Are You Into Older Men? This Is Why We Love Vintage Wine and the Salt And Pepper Look

In this present day and age where youth is all the rave, there’s always going to be those men whose good looks have been refined with age – older men so dashing you just wanna call them ‘Daddy’ in between sheets. You know what I mean. I love me a tall drink of vintage wine every now and then. If you don’t, well, here’s 11 reasons why you should reconsider, and they’re all mostly sexy salt and pepper celebrities.

IDRIS ELBA1. Idris Elba 04

I don’t find 41 too old at all. But it would be a serious injustice to my peace of mind if I put together this list without adding the British powerhouse. I mean, come on, I’m still recovering from those pictures of his schlong that he says is not his schlong.


This is one Nollywood movie star who will always have my heart. Whether he’s playing the role of a suave lover in Checkmate, a crazed father in The Diamond Ring, a horny pastor in Private Sin, or aging gracefully at 53, I will always stare at that signature expression of RMD’s where he curls his lips into a smirk, and wonder. . . Continue reading

Never A Happy Ending

g20Moving on is not about not loving someone anymore and forgetting about them. It’s about having the strength to say, ‘I love you, but you’re not worth this pain.’

The great part of this break-up is that, quite unlike other break-ups where I would wail and tear my hair over it, I was much happier this time. Happy, not because it wasn’t a great love story (of course it was, with amazing sex), but because this time, I saw the end from the beginning.

It all began on Twitter; there was this tweep whose twitter profile I’d been stalking for close to a year. Eventually, we added each other on BBM, exchanged pictures, and did the necessary introductions. He wasn’t so good looking, but he had a good sense of humor (at least he picked a struggle, lol). We eventually got to see in person, and the fact that we had a lot in common fueled my interest.  We ended the day with his surprise kiss, an amazing kiss which blew me away.

We kept on with our acquaintanceship, keeping up with each other’s daily activities, stealing time out of our busy schedules to see a movie, or be together. And the sex – when we got around to that, it was great. Again and again, he proved to be a great kisser (Have to give him that credit). Continue reading

Man Crush Tuesday: IK Ogbonna

Man CrushThe day I met the actor cum model, the day he walked up to my work station for me to render him some service, I nearly hyperventilated with lust. Kai! First of all, he was – is – unbelievable fair-skinned, the kind of light complexion that is so bright, you’d wonder if he swiped a bottle of Whitenicious from Dencia’s vanity table. And his body (Dear Gawd!), he must have known the allure of its sculpted beauty because the T-shirt he was wearing seemed like it was painted on him.

When I saw the above picture of his, recently updated on instagram, I knew it is time to open a Man Crush segment on Kito Diaries. And what better person to start with than IK Ogbonna (sorry, Idris Elba, I still love you)

Any other man crush photos of y’all, please feel free to send them to and I’ll update them pronto.

Morning Humour

kd 1aI recently saw the movie, Maleficent, and I was thoroughly delighted as I watched Angelina Jolie in action, trying to convince me that the iconic sorceress we’d all been told was evil, was truly not so evil after all. And I was completely sold.

A friend buzzed me on BBM to chat about the movie because he saw me raving on my pm. And here’s part of our chatversation below.kd 1b

My Prayer For Us All

First, a fellow kitodiariesian mentioned it in one of his comments, about a friend of his who was murdered in a hook-up gone wrong. Then a friend sent me the link to where it was reported online. He’d been abducted, ransomed and later killed. A young, good-looking, promising gay man with his whole life ahead of him – that life now suddenly, brutally cut short.

And his crime was simply that he lusted after who this country thinks he shouldn’t desire.

I didn’t want to say anything on KD about this. I rejected outrightly the notion of even updating a post on the murder. But as I contemplated it, I felt a deep grief in my heart. I don’t even know the deceased, but I can imagine the horror, the despair he must have felt in the final moments of his life. And my imagination of it, my relation to his pain, brought tears to my eyes.

And it made me say a prayer, one I’d like to now share with y’all. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss…About How To Keep A Successful Gay Relationship

I recently stumbled on a post published on, titled ‘5 WAYS TO KEEP A SUCCESSFUL GAY RELATIONSHIP.’ And it got me thinking, especially after I read the content of the post. I didn’t agree with most of the things the writer had to say, but what do I know, I’ve only been in one relationship my entire life as a gay man.

So, read below what the Native Prince had to say, and in the comments section, you can let us know your thoughts on the subject.


o-INTERRACIAL-GAY-COUPLE-facebookI don’t often disclose the intimate details of my personal life – and I don’t intend to start now. What I will say, though, is that I’ve reached a point in my life where I know what works and what doesn’t in a relationship. The answer: nothing. There is absolutely no prescribed fix for any given situation in terms of relationships. But to borrow from an old saying, I’ve learned from my mistakes – and his – and would offer these tidbits of advice for making your relationship last. Continue reading


200019237-001My name is Lexy, I am in my mid–twenties and I live in the Oil City of Port Harcourt. And this is my Kito Story.

I have over the last few months been reading the other kito stories published on this blog and have been struggling and agonizing over whether to tell my story or not. Eventually, I decided to write, even if doing so brings back haunting and painful memories. If this story can serve to stop someone else from falling victim like I did, then I believe my agony and pain would at least have borne something positive, however small its significance

Max was one of the first few friends I had on Facebook. We chatted often there, and over time we grew really close. Max is gorgeous; he’s of mixed origins, with Mediterranean/Middle Eastern features, flawless alluring skin and a face that made all sorts of wanton thoughts run through my mind each time I looked at his pictures. Despite my deep attraction to him, I resisted his persistent invitations for me to visit him. I don’t know, perhaps my sixth sense had already picked up on something that my other senses, beclouded as they were by my attraction to him, had failed to see. I always felt a faint unease about Max, despite his charming looks. I couldn’t explain it, but this small voice always held me back each time I was close to deciding to pay him a visit. Continue reading

Imam Weds Muslim Lesbian Couple In Sweden

article-2729055-20A3D26600000578-500_634x456Beaming with pride, their faces wreathed in smiles, Sahar Mosleh and Maryam Iranfar finally tied the knot after nine years together.

But the moment proved bittersweet for the couple, as both come from Iran – a country where homosexuals can pay with their lives for falling in love.

In Iran, the pair would have faced a penalty of 50 lashes for the first time they were caught together, a punishment that would have been repeated on a further two occasions. Had they been caught together a fourth time, the death penalty would be applied.

‘I’m glad that this is a happy couple who can now form family after many years of struggle,’ added a thrilled Imam Zahed. ‘It’s a long journey to leave your homeland, come to a foreign country and manage to form a new life together.’ Continue reading


g20“Ah-ah, Godwin,” Bukola said as she observed her colleague hurriedly putting away his things and clearing his work station. “This one you are hurrying like this, hot date waiting somewhere?”

“Something like that,” Godwin said, flashing her a smile as he lifted his headset from around his neck moments before navigating to the log-off button on the computer screen.

“You mean am?” Bukola’s smile was just as wide as his. “Who be the babe?” She swiveled around on her seat to face him, her attention teasingly rapt.

“Nuh-uh, I’m not telling you anything.”

“Oh come on…”

“No o, biko…”

“Diaris God o,” Bukola moaned.

“You think I don’t know that?” Godwin said with a smirk as he rose from his seat and reached for his bag. “It’s God that sent this hot date my way nau.” As Bukola chuckled, he said, “But I’ll tell you this for sure, this date is a total babe.” Continue reading