That Vlog Clip Where Toke Makinwa Talked About The Signs To Know He’s Gay

TOKE-MOMENTHe’s too stylish . . . No, he’s metrosexual . . . No, he’s gay.

This post on Toke Makinwa’s vlog, Toke Moments, is not recent. And most of you may probably have already seen it.

On this episode of her vlog, the media personality spoke on what she titled: ‘In the Closet: 5 Signs that Guy is Gay.’ And she pulled no punches.

Do check out the video and let us know if you agree with what she says are the signs. And if you have the perfect gaydar, share some of your signs.

27 thoughts on “That Vlog Clip Where Toke Makinwa Talked About The Signs To Know He’s Gay

  1. LMAO! Ok,dis is actually my first time of hearing Toke speak; I’ve only known her as a very strong presence (and a pariah of sorts) on all d gossip blogs, but I’ve never really seen her in action;just pics.
    Regarding dis Vlog post, Toke, bae, are u speaking from experience? This topic seems a little to close to home to you. I mean, we all know that after 11 or 12 years of dating u and treating u like d girlfriend that doesn’t really exist, u practically had to put a gun with a silver bullet in it, to Maje’s head b4 u could drag is 42 year old ass down d aisle (and there hav been one or two whispers abt his…*ahem*…”two-sidedness”). So I wonder, is Maje guilty of all these features u mentioned up there? Is d dashing Mr. Ayida (and truth be told,he IS dashing,hehehe) ur inspiration for this particular vlog post?lol.
    I agree with her on some points though,like d no-sex and checking out other guys and vehement bashing of gay folk wen d discussion comes up or d withdrawal and embarrassment wen d discussion comes up. I don’t think d strap-on dick or “finger me” angle is gonna fly sha,cos most gay guys who are trying to fool their girls won’t ask for a strap-on or a fingering session from d girls,during sex. But those other features; not so easy to hide!
    Anyway,I aint mad at u Toke *kisses*…(Oh,and tell Maje to follow me back on twitter,hehehe…)

  2. She doesn’t need to tell us how she feels about ‘gays’. Her lebe gives us all the expression of her feelings. *rme

  3. Ok toke darling take a sit lemme lecture u. U were kinda wrong wif most of all ur signs. 1. Must all guys have sex wif their gal?? Like hello?. 2. No nigerian gay guy will tell his girl to sleep with him wif a strap on D. 3. No nigerian gay guy would ask his gal 2 fill him up there wif her finger. 3. We re normal pple. 4. We do not chk out guys within 2 seconds(lol) . Now the only correct sign u talked about was d v homophobic persons. They always turn out to be gay. Now toke darling wen next u wanna talk bout sumfin liike dis dear u do ur home work. And Gal u re truly a werey Lmao.

  4. From her vlog, it can be seen that she was talkin frm experience nd was 1sided. Also she was painting d gay guy as if he has a sickness or sumfin! . And gurl u re really a werey*in beyonce’s voice* rotfl. Nd honestly no guy who is bent on hiding his sexuality frm his gal would b so stupid to exhibit dese signs. Lol

  5. When I am with women, I check guys out in a split second. It takes less that a second to see if you have cakes worth eating! The girl has to be as fast as lightening to catch me on this one!!! #JustSaying

    This was hilarious, if you can get over Toke’s fake accent that is!!!

  6. Bitch puhleassssee!! you’re ugly and razz despite all your forming British poshness, abeg rest! Its clear this bitch dislikes gays! well, guess what, we dont like you too!! my bujayjay is always gonna be tighter than your veejayjay … so you were right, you cant win when it comes to a scramble for the men, lool! For as long as Nigeria insists on being narrowminded and bigoted, this issue will always exist … to all you ladies who end up marrying a man who actually likes men … serves you right especially if you’re homophobic and have played an active part in creating an oppressive, intolerant society … *pulls on her high heels, stands up adjusts her blouse and walks away**

  7. She’s got a few points right..

    But what’s with “a normal man with blood running in his veins” and some other things she said and she says she doesn’t want to judge. Well we know what she thinks about gay guys.

    Meanwhile some poor naive girl has just watched this video and is about to lose a good man cause he won’t sleep with her.. hoes.

  8. This was very condescending too! She should stick to topics she is familiar with; like skin bleaching and fake lashes!

  9. So when do we expect her vlog on ‘how to know she is a lesbian’? As a lady,that should be her forte…It’s cool to them when two ladies make out but unacceptable for two guys…

    And who asked for her opinions anyways? Is it just me or does this sound all conspiratorial and done with masked spiteful,self serving motives? The way she is dishing it as if she is giving the solution to the world’s biggest problems. Ladies are so worried about marrying gay men…What about the guys getting married to lesbians? Silly double standard!

    Look who got fooled…You know so much and ended up with ‘ur man’. #desperatechick

    • Marlon, I like your point about the double standards: straight men who marry dykes. Does the girl puke each time he’s on top of her? *shrugs*

  10. Lol. I didn’t find this that annoying. Maybe cause you guys have helped with that. She should rest abeg; she hasn’t said anything new.

  11. Just went to google search engine to peruse your profile Toke and damn! I saw me this fine dark knight on Tux…..oh he is definitely gay if what chestnut says is true and hold him tight cos very soon very soon I would be that distant nephew of a cousins’ brother he will bring home to dinner….

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