m no bible expert but the issue of soulmate is something I’m quite skeptical about.
    The bible could’ve inferred that two men could be soulmates.
    I’ve since lost the urge to seek the bible’s approval about my sexuality. We were born this way and if the ppl who wrote the bible didn’t know about this, then its their own kettle of fish..Why should I be bothered?

    Ever since we were born, its like we’ve already been cursed…First they say u were born with original sin..And then it goes on to teach you one fear after another…
    I used to have nightmares as a kid(a combination of bible teachings &Nigerian movies) thank God I snapped out of it early.

    The kind of love I feel for my fellow human being shouldn’t be an abomination whether its a man or woman.
    I know its important to some of us to seek approval or try and decipher certain things about love between two men in the bible, but no matter what you find, it won’t make much difference…

  2. Love is universal, it comes and it goes. Bible apart, the bible were written by men led by the holy spirit. I will go with max on this one. #Sips warm milk.

  3. Ruth and Naomi??? I thot they were just Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law??? She was only VERY devoted to her mother-in-law. I think she loved Jews and their Customs A LOT. I didn’t hear her argue as much as when Naomi was chasing her back to Moab when she was asked to jump into Boaz’ bed though.

    I’m sorry, but I just feel this is some desperate measure to cause christianity to accept homosexuality tho. Parallel lines. How bout if Christianity is NOT the only path to God?

  4. My layman’s opinion is that: There’s not enough material to show Ruth and Naomi were anything more than in-laws.

    I can see why anyone would entertain the thought that David and Jonathan had a sexual relationship, (and indeed they may have had one) but my question: Is this not rooted in the idea that men cannot be affectionate to each other outside of a sexual context? See this> http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5241953?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063
    I’ve seen platonic friendships that push the limits of what’s socially “acceptable” for men in terms of showing affection (and sometimes it leads to “conversions” and experimentations. But that’s another matter.) What if as Dave and Joe were kissing and slobbering all over each other, they were adding #NoHomo at the end? (lol)

    Bottomline: I don’t see irefutable evidence that Dave and Joe had or DID NOT have a sexual relationship. It could have been anything. Or everything.

    Bible scholars got this one. Lemme go check out that Mr. Nigeria post.

  5. Now the king James bible has 66 books right? The catholics (which I was born one) has some more books which are not in the king James (the canonical books or something). Now who made the decision to remove these books and give us the “bible” as we know it today?

    Historians also tell us that even the catholic version had some books removed before they compiled them. This begs the question, what was the criteria for deciding which book should stay or which should go? Are we no curious that there maybe a deliberate attempt to remove or hide some information that the church doesn’t want us to see?

    There are rumors that one of the lost (abi removed) books endorsed same-sex relationships. I heard this from a catholic priest, but I have not verified that piece of information.

    Also bear in mind that the “bible” as we know it was written by men who must have infused their own ideals and thoughts into it.

    I fear that as I get older I may become more agnostic, because religion is looking more and more like a tool for manipulation.

    • Who was responsible for these modifications sef? The Vatican? Cos lord knows the Church has been for centuries known to be very extreme in their methods to preserve the conservative nature of religion.

      • Pls let’s get something straight here. I think some of us due to their desperation to discredit the Bible as man,s word rather God,s word are deliberately confusing the facts or putting it mildly,saying things they don’t know or are not sure of. 1st of all,the idea of re-writing the Bible yearly or periodically was an Islamic one.Islamic scholars used that to pacify their followers on the non mention of mohammed in d Bible and the sonship of christ.they claim that during one of this modifications the book of Barnabas was removed and hidden.this is a discuss for another day.there was no re-writing of d Bible or its colation in Nicea or by St Athanasius. What happened in both instances was the “elaboration “of the christian creed 4 a clearer understanding of d concept of d Trinity thus the Nicen creed and the Athanasian creed came into existence and is still being recited in xtian churches world over.The Bible has never been modified after its collation.what happens is the production of versions of d Bible for clearer insights eg,king James version.revised standard version,new international version etc. I have been restricting myself from directly saying something on xtianity and homosexuality but I feel duty bound to point this out,christianity is not d only religion that tends to condemn homosexuality.Islam does but why are we not attacking these religions? I’m not surprised! It’s not new.when people whem keggite for instance was formed with d objective of fighting foreign culture in Nigerian universities, it attacked xtianity and left islam.pray,is Islam African? AIT will make its presenters to drop their xtian names for their African names but Muslims are allowed to retain theirs. This is curious and suggestive. Let’s look inwards and tell our selves the truth.its a tragedy for one to deceive himself.yes,the Bible condemns homosexuality in about 3 places or so but why? Note that Christ never said a word on homosexuality! Also note that He Never condemned d adulterous woman.these are foods for thought my brothers.im sorry 4 this lengthy submission.

