Guys, You Like? Singer Morachi Releases Racy Photos

Pictures1The last I heard of this dude, he was crooning for us to ‘Hapuya Like That.’ I wondered at some point what had happened to him. Apparently, he’s been working up his hot, hot bod. I’d drool, but I know all you sharp-mouthed Kitodiariesians are all set to tear this one too to pieces. (Still recovering from the observing the slaughter of my darling IK Ogbonna)

See more pictures of Morachi below.mo3mo4

40 thoughts on “Guys, You Like? Singer Morachi Releases Racy Photos

  1. So today I get to be the first to comment!
    Anyway, I’ve had these pictures since about 2 years now. We happen to be friends and his agent shares same English name with me. So the instant he got back from this photo shoot in the U.K, he sent me some of them plus a few songs he was working on. That was same period he released one of his last singles, Onyeoma. The video was pretty decent as well!
    He is also available for extremely discreet hookups even though in the Lagos social circles, he is well known for his penchant for drilling older women.
    Did I say too much?
    *returns to Iced tea with a dash of lemon*

    • Ahhhh!!! So he sings in our choir? ?? Chi m oooo!!! Plzzzzz…. I wantttt!! *jumps up and down with tears smearing up her makeup & carefully packed hair scattering***

    • Ahhhh!!! So he sings in our choir? ?? Chi m oooo!!! Plzzzzz…. I wantttt!! *jumps up and down with tears smearing up her makeup & carefully packed hair scattering***…

    • @Enkayced: u’re d same niqqah dat sort of silled d tea on “a certain mtn project fame winner” (not mentioning any names…#iSeeYouIyanya), are u not?
      All I can say to u is this: why don’t I have frnds like u? Where were u wen I was picking frnds? U and I need to get very chummy becos all dis tea u’re spilling is giving me LIFE!!! Anybody that knows me,knows that amebor is good for my soul,lol. So, Enkayced, can we be bffs?

  2. Great! Just Great sister pinky. I wake up this morning thinking about tests now I’m thinking about how I want this dude to do me five ways till Sunday. If i forget what i crammed… sorry, studied.. I will come for you and send you to hell on a rocket.

    • Constipated? Lmfao! What won’t I hear from this blog.

      And pinky, they shifted to test. I’ll use my rocket some other day.

  3. Looking good! I like my men a bit girly! Muscle is a turn off for me!
    Just looks like he is trying too hard to look sexy!!

  4. ***walking away from the boring white boy line, suddenly spots the Morachi line, opens Pink Gucci bag pulls out sawed-off shotgun squeezes off a few rounds at iluvmua and other thirsty hoes, steps carefully over the blood and gore, pushes door open, rips gown off & climbs into jacuzzi with my new husband Morachi*** #wink wink#
    The face is just ok, but that black masculine body, oh Lord!!! Buckles at the knees and faints*** biko just tie me up & blindfold me and deliver me in a carton to this beautiful gorgeous sexy brutha!!

  5. Morachi really tried it with these pics,didn’t he? He can miss me with all that desperation tho; dude still gives me “Okuko igbo”(local/village chicken) vibes…*rides away on bicycle*

  6. Ohkay!!! I’m so loving this blogspot…… Where the hell have I been? *pulls out chair and stares wide eyed with mouth aghast*…… Please don’t tell me to close it

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