Internet Lover

FINALLY! Kito Diaries’ first post penned by a sister! Her name is Unoma – that’s right, her real name in all her daring glory. Shame on you cowering brothers, hiding behind aliases. lol 🙂

Anyway, the story below is fiction. Read and enjoy.


lesbiansexTiti had not been too lucky with relationships. Her first lover lasted six months with her, and cheated on her a number of times. The second was abusive. And the third was quite the lunatic; she barely took her bipolar medication. Titi decided to remain celibate until she met the right person. However, after a year she became lonely and opted to spend part of her night-time in internet chat rooms.

She was a student of Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, and worked as a waitress in between her class hours, but Sundays were her best chat days. Most of the chat rooms were usually crowded, and it was difficult to catch anyone’s attention. Unless one made prior arrangements to meet there, it was near impossible to chat. However, Titi formed the habit of clicking on people’s names under the list of members in the room to check their pictures and then decide who was pretty enough to chat with and possibly establish a relationship with.

After four random clicks, the oval face of Lovelylace stuck to Titi’s mind; she had a dimpled smile, large eyes, and thin eyebrows with long lashes. Titi, on the other hand, had a round face, fair complexion, thick lips and a broad nose.

They both kicked off their acquaintanceship well. And before long, Titi was starting to look forward to their Sunday chats. Soon, their chats became daily rituals, and went on for five months. They exchanged pictures, telephone conversations and mails. Titi could not help but feel that they must have been lifetime friends. Their talks soon progressed from formal to casual, and then to sensual. Titi was eager to meet her in person. On one such day they’d scheduled to chat, it was almost 4pm, the time Lovelylace was usually on line. Titi double-clicked on her name and typed:

Titi: Hey Baby girl

Lovelylace: Hi Sugar lump…been waiting. How is u?

Titi: Kool, u?

Lovelylace: Not 2 good but now I feel much better.

Titi: Been missing me…huh?

Lovelylace: (smiley) Yeah. How about u? Thot about me lately?

Titi: Mmm… yah, but not much though… once every day.

Lovelylace: Wow! I feel flattered, that’s a lot, baby girl!

Titi: Well, guess what?

Lovelylace: What?

Titi: Take a wild guess…

Lovelylace: I can’t…Tell me! Tell me!

Titi: C’mon! Just one guess… Ok?

Lovelylace: Ok…u won a lottery?

Titi: Wish I did, but naw…I will be attending a conference in Austin, and I thot I’d honor ur invitation.

Lovelylace: U’re coming to visit me…Oh my Gawd!

Titi: Don’t get 2 excited, love. You might be disappointed with what I look like in real life.

Lovelylace: I don’t think so, can’t wait to see u and u seeing me will also help you decide about me.

Titi: So now I am the one deciding…?

Lovelylace: I think so…I have made up my mind, I like your personality and your humor knocks me out. What else can a stud ask for?

Titi: Is that right? And you got these conclusions from just phone conversations and chats?

Lovelylace: It took your voice to convince me, baby.

Titi: Is that right?

Lovelylace: That’s right.

Titi: And what if these qualities don’t go 2 well with my physical appearance?

Lovelylace: Leave that to me, sugar cake

Titi: Lol!

Lovelylace: ?

Titi: Just expressing my joy over my new name…sugar cake…how about Lily love for you?

Lovelylace: Lol! Got your itinerary yet?

Titi: Nope, will give u a holler when I do.

The day Titi arrived in Texas, her mental image of Lovelylace was a perfect match to what she saw. They were about the same height, 5-5, but Lovelylace was heavily built. Her chest was broad and almost flat, while Titi was more slim and feminine. She gave Titi a bear hug, while Titi wrapped her arms around her, smiling.

“How was your flight? You look very exhausted.”

“Oh, it was okay but tiresome. Seemed like it would take me forever to get here.”

“Well, I am glad to see you.”

“Me too.”

Soon they were in the car, and Lovelylace was behind the wheel, putting some distance between them and the airport. For a few minutes during the drive, there was silence.

Lovelylace flicked a glance at Titi and smiled. “So what do you think?” she asked, turning to stare straight into the distance as she drove.

“Mmm…I thought you would be taller, but nothing far from what I expected. How about me…what do you think?”

“Lovelier than what I expected…I am glad you made it…” Lovelylace said, still smiling. “And I thought your nose was going to be larger,” she continued, touching Titi’s nose.

Titi batted her hand away and said laughingly, “It was, but I cut it to shape.”

They both laughed at that.

They soon got to Lovelylace’s apartment. She grabbed Titi’s bags and led her to the front door. Her place was a one bedroom apartment, well furnished with pink curtains that matched pink rugs and chairs. There was also a twenty-six inch television on her wall. Lovelylace took Titi’s bags to her room and invited her in.

“Come see my bedroom,” she said. “I am sure you will need to change or just relax.”

Titi followed. The bedroom was small but felt cozy, especially with the quiet hum of an air conditioner in the distance. Unlike the living room, the bedroom was painted sky-blue, with a deep blue couch. The double bed was strewn with white silky bed sheets, and light blue pillow cases. It was so inviting. Titi’s eyes lingered on the bed, but she pulled them away as soon as she felt Lovelylace’s hand on her shoulder.

“Would you want to take a shower or eat first?”

“Erm, yeah, I would like to take a shower, change and eat. I am hungry.”

“I bet you are,” Lovelylace replied, winking at her.

