Man Crush Saturday: Peter Okoye

Screenshot_2014-09-06-04-24-07Nigerian music’s hottest man (I stand to be corrected o) and one half of the PSquare duo uploaded the pic above on his instagram page and titled it ‘A Kiss On The Lips.’

Peter, um, is there any chance I can get in on the kissing action? Plus I’m looking at the pic below and I’m thinking: So this is what Lola is enjoying all by herself, ehn? How is that fair?Peter Okoye PostWorkout

57 thoughts on “Man Crush Saturday: Peter Okoye

  1. And who said Lola is enjoying this alone…Peter is a queen abeg *a proper cream and posh queen*. That being said, pinky darling I would give your left leg to take Peter to myself anyday, anytime, anywhere *brushes weave and waits for Pinky*

    • omg … heiiii am late! !!!!!! ****carefully packs away expensive peruvian hair under an expensive silk hermés scarf, then bursts into pretty tears, wringing hands and stamping feet*** airtel has killed me oooo… Pinky and her other uber-thirsty hoes have gotten a first shot at my husband ooo… I wee keel somebody ooo… leave my husband for me ooo!! talking to all of you including you Lola **rolls eyes***

  2. Wow (can’t seem to close my mouth)… That body and the shaved head are doing all sorts to my anatomy this early morning. At the same time his “igboticNESS” just doesn’t cut it for me.
    And about you labeling him the hottest Nigerian music artiste, to each his own… I’d pick D’banj over him a million times over.

    By the way is everyday ‘a man crush something’ … in that case, someone should do quick and make one of James Franco … I’d give almost anything to spend a night with him.

  3. Hmmm I tot I heared one of them was gay….ooh but who am I to go by rumours….shame if not thoigh…those biceps could do so well when am squeezing them as am entering in….eh…ooops!!!

  4. Those lips. Those abs. Those tattoos. Leather. Oh Father! Do for me as you did for Lola. Wherever my future husband is, I am using Peter Okoye as a point of contact to speak into his life; quicken his steps towards me, Lord, let his hot legs be here in a minute -ah! *speaking in tongues* Let your Holy Spirit command him as you commanded Abraham to leave that bitch he’s currently with and enter a new bitch – me. Maranatha, come Lord husband, maranatha. For in Jesus fantastic name I pray. Amen!

  5. Haaaaaaaa! But Deola, O Deola. You may be wrong on that count. I don’t know of ‘every male celebrity’ but I do know of Peter Okoye.
    Oh yes he is gay and has been quite active. From Denrele to Anambra state former governor, Peter Obi, stories of his escapades have reached cloistered ears!
    Unfortunately for me though, our closeness never reach that one!
    *dons white garment on top of sackcloth, wears a rosary and a crown of thorns and joins Absalom in earnest prayer*

    • BTW Phyno was in Awka for an Orijin show last evening in the company of T-spice and MajorBanks, two budding producers.
      My job entailed interviewing him. And interview him I did! I was almost tempted to ask him about that infamous picture with KCee but I changed my mind at the last minute.
      But T-spice shaaa… That guy is cute.
      Some vanilla X strawberry + all the goodness of chocolate to wrap it up!
      Wish I could have posted in a couple of pics…
      Oh well, I’m heading to their hotel room now to see what damage I can inflict. Wish me luck!
      This tea though *sips hot tea delicately*

    • Hmmm u the rumours could just be true….and what could be true again is that he is a size queen. ha!!! That will make my day or night and none of some pipo I know of here…Pinky amongst!!!! hehehehe

    • Ha,Enkayced…*sigh*…don’t I just love u? U should hav a tea party and invite us all…lots of tea to be spilled and I’m totally here for it!

  6. Now this is my MAN CRUSH!!! Thank u so much Pinky… You’ve reminded me why I have to visit Baba to upgrade my charms immediately!

  7. All dese teas we are drinking here….. Hmmm… Anyways, y’all can have Peter… He never tickled my fancy one bit…for reasons I just dunno….

  8. God dunno why ya all thirsty hoes can’t just leave a girl to her man jawe !!! He is mine aiidy *parades engagement ring* and aunty pinkie I am makin u d chief brides maid of d wedding ok. And as for my darling khaleesi you can sit @ d back ok!!! *runs away*

    • I wont just say anything… mtcheeewww… I’ll just give Boko Haram and ISIS the address of your hotel where you’re doing your bachelorette party the night before your wedding … rubbish! !

  9. If he looks like he does in his pictures and tv then Let’s just say I’d lick nutella off every inch of that body.. even when I’m tossing his salad. Kbai.

    • Hmmm…..tossing his salad!!! wow…dat sounds like tasting his ass cakes!! eh..pray James eh u like it sloppy or bitting?..”rubbing on some cream”..

      • People tossing my salad doesn’t do much for me unless the person is exceptionally good or I’m exceptionally horny.. but I like my dinner served nice and clean with just the trace mustiness of sweat.

        I think this is too much info….

        okay. Bye.

  10. Fantasy! fantasy!! fantasy!!!…After drooling over him, y’all can go back to the plain “bobs” you screwing…*walks away in slow mo…

  11. So much sluttiness in the room today!

    *sprinkles holy water*

    Iluvuma, Pink Panther, Absalom and Enkayced, please see me for a private exorcism!!!

  12. heiiiii, of all the day airtel decided to mess up! I v been disconnected from the virtual gaybourhood since last night. lawd knows I’ve crushed on this hot man since his bizzy body days. it just seems like he gets hotter and hotter with each passing year. hmmm Pinky, Iluvmua, James, King and all you thirsty hoes **brandishes sawed off shotgun***, hmmm keep away ooo. am off to Congo to cook a special brew of jazz especially for catching this man! biko my spinster years must end this year! 2014 will mot pass me by!! tell that Mulatto-hoe Lola that she’s about to be thrown out. .. yessss khaleesi is moving in!!!

  13. Pinky ooo, let me ask! bitch, when its time to post those sallow wimpy pale skinned white bitch boys, you inundate us with multiple pictures of their boring vapid skin. Now that you finally put up a REAL MAN, you out only one pic. am sure there r dozens of pictures of this gorgeous sexy man! hmmm… diaris god oooo!!! diaris god ooo ***bursts into tears and covers face with manicured hands and deep red painted nails…

  14. I hope there would be a man crush Monday and my sweet Gideon Okeke will be featured alongside details of which choir he sings with. Thanks 😚😍😳

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