27 thoughts on “Funny Pic: The Thirst Is Not So Real

      • A shower starts at 6 inches when flaccid and ends at 6.2 inches when fully erect
        Now a GROWER…starts at a teensy length of 3″ when limp but can go on to be 8″+ when fully erect
        The values are arbitrary. Fix in whatever values that catch ur fancy

  1. Hilarious! That thing doesn’t look like a dick; it looks like an arm! Lol. I don’t blame d dude for chickening out.having that thing inside a person would feel like having an adult midget taking a stroll in there.

  2. @Chestnut we have 2 types of Penises: Growers & Showers.
    Growers appear Small when Flaccid but can grow to Enormous Lengths n Girths when Erect;
    Showers appear Large when Flaccid but Remain the same size or Increase by an inch or two when Erect.
    About 95% of Men in the world are Growers.

  3. Showers and Growers. I have learnt something new today.
    Looking at that picture the anaconda/surfboard seems to be growing out of his navel. It starts higher than his waist.
    Then again I guess it has to start from there to avoid hitting the ground.

  4. I just remembered what one bloke did to me when he saw mine!!! Begged not to take it but after he sucked and sucked it some…he begged for me to enter and boi did he loooove it…oh yes hour screamed throughout the session but the next day he called for some more…hmmm SMH at hungry and thirsty guys ooo..packing back my schlong so it doesn’t make pipo gasp…

  5. Cheers to us! And cheers to the boys who sit on it like it’s nothing…. When we can manage to find them.

    Like the bottom in the picture, you chat with people and they tell you “I don’t care, no matter the size, I can handle it”, then when the stage is set, you hear “Ahn! Nooooooo!”….and since my father didn’t raise a rapist, I’ll do the honourable thing and we both jerk off. Still…..it’s all fun and games until the schlong appears….hehehehe!

  6. The showers and the growers….
    1. I am a grower
    2. I went to a boarding school in Lagos and somehow, the only bathroom was an open one. Noone gets to hide anything there.

    One morning while taking a bath with 2 other dudes, I somehow uncharactristically lost control of my self and was “reacting’ to what was on display before my eyes.
    These guys looked at me and one exclaimed “Chimo!” They concluded that I was a shower.
    If only they knew…

  7. Yeah that’s why I sometimes like to bottom d so called tops….especially those with strong tins…. licking my ice cream and batting my eye like i didn’t say nathing!

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