23 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day

  1. I keep loving Pope Francis! I am not catholic and all, but he keeps saying the right things and he walks the walk too!

    He rides a coaster bus in the vatican, he rode a KIA car on his Asian trip? Would our dear Pastor Oritsejafor do that? I think not!

    • I agree 100%. The man doesn’t take crap from nobody. You bring your ancient mentality before him and you’re O.U.T. Its that simple.

      And to think he was once a bouncer at a night club in Buneos Aires before giving up that life and committing wholy to God makes him even more endearing

      • The Pope was once a bouncer?! Why, you naughty man of God. To tell the truth, I have a hard time picturing Pope Francis in any image other than elderly, white-haired and dignified. Any pope really. Growing up, I used to think that was how they have always existed. No childhood, no youth. They just came into this world as old men. lol

      • Pinky dear I too had a similar thinking as well. Like they knew their calling since they were 4yrs old

        So imagine my surprise when i read our dear pope was once a man of the world working doors at night clubs

  2. He captured my heart fully when after Easter mass- I think- he broke protocol to bless a man with a skin problem.

    From the pictures the man was as disgusting as hell, his skin looked he had a mucous growing on him or something.

    The pope went to him blessed him and prayed for him then kissed him on the forehead.

    If that’s isn’t christ-like, I wonder whatelse is.

  3. Yeah, this pope is doing good, although I don’t need a pope to tell me I’m fine. Truth is, he wasn’t put there by mistake. The people who put him there knew that the Catholic Church needed someone like him now that the church is becoming highly unpopular.

    • The roman catholic church is not becoming unpopular. It remains a church to reckon with if one really seeks God and the truth.i think the only thing against the roman catholic doctrine is its teachings on purgatory,pardons,images,invocation of saints and the use of non-canonical books. Even in my Communion,we are advised to read d non-canonical books 4 wisdom and knowledge but not to apply it to matters of faith.hmmm.The life style of the Pope and his conducts is to say d obvious,Christian.Its not different from the general views of catholic school of Bishops.Onaiyekan has expressed such views in d past unlike my own church,s view that homosexuality is an import of d devil.I know that with time all this will change.I have had interactions with 2 of my Priests who are medical doctors and I was surprised that they accept that being gay is natural but still believe that it’s d handwork of d devil.There is hope though.Time shall tell.God bless d Pope and all the worshipers at d altar

      • Gad the catholic church was becoming unpopular; it’s stand on ordination of women, homosexuality, abortion, then the child molestation issues and the fraud uncovered in the vatican.

        However Pope Francis is hitting all the right notes. He will do a lot of reformation!!!

  4. there’s something attention seeking about this man, like an insincerity about his actions. I get the whole wolf in sheep’s clothing vibe when I read about him or watch him on TV…

    • My bros,free ur mind.millions all over d world travels to d vatican on daily basis to hear him and get his blessings.most times due to the overwhelming crowd he says his masses from his Window or balcony.He already has attention or better put,attention looks for him.im not a roman catholic but I must tell u that the Pope is a worthy representation of Christ and not a noise making hypocrite like d likes we have here in most newer churches(biz centres)

      • no offence meant, but most organised religion adherents are either fools who cannot think or hypocrites who can think but prefer to bury their head in the sand and play along … make your pick …

  5. Gad, I’ve never met but I love you already. You hit the nail on the head without missing a beat.

    He’s not trying to impress anyone whatsoever. His rules are simpe- You either get in line with change that’s coming or you leave. There’s no two ways about it

  6. well here is a man who knows the truth and is trying to drag the catholic church forcefully into the light. he is trying to change the status quo one small step at a time. meanwhile, the church loses popularity by the minute. I was born catholic but for a long time I haven’t gicen a shit about half the medieval crap thats spewn out on a regular basis from their pulpits. Organized religion is a truckload of bullshit perpetuated as the biggest scam known to mankind and propped up by a 4000yr old book of Jewish folklore … the Pope recognises that people are starting to wake up from their opium induced high and is trying to ‘restructure’ he’s a good man nevertheless …

  7. Love this man… The Pope that flows with the tide of modernization and globalization. He’s not uber-traditional. He tries to strike a balance. Albeit the catholic church is becoming unpopular with controversial issues surfacing, but this man is a diplomat and will possibly reform the church (the Second Counter-Reformation). #NoH8

  8. Someone said it’s becoming unpopular, another said “restructure” blah blah, another said something about organized religion being a struck of bullshit. The list goes on. Women will never be ordained in the Catholic church So they should stop that fight. Abortion will always be a sin and never be accepted. Being a practicing gay will always and will always be a sin. When the Pope quoted that, he wasn’t referring to practicing gays. Hope you get the difference. We are all Christ’s on earth But he’s a leader of the flock. And sadly he just has 3years left to live. You being born a Catholic and couldn’t cope is your problem and your fault. Don’t look for excuses. Being a Catholic is a beautiful thing. But like Chizzie pointed, he’s more for show than for the work. Dunno if we can have another John Paul.

    • Have fun stewing in your self hate & internalized homophobia, much good may it do you! … **smacks gum loudly and walks away ***

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