fire_party_candles_birthday_cakes_1440x900_61459This is going to be a very boring article, so I might as well give you the heads up, however seeing as it is my birthday today, I am hoping you will indulge me. I will keep this short and expect that claws do not come at me lol.

When I was a teenager and in my early 20s, my birthday was a big deal and another strike on my tally of independence. I looked forward to my birthdays and celebrated with gusto, even if it was just by getting together with friends and mixing alcoholic drinks and laughing our eyes out. As I approached my mid 20s, it wasn’t fun anymore. I started making choices; career choices, financial choices, I started growing up and it wasn’t all fun and games. I began to resent it and I started ignoring my birthdays and literarily holding my breath on the day, hoping that my colleagues would not see the notification on Facebook. To make matters worse, a guy I was really into back then left me for a guy of 22 years. That was when my quarter life crisis kicked in; I was officially old.

The turning point was my 27th birthday last year. That was when it hit me in the face that I had a lot to be grateful for. You see, getting older is a blessing and a privilege denied to many, so it should be celebrated. Getting older ultimately makes one selfish; you become selfish in a good way because it becomes about you and you only. You do the things you want to do because you enjoy them and not because someone expects you to do them, you write your all rule book and set your bucket list free of interference. Getting older allows you to live on your terms as well as march in a band to a tune you had already picked out. So for the first time last year, I had 27 boldly written on my cake, and not once did I cringe when my age was mentioned.

Today I turn 28 and I have learned to love life and be grateful for the little things that are often overlooked; for health, for a career, and for friends, even if it’s for the bouts of wine-fuelled laughter that we often share. Last year also, I started dating an amazing man who loves me with all my warts and imperfections. This drama queen constantly reminds me to live, to laugh and never to take myself too seriously. For that I am grateful too.

So tonight, I shall have a few friends over for dinner (I am sure the other Mr. Macauley is already googling recipes) and celebrate 28 years of living, of making terrible mistakes, of falling down and getting up. And most importantly, 28 years of discovery. There will be lots of wine and chardonnay and at the end of the evening, like I did last year. I will get on a table and sing Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” at the top of my tone-deaf voice, affirming my resolve to live, to laugh and to love.

I told you this was gonna bore you… Anyway happy birthday to me!

Written by Dennis Macaulay

102 thoughts on “GRATITUDE

  1. Ha! Wait, its Ojoro. Sensei, what Fairy? My Fairy? No way…you must give me what is mine..yea..with ’em cake tidings. Or else,I’ll kiss you to death.

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