Man Crush Tuesday: IK Ogbonna

Man CrushThe day I met the actor cum model, the day he walked up to my work station for me to render him some service, I nearly hyperventilated with lust. Kai! First of all, he was – is – unbelievable fair-skinned, the kind of light complexion that is so bright, you’d wonder if he swiped a bottle of Whitenicious from Dencia’s vanity table. And his body (Dear Gawd!), he must have known the allure of its sculpted beauty because the T-shirt he was wearing seemed like it was painted on him.

When I saw the above picture of his, recently updated on instagram, I knew it is time to open a Man Crush segment on Kito Diaries. And what better person to start with than IK Ogbonna (sorry, Idris Elba, I still love you)

Any other man crush photos of y’all, please feel free to send them to and I’ll update them pronto.

35 thoughts on “Man Crush Tuesday: IK Ogbonna

  1. Nigerian actor crush? *thinking really hard*……I used to like Pat Attah (dude had impressive cakes) then he got fat and faded off the radar! so I’m gonna go with king on this one

  2. na wa o…una no de sleep
    pple don start to comment since 4am. am sure some already ‘hyperventilated’ im their sheets.

    That said, that negro is damn hot. And he so knows it. if u watch his acting its usually all abt his sexiness…or maybe its just me.
    But theres a certain vulnerqbility abt him that jst makes u fall all the more inlove with him.
    On my tb radar, he definitely ranks as extremely gay, more likely a power bottom!

    • I agree with you on the power bottom vibes! Very strong! He is a very horrible actor tho! Between Him and Alex Ekubo, I don’t know whose acting is more cringe worthy!

      • Its usually the case with actors who know they are pretty and want the camera to tell the story of their pretty-ness instead of the story of the character they’re playing

    • Ehen, let me ask dis question o: what’s a “power bottom”? What’s d difference btwn dat and a…”Non-power” bottom? *clueless*

    • loool
      no but altho kanayo does not exude the slightest gay tendences, he is sooo totally husband material. he really knws how to take care of his partner…. total mans man

  3. Wait…dis is d same niccur dat challenged anyone who accuses him of being gay to produce pics of him having sex with a man, no?
    I’m sorry do,he just doesn’t do it for me; nice skin,yea, great body,ok, but he’s too concious of his looks; too much “I’m sexy and I know it” vibes in his facial expressions and poses…dude vogues so much in his pics, he always strikes me as never being totally relaxed or comfortable.

  4. I don’t have any crush for any actor in Nigeria. I’d have preferred a darker version of IK sha, there’s something abt dark skin that makes me go ewww! BTW I’m looking for a partner *runsaway*

  5. Errmm pinky no vex ooo, but this guy reminds me of Kermit the frog (with muscles)

    Am with Chizzie on Kanayo, there’s just something mysterious about his bedmatics skills.

    Kanayo, Keppy, and Hakeem-kae-kazim(Hotel Rwanda and Last Flight to Abuja)

  6. Ik is devilishly sexy but he comes off as narcissistic to me. In fact, it is his natural scent. “Look at me I am so sexy, let everyone die and let me reproduce a new race of me” attitude really pisses me off. He comes off as a gay for pay kinda guy though.

  7. Here I was thinking ppl have stopped watching the terrible acting that comes with being ‘nollywood’. BTW pinkie, isn’t this dude nearly bald? Oh, I like the solidity that is that Edochie kid…if we delete all that tangled brush he calls chest hair. *pens reminder to check thru sister’s Nigerian Movies cd rack*

  8. It would have been great to put up more pictures of him, don’t know him though and the above picture does not actually warrant all these awwws and blushing that is going on. Guess I’ll have to Google him to check him out

  9. Lol!! You guys have just finished my friend o,Chi’m. Biko,take it easy and assume he was your friend growing up….

    *exits post left*

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