Underrated Cuties: Famous Fine Men You May Not Have Noticed

Many of us have had our long-term crushes for ages such as Denzel Washington and Blair Underwood, but we are here to tell you that there are plenty of good and handsome men you can add to your list that you’ve probably been overlooking. Here are some of our picks for good looking fellas you have been missing out on.

CHADWICK BOSEMAN"Man Of Steel" World Premiere - Outside ArrivalsOn top of being handsome, one of the reasons we love Chadwick Boseman so much is his uncanny ability to become so believable in any role that he plays. Whether it is the Godfather of Soul James Brown or baseball legend Jackie Robinson, Boseman’s performances always keep us on the edge of our seats! We can’t wait for his next film and we are already counting down the days until he wins his first Academy Award!

BRUNO MARSSinger Bruno Mars poses in the press rooIf the Super Bowl Halftime Show earlier this year didn’t convince you that Bruno Mars has amazing stage presence and dazzling performance skills, then nothing will. We love this firecracker of a cutie! Mars stays busy with touring but is rumored to be making treks back into the studio for work on a forthcoming album that we can’t wait to hear!

CHIWETEL EJIOFORChiwetel EjioforAlthough he’s been acting for a minute, most of the world learned about this dapper UK-born Nigerian man after his Academy Award nominated performance in 12 Years a Slave. This hunk has been the buzz of Hollywood since his tear-jerking performance in this year’s Best Picture winner.

FRANK OCEAN3 KD 9 Frank OceanMost of us were initially shocked when Frank Ocean was so upfront about his sexuality (he announced that he’s bisexual), but that in no way kept us from being amazed by his music and by his dreamy good looks. This fascinating artist has topped the charts and has captured our attention for the past few years with his thought-provoking lyrics.

TERRENCE J3 KD 5 Terrence JMany of us have had a crush on Terrence J since he was the co-host of BET’s 106 & Park. This handsome hunk has the gift of gab and is very entertaining to watch, on not only the small screen, but now the big screen, as Jenkins has made his way into the blockbuster franchise that is Think Like a Man. If that’s not enough, he always gives us a reason to stay tuned into E! News for sure!

TJ HOLMES3 KD 6 TJ HolmesYou would be hard-pressed to find a sexier brother on the news than TJ Holmes! This photogenic journalist always brings a sense of integrity and honesty to his work that we have come to appreciate over the years. While the public slept on his short-lived BET show, “Don’t Sleep!” we can’t sleep on Holmes’ good looks.

JAY ELLIS3 KD 7 Jay EllisThis South Carolina native has had our tongues wagging since he became the lead of BET’s The Game. This lovable actor just oozes effortless sex appeal with that confident smile. This cutie has come a long way since making his way onto our TV screens with appearances on various reality shows. Keep up the good work, Jay!

MICHAEL FASSBENDERMichael-Fassbender-Haywire-image-movieThis Irish-German actor has made our hearts melt recently with his amazing work on the big screen. Michael Fassbender (who has dated quite a few black women, including Sleepy Hollow star Nicole Beharie) has been one of the most highly acclaimed actors of recent years. He is at the top of his game, and is quite dreamy if you haven’t noticed.

J. COLE3 KD 4 J ColeWhen all of the unrest unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri last summer, one of the first black celebrities on the scene to talk to the community and speak on the injustice of Mike Brown’s death was none other than rapper J. Cole. On top of the fact that he’s adorable, we love him even more for standing up and making his voice heard during such a difficult time. We always love a man who is courageous and handsome to boot!

TIM MCGRAW3 KD 10 Tim McgrawTim McGraw might be one of the few reasons why we pay attention to country music. This 47-year-old is in tip-top shape these days and has made many of us get turned up and turned on to some of his greatest hits. We all know he got into a bit of trouble earlier this year while on tour when a fan got beside herself trying to rip off his jeans, but in all honesty, we can’t really fault her for trying, can we?

JOHN LEGEND3 KD 11 John LegendWhen it comes to good looking crooners, we would almost certainly be obliged to include John Legend. This 35-year-old cutie (and newlywed husband to supermodel Chrissy Teigen) has been melting our hearts with his songs for nearly a decade. We love his sensitivity, playfulness and the sincerity that comes across in nearly every note that he plays and every lyric he sings.

54 thoughts on “Underrated Cuties: Famous Fine Men You May Not Have Noticed

  1. I like Terrence Jay… I just love his dreamy eyes…and his lips that has the ‘Kiss Me’ tag on it…. But, hey…. I still love my baby, Omari Hardwick… I wonder why he isn’t here…..

