The Sinful Choco-latté That Is Idris Elba

Idris Elba 12Idris Elba . . . #sigh

The picture above is just sinful! Too much chocolate sexiness…I can’t deal!

The 41-year-old British actor covers the September edition of Details Magazine, and he has his shirt off most of the time – not that I am complaining! More pics below. (Khaleesi, you there? #YouBlackManWhore 😀 )Idris Elba 10Idris Elba 11Idris Elba 13

21 thoughts on “The Sinful Choco-latté That Is Idris Elba

  1. Uhhhhh lawdie!!!!!!, guilty pleasure of life, the star of my many wank sessions, just wanna take a bite and keep going…

  2. @Sista Pinky, Yelzz bitsh, am here!! uhmmm, he’s cute, but a lil too old, too grew, too wrinkly … 10yrs – 15yrs younger and I would by now be packing my bags whistling …”Khaleesi don found a husband at long last, praise Jesus Hallelujah!!!” … but, nahh, i’d still do him sha, maybe on a wild drunken fling ..

  3. He’s super hot. On an unrelated note, the way the press buzz just fizzled out after he was spotted leaving a gay nightclub in London was emm…interesting to say the least *goes back to my blueberry milkshake*

  4. Idris Elba is an amazing actor. Y’all can have several seats at the staple centre, cause y’all asses need ’em. He’s a hottie. Stop all the underrating statements. Be cool. Peace.. K.

  5. Emmmm…. Pls don’t kill me… I don’t see any sex appeal ooh..bysyds, he’s looking old, or he’s old sef…*runs away*

  6. I saw pictures of him bulging away on the streets. Very hung man. I’d love for him to bend over for me while fill him up with love.

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