Titi hurried into the restroom. It took her three minutes to get into the shower. She was nervous and excited at the same time. She wondered about Lovelylace’s body and features: Lovely. She whistled and stepped into the shower. As the warm water ran over her slender body, she closed her eyes and imagined Lovelylace’s fingers caressing her body, tracing her curves and working her way up to her chest and belly.

Lovelylace’s knock on the restroom door jolted her out of her thoughts.

“Would you like cheese on your macaroni…or no?”

“No I would prefer some butter…thank you!”

She hurried through her bath and stepped into Lovelylace’s room, where she changed into black slacks with a sleeveless shirt. When she was done, she walked out to the kitchenette, where Lovelylace was stirring the steaming macaroni.

“You move like a good cook,” Titi complimented the other woman over her shoulder.

“I don’t think so…just trying to impress you.”

They both laughed.

Titi said, “Yeah? Hmmm…can’t wait to be really impressed.” And she nibbled on Lovelylace’s left ear.

Lovelylace murmured something unintelligible and wriggled away from her. She stirred the macaroni with more vigor. “Appetizers first?” she asked smiling.

“Not sure. I am starving. I can eat a lion right now.”

“I love that.”

“Love what?’

“That you can eat a lion.”


“Let’s see how much of this lion you can take,” Lovelylace said, and abandoned the macaroni, turning around to bury her tongue deep down Titi’s throat.

Titi struggled to push her away, but her efforts were feeble, and she suddenly felt moist between her thighs. Then Lovelylace released her and carried on with the macaroni.

“So no appetizers then…straight to the main course, yea?” she said.

“Yea…” Titi said shakily, breathing quite fast.

Abruptly, Lovelylace turned off the stove, lifted Titi and carried her to the bedroom. She gently put her down on the bed and tore off her clothes. As she kissed her belly button, Titi grabbed her shirt and ripped off the buttons. Lovelylace held her head and worked her tongue through her ears, down her neck and then down to her pubic ridge, before gently brushing her clitoris with her index finger. Titi jerked her body toward the touch, parting her legs as she moaned. Lovelylace teased her clitoris some more, brushing it at uneven intervals. Then, she worked her tongue up to Titi’s chin, down to her breast and then gently snapped at her nipples. Titi let out a deeper moan and not-so-gently shoved Lovelylace’s head down to her vagina. Lovely licked her gently, but increased her pace as Titi started yelling.

When she suddenly paused, Titi croaked, “Please… Lovely, don’t stop… don’t stop…!”

Lovelylace kissed her mouth and worked her lips down to her nipples again. She sucked as hard as she could and worked her longest finger down Titi’s vagina, going down to moving her lips simultaneously with her fingers.

Titi writhed and yelled, “Lovely… love mmeeeeee, love mmmmeeee!”

Lovelylace moved up quickly and kissed Titi, wrapping her mouth over Titi’s to drown out her screams, but Titi pushed her face back to her vagina. Lovelylace’s finger-thrusting got deeper as she wagged her tongue in the hood of Titi’s vagina.

“Ooohhh love!” Titi gasped, and began to shudder violently as waves of her orgasm descended on her.

Written by Unoma

34 thoughts on “Internet Lover

  1. lovely read but lesbian sex always seems…inadequate to me, its really just fingering and the usual cunnilingus …or the insertion of one or two cucumbers or penile shaped foreign object…

  2. The writing was clear. The dialogue so real. Almost got a boner, but, well, almost. I’ll just share this with my classmate. She’ll appreciate this better. Welcome, Unoma. Lots of love.

  3. Nicely written dear.. shows u ve got great imagination except if ur a trained writer. Wonder what my other gay brothers, would feel abt the vaginas scene and it’s dripping mucoid called WET lol.. hey where is Khaleesi. Wanna read his comment lol

  4. I think lesbian sex is very sexual and engaging. I have noticed roles are usually not a big deal and they don’t hold closely to them like my brothers do.

    Welcome unoma, please write more!

    • Roles arent a big deal gini? You haven’t seen them big butch macho lesbians who are 4x as masculine as you can ever be? Who look like they can slap every last drop of bisexuality outta you if you dare to even look at their lipstick lesbians with the faintest hint of interest. My dear, those are the lesbian ‘tops’!! I call them my big brodas – I dey bow for them!

      • Oh Khaleesi! I’m laughing like a hyena at work! LOL

        One of such girls works out at my gym! She always challenges us to routines and she wins all the men all the time. I think she is a retired boxer or something, and the weird thing is that she has that smelly sweaty scent men have. I almost cannot understand it!!!

      • Lmao @sweaty scent! Yes Dennis, that’s the butch type am talking abt, dont dare to look at her girlfriend for longer than 5secs or she’ll bust u over the head, strap on a plastic dick and fuck the seven witches outta ur hole!! Trust me, she’ll pin you down so good all u can do is whimper and moan like her newest bitch …

  5. This is definitely something different, and has changed my view towards lesbians.

    Not that I hated them, but when you’ve watched enough porn that has two ladies sucking the life out of each other and then a guy ends up drilling both, kinda sucks out the air of what being a lesbian is all about.

    Normally I’ve always associated lesbians with being every straight guy’s fantasy of having to girls who have the hots for each other.

    Its nice to see/read things from a different perspective, and truly get a glimpse of what it is like to be a lesbian. QAF didn’t do much justice there.

  6. Guys be reading and going “erm, erm, anytime now, two guys would walk in and start having their own Sex right there on the sofa….should happen anytime now.”
    Story ends and they mutter under their breath “WTF!!!!!!! I didn’t get a boner”

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