  2. Bruno Mars? really? C’mon, quit reaching! U know Bruno has a face that’s just about as interesting as a brown paper-bag!lol. But I’m here for J-Cole and Terence J (they so cute,they know they don’t even need to spell out their names in full,lol). There’s something so boyish about Terence…he’s like ur friends cute, younger brother whom u’d like to lure into a secure/undisclosed location…#OkBye

  3. I agree, Benedict Cumberbatch should have been here, that guy is hot and his voice? OMG!!!!
    I don’t get it, what is Chiwetel doing here? Did you think, “hey let me make a list of cute guys and just for kicks I’ll throw in an ugly one to see if anybody notices”

  4. Fell in love with Chiwetel after seeing his fine hairy manly bare ass in 12years A Slave… I just want him to sit on my face all day!!

    And John Legend looks alot like someone. ..who ripped my heart to shreds a few years back and left me ‘damaged’…which may be would explain a couple of things.

  5. I can still remember when terrence j did the ice water bucket chanllenge *fans self * *whew* that was hottt. Meanwhile I won’t mind a 3some from john legend, jay ellis, tj holmes *flips hair*

  6. There is just something about Frank Ocean that just grabs my fancy, I cant place my finger on it. He is just soOOOOO cute.
    Plus he happens to be the only one on this list that place for my team!! Ok he might not be a full time player, but at least he is on the substitute bench, waiting to be called into action😜

  7. Hmmm. Been crushing on Frank Ocean for as long as I can remember. (If only I was in Ghana when he arrived there.) But is he truly BI or he’s just confused and covering up? | J Cole’s just catching my attention since. Chai.

    • Funny thing is, I never knew who Frank Ocean was until he sang his way out of the closet. And I looked at him with his boyish good looks and I was like, damn how did I miss you on the celebrity circuit.

  8. John Legend… Beautiful, beautiful man. he’s never been underrated in my opinion. Bruno Mars should not be here unless we are referring to his writing and crooning…

  9. John Legend is too pretty abeg…I like my men to have a lil bit of ruggedness about them.
    A rugged man has seen life, and has enough experience to know which buttons to press to send you into several bouts of ecstasy.
    And trust me Michael Fassbender is more known for his Írin íshé than his expert acting skills. Okbye

  10. *peering* Maybe Frank Ocean! (when I’m numb from novocaine we can swim good) that dark skin and smile though #SuperPower. Tim McGraw… *gives Faith Hill the side eye while yodelling Tennessee style*

  11. I had the pleasure of meeting Chiwetel Ejiofor in person some years ago….Totally by accident..

    Good lawd!!! that man is deliciously sexy in person and then add that his British accent with a twinge of Nigerian- me thinks he tries too hard to force that Nigerian accent tho- ahhh he’s just indescribable.

    He has that Johnny Depp vibe going for him and don’t get me started on those his beards. Scruffy and looks good enough to play with. I like my men clean shaven (cos I think beards are highly overrated if you ask me) but men like Chiwetel prove that its ok to bend the rules a little and swoon over men with beards lol

  12. Chiwetel’s looks would have worked for gay men of the 1950s – not for us in 2014. He should have a haircut, shave and wax. He risks aging before we realise how truly sexy he is.

    Terence J. No. Too pretty.

    John Legend. Yes. Those sleepy eyes and full lips.

    Chadwick Boseman. Yes.

    Bruno Mars. No. Something depressing about his looks.

  13. None of these guys do anything for me.
    Can someone just do a mancrush on “JAMES FRANCO” I would give my left balls to spend a night with him.
    Sigh!! *daydreams* spend the day hanging out with Kanye west … then go home to spend the night with James Franco.… and my life would be perfect.
    I think something is terribly wrong with me, I have started crushing massively on “Oscar Pistorius” sigh.

  14. Chadwick Boseman. Frank Ocean, Terence J, John Legend …. Yum Yum Yum …. I’d pay you to kidnap me and throw me in a locked cage with these gorgeous dreamy men … as for all the others especially the white ones ***BBM talk to the hand smiley*** they don’t even show up on my gaydar!!!

  15. i dunno whats wrong with me oh! weda na old age? Looks dont impress me that much anymore. What i trip for is brains, personality and a kind heart.

  16. oh terrence!!!!how i wish u can know how diz queen loves n adores u so much sumwer in nigeria baby u can have me anytym n anywer fuck me like a whore den make me feel like a real woman…

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