    • chaiiii Dennis!!! the intensity of the gbam!!!! that am about to shout can only be equalled by an intense earth shattering cum – the type you get on your first night with a man you’re sooo madly into!! these are the same reasons u no longer take religion seriously!

    • Christians believe that the Bible is a collection of d writings of inspired men of God.The men (Holy ghost fathers)who made these collections are also believed to b under d inspiration.there is d general Bible (d canonical)and d Roman catholic Bible(d non-canonical).xtian teachings made it clear that it is hard to believe xcept by faith and perhaps inspiration.eg ; an article that I consider the most explicit on d xtian concept of d trinity has a footnote that said that “however it is not easy to understand and believe these things”. God is d same with His word.The word is alive.the word was made flesh.very confusing,abi?The Bible has already acknowledged that.it is a faith thing.My opinion is that d Bible is God,s word though with some human touch here and there but still it remains “the Book”.Even the Koran said so.

      • Please check your facts. The Bible has been edited by men. Things such as the divinity of Christ were even said to be added. The Council at Nicea did more than elaborate. They took a vote on things as the Trinity in which the proponents won by one vote. The dissenters were eventually killed off.
        So the bible you have is exactly what some men want you to believe

      • This lie is not new to me.thats exactly what Islam wants us to believe because it’s greatest problem is the divinity of Christ.why will xtians kill because one has a difrent view? That’s islamic not xtian.xtian beliefs are by convictions and not by conpulsion

    • @Dennis,Constantine had nothing to do with the compilation of the Bible.He was already dead decades then.Neither was it the Vatican per se.Athanasius of Alexandria was the prime mover and yes,his primary goal was the removal of books deemed not “divinely inspired” but being read in churches then.Never heard of any of the discarded books approving same-sex relationship n I’ve made a study of some of them.

      • Btw,the deutro-canonical books (what u guys call the Roman Catholic Bible) were part of the Bible compiled by the Council of Carthage in the 4th century.Twas the Protestant printers that had them removed n handed down the Bible you know today.

  6. Um…I don’t know if the writers of the Bible meant to imply that David and Jonathan were “soulmates” (at least,not in d contemporary meaning of d concept of “soulmates”)…good friends,yea, but I don’t think it was “erotic” love between them…

    • Chestnut a translation actually said “David loved Jonathan with the love of a woman”

      I think it’s the living bible or the contemporary english bible, not sure which but I have seen that!

      Your thots?

      • Really? “The love of a woman”? Wow! Well that puts a different spin on things,doesn’t it! (I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t know my Bible as much as I should…*hides face*).
        I’m aware that their love was extremely strong…bordering on “unusual” even. Anyways, who can say what really happend back then? All I know is,whenever I think of that story,I always feel those two were very blessed to have such a strong bond/affection. If a ever find a friend (or lover) that loves me with d “Dave-Jon” kinda love,I’d be very grateful for it.

      • That’s it, ‘a translation’ gave it as that. Another translation like the KJV can give something else, synonymous but not quite open to this interpretation.
        The bible indeed is complicated and not quite as fun to decode. All we are doing is nit picking

  7. I quite admire your understanding of the issue here. However, its no point tryna seek a biblical approval for a same-sex relationship, when all it would do is ‘hammer your conscience’ when it comes to such topics….. Also, I dnt see any sexual relationship btw David and Jonathan…. They were close friends (of which some, if not all of us, have such close friends in our lives)…. The bible was just citing examples of “philial love”…… showing us that no matter who we are (as in the story of David and Jonathan) or what we are going through ( as in the story of Ruth and Naomi), there’s always someone who’s got our backs, and is ready to got through it all with us….

