Hollywood actor Neil Patrick Harris weds his boyfriend

neil-patrick-harris-david-burtka_1 (1)Hollywood actor, Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime partner David Burtka got married on Saturday September 6th at a very private wedding in Italy (Pic from their wedding left). The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star took to twitter to make the announcement.tweeThe couple have been together for ten years and have a set of fraternal twins together.

Boy! Ten years! That sure defies the Hollywood norm of hooking up and breaking up in the blink of an eye. Congrats to them.

37 thoughts on “Hollywood actor Neil Patrick Harris weds his boyfriend

  1. David Burka is devilishly cute! I watch “A List listings” just to look at him more than the homes themselves.

    A lot of these celebrity gay couples have long standing relationships because they are trying to challenge the stereotype that “Gays are all about f**king”. So from Elton and David, Ellen and portia, Jesse Tyler ferguson etc most of them have been together for years and it’s a good sign.

  2. I’m so routing for these couple, I soooo love love love both men and don’t get me started on those gorgeous twins…..they make me wanna increase my efforts at staying in love……at the moment, I’m on some self imposed bachelorhood, which I pretend to like and uphold….but honestly it gets very lonely almost all the time. And (I can’t believe I’m saying this, and my friends would scoff in disbelief) sex doesn’t trip me anymore, but what d heck I’ll wait for the heart palpitations, stomach butterflies, subtle dizziness, fireworks and the whole enchilada that accompany true love at first sight. Mbok I want d fairytale as much as anyone else, but I’d never admit it to anyone in person and I’ll deny it if y’all (my friends, who r part of this family) tell anyone.

  3. I think most people get to that point where they do a 180 and decide to do the love, relationship and whole nine yards bit.

    Then the change starts and you begin to wonder;

    Your bathroom becomes full of every cosmetic product imaginable

    Your toilet seat now begins to wear clothes (or what are those things they put on toilte seats called)

    Your wardrobe becomes tampered with, so you look more “urbane” (le sigh)

    Before long you are eating Hors d’ouvres, croissants and other things that you can barely pronounce and not exactly sure if they taste good.

    At the end of the day it’s great to have someone to fight with, argue with and watch silly weekend movies with.


  4. good looking couple! dont you just marvel at a society where you can just walk into the registry and marry the man or woman you love and go home together deeply in love without fearing that a bible/quran clutching hate-filled mob might show up in the dead of the night to murder you in your beds. but I honestly dont ever think I could marry a man assuming I were free to do that. As a friend (an atheist) once put it ‘why do I feel I need a hetero-defined/heavily religious institution to define my relationahip with the person I choose to spend my life with’, I dont quite agree with him, but … it is what it is I guess …

    • Khaleesi it’s just like voting. Not everybody votes, most people stay home on election day and prolly have sex! (lol). However to be denied the right to vote is a grave injustice even to the one who doesn’t even vote.

      Even if Nigeria miraculously approves of gay marriage tomorrow, many people will not still marry, but to be denied that simple basic right that others enjoy is the injustice.

      So Khaleesi you won’t marry me? *heartbroken sobs*

      • ahh Dennis, ***giggles shyly looks around for Mrs Macaulay (make dem no pour me hot oil)*** hehehehe, i might make an exception for you … but we can start the looooong courtship pricess first … lol

      • @Dennis, i totally get your point about the right to vote compared to the right to marry, you’re right! That i dont go out to vote doesnt give you the right to take away my right to vote. Totally correct!

  5. Which of em couples Maxonex? Is it Dennis and Khaleesi? Or Neil and his David? If it were the former,Biko,I no adore o….see person don carry shot gun reach dia

  6. Adorable………….i would love to have my own man……buh i am so fed up with all the bruhaha that accompanys relationships……when i become as old as mr Dennis me will aydopt for my self a nice bundle of joy……#theideajustcamenow……n i love it… @mrs Dennis…i still have some leftover cartridges from my fight with ma ex…you ar so welcome to come borrow them anytime you run low…..

  7. Mrs. Macaulay ,I’d suggest poison. Very effective. The suspicion will naturally fall on his enemies outside.

    Two little drops inside his cup of Lipton tea…… and he is on his way to the devil.

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