Church Refuses To Bury Man After Discovering He Was Gay

10603472_698129833613781_2811121858465926305_nA church canceled the funeral of a man hours before he was to be buried after finding out he was gay.

The deceased Julion Evans, pictured above (left) with his partner, died from Amyloidosis, a disease which attacks the body organs.

His partner and legally married husband, Kendall Capers and family had planned to bury him at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church but hours before the ceremony, the church members read Evans’ obituary and saw Capers described as the “surviving husband.”

Reportedly, they promptly informed the family that the funeral could not continue, telling Evans mother, Julie Atwood that it would be “blasphemous” for her son’s funeral to be held at the church. The mother was apparently told the news as she stood at her son’s casket.

Atwood told newsmen it was “devastating.”

The church pastor TW Jenkins told KSDK, “I try not to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time I am a man of God and have to stand upon my principles.”

The service eventually went ahead at the funeral home.

22 thoughts on “Church Refuses To Bury Man After Discovering He Was Gay

  1. OK so how new is this story…really not..or are we saying we r oblivious of the fact and truth that the Bible clearly does not entertain homosexuals…..??? ofcoz it doesn’t no matter how one tries to tell himself so….this also happened to Peter our dear friend in d hood who died in lagos at d age of 28…his church at d time didn’t know he was gay so at the wake keep oh goodness come and see all types of cat walking and closet queens coming out of the woodworks and walla! that’s when they found out and oh so….well the church…
    ..they refused to do the ceremony d next day. The next day was just his close friends and family that did a little ceremony at yaba cemetery and buried him!!!

    • King… *sigh* KD isn’t about new stuff or new experiences we don’t know about. It’s about updating us on the ongoings, whether good or bad, new or common, of the LGBT community around us.
      As for your friend, dead at 28? Kai! *faint shudder*

      • Dear lovely panther…oh no I wasn’t bashing KD for this story I was just finding words to sort of portray my impatience about d fact that we should get over our high horse in trying to believe what d bible doesn’t project no matter however it’s wished coz d bible just does not support being gay it however mirrors a wonderfully loving God who cares for us immensely!!!

  2. The church pastor TW Jenkins told KSDK, “I try
    not to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the
    same time I am a man of God and have to
    stand upon my principles.”

    Does his hallowed principles also contemplated divocees, discovered adulterers and fornicators, church members who stole church money, pornography watching members of the church…..?

    If it does, then he’s is indeed an interesting principle (which by the way isn’t anything similar to Jesus’ principles. The guy dinned with sinners and raised them from the dead without giving a fuck about their past sins ).

    But I’m sure we just saw yet another duplicitious and hypocritical “man of god “.

  3. Oh, you don’t know homosexuality is a sin of sins, huh? Worse than corruption and adultery. Okay. I didn’t know you didn’t know.

    Me, I don’t want any pastor at my funeral. Just my loved ones and a good concert choir. I’ll be watching from the sky. I’ll be the bouncer at the funeral, though. *Sips lipton*

  4. its his church
    his principles
    I really don’t think that couple attended the church
    or he would have known all along
    by the way
    wasnt a must they should be buried in church

    • Gay people can complicate things for themselves sometimes. When a church clearly has stated their stance on an issue, it should be respected no matter unbalanced it may seem. I am pretty sure these men knew their church’s position on the issue, why are they making a fuss out of it now? There are countless churches here in the US that support gay unions, some even put the gay flag in front of the church to show support, why not go get buried there? I totally agree with the pastor on this one.

  5. What I will NEVER understand is why christians/muslims keep fighting for God with their judgemental, sanctimonous n fake piety. I thot salvation was supposed to be a personal thing with GOD??? Pagans behave better than either two these days. Sheesh!!!

  6. The dead guy lost nothing. There is no benefit when one’s corpse lies for a few minutes in church with a few words said over it. The church service will not raise the dead, will no cleanse “sin”, will not secure a place in “heaven”, will not add anything of importance. Its simply a ritual, part of the “letting go” process. Abeg when I’m dead (if I ever die), say just one word to me: GOOD BYE. Then put me in a box made of cheapest wood. Use the money that would have been used for buying a golden casket and doing “burial party” to feed the children at the nearest motherless babies home.

  7. Religion: man made contraption, load of bullshit (with more shit added on every now and then), serving no useful purpose but mindless control, domination & a slow painless death of the intellect. Well, its a good place to “socialise” once in a while and check out the boys all dressed in their finery. Other than that, *** BBM not interested smiley***. The day am gone, i shall die happy if i’ve managed to make the world a better place and improve as many lives as possible, when that time comes, just say goodbye, shed a few tears at our parting, put me in a simple wooden box (like i’ll even notice?), lower me into a freshly dug hole, shed a few more tears and GET ON WITH LIFE!!!! its too frigging short!

  8. When I die I want there to be weeping and wailing and hot men be throwing themselves on my casket screaming “don’t gooooo!!! Don’t leave us!!!!”

    I also want to be buried with 5 human heads and a couple of dildos. . No make that a carton. My hands should be crossed over my chest with a dildo in them. I want to be buried in purple robes. Or pink.

  9. He obviously is a Self- Righteous Prick n I’m pretty sure he is guilty of Some oda Sins that his “Principles” technically turn a blind eye to… N̶̲̥̅̊☺?

  10. I actually side with the pastor on this one. Truth (which a lot of people seem to have forgotten) is you can’t be gay and a christian. It’s not workable. No matter how you try to justify it or convince yourself otherwise, the bible (on which christianity is based, btw) is clear about its stance on homosexuality and homosexuals. Any deviant behavour of any kind. So chanting homophobia or hypocrisy here doesn’t compute.

    • SimonAndal I disagree with you on that one.
      Religion can be either interpreted in a way that either includes or excludes people based on their sexuality. A little Google research would have informed you of the many Christian churches that totally accept gay people as part of the church. I’m not sure what your denomination is, but one can be both gay and Christian.

  11. lol @JustJames…u sha going to hell on a kite for such level of ostenticity,poshness and debauchery even in the grave.

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