  8. Common sense should tell anyone that the references listed above were by no means sexual. By soul mates the Bible clearly meant companionship. ..I think the new term for that would be bffs. We all have that one friend who knows everything about us, can guess what we are thinking. ..knows how to cheer us up..advices us wisely. That is companionship. Why do certain gay guys feel the need to sexualize everything, I remember reading dt post and I’m not surprised that its author is behind this too

    • LOL. Oh Chizzie… I think perhaps he was trying to do more of what Max suggested. More of seeking validation for our sexuality from the bible, than actually sexualizing the bible’s content.
      In other news, I didn’t get buzzed by you yesterday. Kilode? Or won’t your story get told anymore?

  9. I’m no agnostic… But, I find it hard to sink in everything the Bible teaches. As something that deals with theocratic accounts, critical analysis and verification are almost impossible. As written records, the question of objectivity arises – were these writers able to battle bias and prejudice in presenting ultimate facts (knowing fully well of their values)? Absolutely not! There’s no absolute objectivity. The issue of the hidden books complicates it further… There are missing pieces to this jigsaw puzzle. Until we find answers to these conundrums, religion remains an opaque veil to peer through.

  10. in other words, were they screwing their brains out like Rabbits on heat. Oh and to think Dave was a perfect harpist brings a lot to the question. (# In joes voice)…Dave pumpkin, could you play that hit track again, you know? the one that never fails to set my loins on fire for your cute…unleavened cakes. hehehee

  11. @Trystham & Dennis, una sabi book too much abeg. I also believe Christianity is not & cannit be the only route to God for to believe so would be to condemn all non – christians to a fiery hell on the last day (nonsense,ingredients & condiments if you ask me). Chestnut once called me an atheist, am sorry but there’s just so much murkiness and opacity to Christianity, the heavy infusion of human biases & Judeo/Medieval European culture is very clear to see if you will open your mind just a little bit and attempt to cast off your superstitious fears. I strongly feel that the authors of the bible (claiming divine inspiration in order to veil their writings with legitimacy) simply penned down their personal beliefs heavily infused with theor contemporary cultural and world views and by a pure accident of history, Christianity has gained its prominent place today. There are so many books and verses which were deleted from the bible, who did this deletion? and for what purpose? some of the books were found buried in caves, who knows what other books will be found in future, will there be further alterations in the bible?
    God in all his loving kindness could not have created me with the intention of hating and comdemning me from birth for a thing I have little or no control over. That assertion in itself explodes the theory of a compassionate and loving God. Everyday I wake up and bless the day I cast off my deep religious guilt! The clarity of mind it brings is deeply unrivalled (think Stalin’s or was it Lenin’s opium of the masses) …

      • lol @Max, you’ve obviously missed many of my posts then, I pardon your typical chavinistic condescension, like I’ve said earlier. its like a male chauv who sees a blonde curvaceous babe getting all groovy on the dancefloor the night before only to discover the next day that she’s a top ranking neurosurgeon or top biochemist. Sweery, am many personas in one … dont get carried away by all this … ***flips peruvian hair pouts before mirror and smears on an extra layer of bright red lipstick***

    • Khaleesi, you hit the nail on the head! Me I am done with the manipulation! My sunday mornings are usually spent in the gym or sipping something colored in a thick bottle.

      • my sunday mornings are spent catching up on my beauty sleep, watching a movie or … ravaging the gorgeous man who from time to time shares my bed #timewellspent#

    • My bros, history, science and time has proved that the Bible is God,s word.scientists,incidentally are d most ardent believers of d Bible.Their convictions came while trying to prove that the Bible was a fraudulent piece!

  12. Passing. By. My views are very strong in this issue and it could bring this house to a war of words. *** goes back to checking land at Dawaki***

  13. LOL@Dennis. Oya close your eyes. Picture a furry cute innocent pink dumb bunny. That’s me. I no sabi anything oh! Biko, I don’t aim to confuse. That said (flips weave), I don’t think bible ever mentioned anything about soulmates or even hinted on it. The idea of soulmates is entirely foreign to the judeochristian religion (I think). The concept presupposes the existence of souls before birth and a union of some sort that happened pre-birth; marriages/unions made in heaven, if you like. When you meet such a person, even if its a baboon, you click instantaneously like you have known each other for all eternity (some believe soulmates keep meeting each other in their many incarnations because they can never be apart).
    But again, it could just be a term used to describe a companion who gets you ENTIRELY and with whom you feel completely at home; just a descriptive term for a certain kind of bond. Ahhhhh! (Memories rushing back. Yes oh! I have found my soulmate. Its an AWESOME EXPERIENCE.)
    @Dennis: if you wanna hump that pink bunny you are still imagining. Note two things. One, its no longer me. This ship’s long sailed. Two, beware ebola. Condom helps!

