Are You Into Older Men? This Is Why We Love Vintage Wine and the Salt And Pepper Look

In this present day and age where youth is all the rave, there’s always going to be those men whose good looks have been refined with age – older men so dashing you just wanna call them ‘Daddy’ in between sheets. You know what I mean. I love me a tall drink of vintage wine every now and then. If you don’t, well, here’s 11 reasons why you should reconsider, and they’re all mostly sexy salt and pepper celebrities.

IDRIS ELBA1. Idris Elba 04

I don’t find 41 too old at all. But it would be a serious injustice to my peace of mind if I put together this list without adding the British powerhouse. I mean, come on, I’m still recovering from those pictures of his schlong that he says is not his schlong.


This is one Nollywood movie star who will always have my heart. Whether he’s playing the role of a suave lover in Checkmate, a crazed father in The Diamond Ring, a horny pastor in Private Sin, or aging gracefully at 53, I will always stare at that signature expression of RMD’s where he curls his lips into a smirk, and wonder. . .

BRAD PITT3. Brad Pitt

Brad will be 51 before the end of the year, and I’m wondering whether I liked the World War Z star better when he was young and pretty or now that he’s handsome and distinguished.

DENZEL WASHINGTON4. Denzel Washington 03

I’ve had a crush on Denzel Washington for a long time. And not just because he’s always the good guy. I mean, look at him in Training Day; all that badness – Ay! And if 59 isn’t too old to party for a month straight, it’s definitely young enough to be the subject of a serious celebrity crush.

LENNY KRAVITZ5. lenny kravitz

The rock legend just recently turned 50 and I’m not sure he doesn’t look better than he did back in his Fly Away days.

JAMIE FOXX6. Jamie Foxx 04

At 46, Jamie’s looks and his acting chops are better than ever.

BLAIR UNDERWOOD7. Blair Underwood 03

Oh Blair…I remember there was a period I’ll forever fondly recall as my Blair Underwood phase. I watched him on Sex And The City, and then Dirty Sexy Money, and there’s just something about his brooding countenance that I’m sure being 50 won’t diminish.

FRED AMATA8. Fred Amata

There’s a reason the ladies love Fred Amata. Whatever the reason, that must be the same reason I find him dashing. And all that his bad-boy-ness, it just doesn’t seem to be going away at 51.

EDDIE MURPHY9. Eddie Murphy 02

Eddie Murphy’s career may not always have gone uphill but even single, 53-year old Eddie seems to be doing just fine.

GEORGE CLOONEY10. George Clooney

It would be another miscarriage of justice if this list was rounded up without featuring the ultimate salt-and-pepper gorgeousness, George Clooney. The Ocean’s Eleven star turned 53 in May, and I’d still love him to play my leading man any day.

BARACK OBAMA11. Barack Obama 03

This one’s for the sapiosexuals. I don’t mean any disrespect to the US First Lady when I send a little patriotic admiration her husband’s way. But there is just something darn attractive about a man who has more than a little something (no, not down South, but) up North. The President of the United States of America is 53 years young and he’ll probably always be one of my favorite salt and pepper celebrity.

44 thoughts on “Are You Into Older Men? This Is Why We Love Vintage Wine and the Salt And Pepper Look

  1. Hmmmmm, nice list I only concurr with you on Denzel and RMD where are the likes of Jason Statham??? I would definately kill for that dude sexiness….m hmmmmmmmmmmmm…… #MyTwoCents.

  2. Yassss Gawd!!!! *waves white hanky in the air*

    Pinky you’re beyond too much. Now that’s what i call a vintage lineup. Even though I do have some reservations about Brad Pitt and Blair Underwood making this list-they are not vintage material… yet- but never mind, just add Sean Connery and all is well with the world.

    Put me in the middle of George Clooney and RMD, and we’ll be making some sexy mixed race babies *sips earl grey tea*

  3. oh my, what is it with you and idris Elba? might as well have sandwiched his name between jide Kosoko and Amaechi Muonago.

  4. Something about Sean Connery makes me think of Vintage merlot, European vineyards and a Greek massage aboard a private jet!!!

  5. Wait oh there is Fred Amata on this list? With his Afo beer and K-Leg? No thankyou very much I will pass! Nonsense and ingredients LOL

  6. Idris Elba *swoon* , there is a reason why I never get anything from his movies, I am always too busy looking at the man than concentrating on the movie’s plot!
    Brad Pitt was one of those people who I found good looking but was never attracted to. Not my type.
    Now Blair, oh Blair, he has a certain something, that I cant put my hand on. He just works for me.
    Alll the rest are pretty but not my type.

    • Oh dear! King, you took this one VERY P. It’s OK if people admire what you have….shows it’s worth having in the first place.

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