20 thoughts on “That infamous Burna Boy tweet…

  1. Pink Panther! LOL! Why did you specifically call my name? Am I the president general of “Men who will never get married” association?
    Anyway we all know what team Burna Boy plays for…*sips green tea*

  2. Aproko people! Its in my mouth you people want to hear that Nigeria got its independence in 1960!!! Biko ask Google

    • Hahahaha! C’mon dennis,don’t be like that nah! If u know something, pls let us know(cos I won’t even lie,that niccur has me feeling some type of way;there’s just something so sexy about his cofidence and swagger)don’t be stingy with info.

  3. He could be….he could not be. Unless someone here knows him personally that he doesn’t actually want to get married, all is speculation. George Clooney once proclaimed he’d never get married too and he loves the ladies. Even if Burna is gay, like most dudes in Nigeria he’ll prolly get married anyway bcos he wants to fit in

    • U know with naija TBs,rumor aaaaaalways has it about eeeevery male celeb,lol. I’m over all d rumors jor! I think some of it is just wishful thinking cos there’s NO male celeb dat they will not tell u stories abt his alleged gayness.I’ve literally heard EVERY name in d naija entertainment industry. People keep reaching.

  4. oh you yummy boy! I hope you’re a member of our choir, I cant wait to take you under my choir robe and teach you how to make me reach some high notes. **roar #cougartinz#**

  5. I knw som1 who said he’s gotten down wit him. (Bt remember hw TBs lie).tho d stry had a whole lot of genuity dangling around it. Biko dnt quote me

  6. He definitely is na abeg.He simply can’t be exuding all these raw sexiness and causing my bujayjay to twitch any time i watch his videos. oh Burna B i want to be starred in one of your video were we will both go writhing,huffing and panting in that hugging game….#WhenTheSunTurnsPink.

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