  14. I’m not sure dere’s comparison btw them,but I’m sure God didn’t set love boundaries…what I tink God doesn’t actually want is immorality which is d problem most of us av…it shuldn’t av to b about sex alone…we’re actually priviledged, in a twisted kinda way tho’…I’ve actually noticed pple tend to see what we show(sex maniacs) rather than what we really are…Africans don’t really hate gays, I tink dey hate what dey are…#TeamGay #GaynotWhore.

  15. Simple answer: there is nowhere in the Bible where there would a tacit endorsement of same-sex relationships. This inference is just a case of seeking validation from something that is a bane of you. You turn words upside down trying to draw meanings that are non-existent. It is almost like a thief praying before stealing, and if by chance succeeds he lauds his supplication.

    • the outright condemnations you BIGOTS also love to throw around are propped up by a misinterpretation as well as speculation. Besides, if you wish to govern your life according to the dictates of a 4000yr old collection of jewish folklore of dubious origins authored by men whose motives and circumstances we can never fully understand. HAVE FUN!! stew in your pot of self-loathing till your beloved 666 rapture happens **tosses weave and walks off perched on bright red ferragamo pumps***

      • Look idiot, I am as much as gay as you are and I won’t take that back for anything. But the effort of gay people to get validation from places like the Bible is half the problem with being gay. The Bible is against homosexuality, simple and short. Why try to twist out meaning where there is none. The Bible is old and irrelevant, yet people like you try to infer useless meanings from it to validate your sexuality. If you don’t see the ironic stupidity in that, you’re more a fool than biblical bigots. And try to understand what someone is saying before forming a response to it.

      • Unfortunate! Diversity of opinions are allowed during era of military dictatorships. Should,i believe that gays are so intolerant of opinions that don’t agree with theres?dats d bigotry!it’s as senseless as it is shameful.

    • Haba, Mart. You called him a fool and an idiot and I think that was totally unnecessary. You can show him his error (if that’s what it is) without insulting him. Biko be nice

      • The human person called me a bigot. Of all things, me, bigot. I’ve never suffered fools gladly, and I definitely won’t start with someone who didn’t understand a point I made and called me a bigot for it. Sorry.

      • I agree with Mart. Christians are against gays, simple. Don’t try to argue on their ground, you will keep losing. Instead, argue about removing religion from laws and civil society. Also, read arguments carefully!

    • I stand wit u mart…everyone has a right to their opinion…no one has d fuck’n rite to call anybody a bigot(so derogatory)…dem go dey type english wey dem no fit speak…abeg triple insult anybody wey insult u…#konkobility!!!

    • I often wonder why some people still insist that Christianity is against homosexuality. Where they all living under some dark caves when a number of Protestant churches in the west made it clear that Christianity and homosexuality are not diametrically opposed?
      If these people say that the African or American evangelical brand of Christianity is against homosexuality, they would have made more sense to me.

  16. I never knew we had all these brains around here. I feel like I’m in a classroom. We’re just too great, no wonder they’re afraid of us. Chai!

    • Asin ehn!!!! But I just don’t like this particular subject ‘Religion and Homosexuality’ *flips not over to the back and sketches outfits for imaginary fashion show* 😑

    • Nna,we are “too grea”? With all this intolerance of varied opinions? To say the least, I’m ashamed of some people here. That doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of some learned and cultured minds in this forum as well.Thats the spice of life sha

      • There’s nothing shameful about not believing in the Bible or religion tho (Just saying, in case that’s the reason you claim to be ashamed of peeps here). There are simply certain minds that too strong willed and assertive to buy into the somewhat illusionary concept of the Christian faith. Its especially more the case when you’re on the wrong side of the godly tracks, as gay people are.

