Photo Of The Day: Everybody Loves Dennis

kd 7A Kitodiariesian sent me the above screengrab of a chat he had with a friend. LOL @ ‘Please stand behind me in the queue.’

This would be the best time to add that Dennis Macaulay’s birthday post scored the highest number of comments here on KD. Plus the updates on that day (September 3) fetched KD its highest number of views at 2001, topping the last highest stat of 1526, garnered by the ‘Help Catch this Thief’ update much earlier updated on the blog. (Yea, people really wanted to nab that guy. lol)

69 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Everybody Loves Dennis

  1. How convenient! Just when I thought I was the only one having a mad crush on him. *wipes tears*

    Is it just me or the fact that there’s a Mrs Macaulay somewhere makes him more desirable? Everyone loves competition you know *continues reading kito blog while on queue*

  2. Hmmmm Dennis pray biko tell us more bout u biko…what does it take to be a Dennis….and don’t go all about being too faithful to Mrs Macau lay here….whoever she is…..just tell us exciting tins biko….”pouring more milk in my morning cupa”

    • LOL! Oga I have a very boring life ooo! Pink Panther knows na!

      Meanwhile Mrs Macauley is an auto mechanic oo! Very good with sharp tools, so I have to watch my back constantly *turns around*

    • I think one of the secrets behind Dennis’ celebrity status here could be because he uses a full name that looks credible , unlike the rest of us who “hide” behind nicknames.
      when I first saw the name I said to myself, ‘who is this bold gay man now? He doesn’t mind if the homophobic none gay Nigerians visit this blog and read his pink comments? “.

      Boring life, Lol.

  3. O_O… Lol. Trying to distract me? *maintains position in the queue* if Mrs Macaulay sees this, she got to be quick as the queue is getting longer..

  4. *whispering in a conspiratory tone* I know why everybody loves Dennis…*smiling impishly and rubbing palms together in an evil manner*

    • Hahahahahaha…. Been waiting for this…..
      I always find ur comments funny…
      Who damaged you???
      This is someone’s handwork… I’m sure You’re quite feisty…

    • hahahaha Chizzie!! you never disappoint, your deep dank bitterness is like a slow cooking broth that gets thicker and stronger everyday. life isnt all gloom and doom, there’s got to be some joy out there … even for you! as incredible as it might sound … **hugs***

      • kelechi or is it Nkechi…just cause someone is opinionated and frank doesn’t make them bitter or gloomy. I happen to be happy at the moment. .. Maybe u should pick up a dictionary and study terms .

  5. *catwalks(blue heels) to queue and fires a short gun* *thirty hoes runs away* *walks up to dennis* sweerie plz tell them you love me and that all dem thirsty hoes should back off!!!! *winks*

  6. *dials Konga customer care*

    “About that short gun I ordered, I am gonna need you to quicken the delivery. I will need it sooner than I thought, seeing as some people want to pursue me go village”


  7. Sapiosexually? Sorta; he interests my brain. But to fawn over said man and join ‘the queue’? Nah -cos 1stly I’m a MAN, and another thing is he’s already Taken. Y’all should know when to lay off… And, for you guys and the rest of the world who read this blog, my name is Ken. Nice to meet you.

  8. Dennis…. Hmmm… I do love you, but in that family friend kinda way

    You know that gay family friend who comes over to your house with his husband and 2.5 kids for playdates and BBQ with you and your husband and 2.5 kids

    Sadly and ironically- Dennis isn’t fond of kids, but will sti make a good family friend no less

    • Pool side parties, white picket fence, massive Victorian style masion.
      *a boy can only dream*

      No kids biko, we don’t need little terrorists running around and breaking expensive glass figurines! Leave yours at home please!

      • Fair enough, I’ll leave the rug-rats at home with the nanny. But you must come to Annie’s recitals and Tim’s football games.

        I would not be held responsible for what those kids would do to you if you miss any.

        You’ve experienced it once already when you failed to show up and am sure you dread a repeat performance

      • Rugrats????? Heaven’s no!!! I won’t allow you call children dat name irrespective of what they do..common I loooove my kids to life!!! and I won’t just be the same without them. Now I love this blog but don’t u dare insult kids ok….am getting ready my guns…oooo! Ehen!

  9. Jeezusss!!!! This blog us full if parched, thirsty hoes! ! abeg this one pass me ooo … despite Iluvmua’s shotgun burst, only 30 hoes ran away, over 80 stubbornly remained on the line. ***sighs opens Ferragamo bag and throws in sawed off shotgun,flips weave, climbs into cab and leaves’*** na only nuclear weapons fit dislodge such thirsty determined hoes …

    • Hahaha Ahahahaha you bet!! Anyway Dennis kudos to you my dear and isn’t it time we begin to celebrate one of ours!!! Well done Mrs Macaulay for making him so desirable and thanks my Pinky plumpy puppy…( if it’s our darling Joan Rivers) …for heralding him for us!!!…ok pray biko pinky tell us why Dennis name is near our desirable thingy we always look for biko???

  10. OK, time for a name change.
    I also have to visit this blog early
    I’ve got to set alerts to receive all notification
    Maybe i should call my friend to install a spyware so I’ll know whenever my name gets mentioned.
    Then i have to be killer ass friends with Pinky.
    Finally, i have to get Mrs. Colossus to visit once in a while.

    There, that does it. If i should follow those rules, i should be more famous than Penis….oh sorry, Dennis.

  11. The sad truth/reality is most times people are always different on ground from who they are on cyber space…I’ve learnt not to get carried away by online impressions

  12. On to other related matters, 2001 peak views hey? Well that should include repeated views to check comments. Anyway roughly say 1,500 LGTBs…just got me thinking how many LGTBs are there in Nigeria? So I met this tb recently and I asked if he knew this blog and he said No. Seriously? No? Totally felt the guy has been living under a rock…but 2001 peak views? Explains why he wasn’t aware. The gospel isn’t being preached enough I guess, I mean this is a safe haven sort of for tbs in Niaja, let’s do well to preach it so some lost lonely tb out there might find a home he can be truly comfortable in his skin.

  13. It’s not been long I discovered and started reading KitoDiaries. But I always find something interesting in most of Dennis’ comments. I guess that’s his allure. That’s my opinion, though.

  14. *sips alomo* I’m here to read comments and yes, post comments too. I hope this Mr Dennis is as interesting as yall keep talking about tho. But ooops…so many horny holes here.

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