Imam Weds Muslim Lesbian Couple In Sweden

article-2729055-20A3D26600000578-500_634x456Beaming with pride, their faces wreathed in smiles, Sahar Mosleh and Maryam Iranfar finally tied the knot after nine years together.

But the moment proved bittersweet for the couple, as both come from Iran – a country where homosexuals can pay with their lives for falling in love.

In Iran, the pair would have faced a penalty of 50 lashes for the first time they were caught together, a punishment that would have been repeated on a further two occasions. Had they been caught together a fourth time, the death penalty would be applied.

‘I’m glad that this is a happy couple who can now form family after many years of struggle,’ added a thrilled Imam Zahed. ‘It’s a long journey to leave your homeland, come to a foreign country and manage to form a new life together.’

Safe in the Swedish capital Stockholm, however, the pair, who met online, was free to enjoy their big day which took place during the city’s Pride week. Maryam, who is expecting the couple’s first child, and Sahar, who suffers from congenital brittle bones, were blessed by Iman Ludovid Mohamed Zahed.

The holy man, who is based in South Africa, is also gay and has become a household name among LGBT activists from Muslim countries. Speaking after the ceremony, Algerian-born Zahed told of his delight at the couple’s happiness and revealed his admiration for their bravery in pursuing a new life abroad.

‘I am very grateful for this beautiful wedding,’ he revealed, ‘and to be able to give my blessing to this happy couple.’

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11 thoughts on “Imam Weds Muslim Lesbian Couple In Sweden

  1. Wow. Very inspiring and heart warming. I admire and envy what they share. I’d dare call this Unconditional Love.
    I often wonder if I can date a blind man or one with no legs. I like the idea and I’m a believe of looking beyond the physical flaws and imperfections but something in my head just won’t let me see beyond…

  2. It’s truly inspiring and noble. However I will not be a hypocrite about this; I will not date someone with a disability. This does not make me a horrible person, I am just being honest!

    • there’s nothing hypocritical about admitting you won’t date a disabled man. It’s not even high-handedness to detest any intimacy with the disabled. It merely is a problem if you extend no humanity toward them simply based on their handicap. I don’t have to date you, I just have to be kind to you, you know…

      • There is nothing love cannot break, even you, Dennis Macauley.
        Given the right circumstances, I assure you, you would.

  3. Hmmm Muslim gay couple!!!! I wonder what some die hard Muslims in my office would say to this if I could just dare to share this story…hmmm and then again I just might to some on my BlackBerry contacts so I see their reactions….hehehe…going into d bafroom to baf ojare…..

  4. This is so inspiring.
    Just look at the litany of odds against them:
    (1) they are women who were living in a horribly patriarchal and machismo society
    (2)they were lesbian women in a society filled with religious bigots
    (3) one of the partners is physically challenge
    (4) both had to go through the discomforts of migration.

    Yet here they are at last. Such bravery. Very inspiring .

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