      • U would have read my comments b4 responding. I was only expressing regrets at the intolerance of other people’s views to the extent of calling them names. I further wondered if that is the common behavior amongst gays. I wasn’t Refering to guys that don’t believe d Bible. I can decide to believe that Believe that there is no place like Lagos in Nigeria. Its my biz

      • You see why I tiptoed with my comment? I clearly made an allowance for misinterpreting your comment. I didn’t need to be admonished for getting you wrong.
        All this ‘I said this and you said that’ sef on today’s post…

  17. Eh khaleesi and Dennis..have you ever been sick of a disease you or any doctor couldn’t figure out? And your there watching yourself pine away without a clue on why??? Then all of a sudden you watch how Pastor Chris heals IN the NAME of JESUS and you go there maybe out of exhaustion and not really faith BUT YOU GET HEALED!!! Pls tell me would you then believe??? Am sooooo amazed at your lack of faith or even your deadness to all things spiritual….dont you know that the BIBLE is the ONLY WAY???? well I rest my case but pls never justify your not seeking the face of God at all coz he created you whether you like it or not!!!

      • That crap he tried to pull on ebola continues to put a high burden of proof on all his arguments. He rarely gets them right.
        What does he mean by the Bible is the only way? I’m sure his evidence is the Bible itself. Believing in something does not prove that it is true! Using Chris Oyakhilome’s miracle as evidence of God is a failure of argumentative procedure lol.

  18. I think something similar to Big Brother should be done, somewhere not Nigeria tho. An all gay bruthas, one-house reality TV show. I’m just imagining Khaleesi, Dennis, Chizzie and some dude who may feel being gay is sin from biblical views. And watch em BRING THA HOUSE DOWN!!!

  19. Somewhere in heaven the creator is hiring a shuttle bus to cart all of you to resorts in hell.

    I’m just sitting here wondering what a straight stiff necked Christian would say if he read all these. The heart attack he would get won’t be small.

    I love God. He’s done so much for me even though according to him being gay is a sin. Isn’t that what love is? Seeing the flaws but still sticking with the person.

    I do hope that even though khaleesi has given up on religion he hasn’t given up on God. Sometimes in life he’s all you’ve hot left..

    And we will never know what was up between david and Jonathan. At least not till the afterlife.. but looking to someone else to validate your actions is a bit unnecessary cause in the one you’re the one who will own those actions. God doesn’t care who you’re attracted to.. he doesnt care if youre a saint or sinner.. He just wants you to come to him.

    That’s my opinion on this matter.

    • Wow James thanx for this clarification…I mean how could you living in this end time and seeing all the evils about and still stick to your idolistic attitude of the megod!!!! YOU ARE NOT GOD and that only presupposes that THERE IS A GOD!!! so who then is he…you don’t even need to read a bible to know that HE MADE THEM WOMAN AND MAN!! and he is LOVE..he loves me so much am amazed someone’s actually living without God’s touch, eyes and protection. Now just because am gay and yes I loooove the cakes that does not make me say HE IS NOT!!! Whaaat…just looking at you would know that a CREATOR MADE THIS YOU!!!! you are so heavenly and creatively made I mean am almost lost for words..khaleesi see how brilliant you write and are and Dennis see how loved and favored you are!!!! You think you got that just by your own creativity??? Am sooo amazed. He loves me so much and am so proud to be called his Child…and pretty pinky love…that man is a MAN OF GOD!!! I never say anything bad about men of God irrespective of what’s going on around them cause they are God’s servants and I respect and love God so I MUST respect his ministers!!! Still love you too!!!

  20. The Council of Nicaea was never about compilation of Sacred Writ,but affirming the divinity of Christ.The Bible was first compiled at the Council of Carthage,c.342 AD n has never been edited.No word has been removed or added to the Bible,only translated to various languages for easier understanding.Where are u guys getting these stites from?.Attacking/attempting to de-legitimise the Bible cum Christianity is not n never will be the validation of us.We’re here,have always been here.The rest of the society just have to suck it up n live with us same way WE have to live with them.

  21. The bible says “only a fool would say there’s no god “. U need not say he doesn’t exist. U just need to deny him to be a fool.

  22. Every time I get to the Ruth and Naomi part, I get a bit uncomfortable. I know what was said, but I’m not sure of any sexual goings-on….. That was her husband’s mother for God’s sake.

    But you have a point, there’s a lot in the Bible that we need to take a cursory look at.

    • You’ll keep looking until you find the FACE OF GOD!! And i hope that will lead you into his arms and care for ever….cause he is LOVE..in the purest form!!!

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