26 thoughts on “Humour Saturday: Kermit Is At It Again

  1. Lol. I don’t know why people feel the need to lie though. If u’re versatile,just say u’re versatile! I mean,that’s the gift of being gay,no? Being able to give and receive when d situation calls for it?

  2. This has always been a huge issue in the gay community everywhere, even abroad. I remember I watched a movie where some dude had sex with someone, and when he told his friends, their response was “What? You allowed a bottom fuck you?”

    Lol! I still think these memes are of the devil.

  3. Personally I wonder who started the norm that bottoms can’t fuck (top)? They have a dick which gets erect when excited. So the idea really makes me sick. Asides the fact that he’s gay, won’t the dick be used to fuck a woman, if he eventually get married? The whole dos and donts appauls, abeg I just can’t.

  4. Labels? We hold onto them like it’s a badge of honor! Its not a biggie! It shouldn’t be a biggie. For me it’s about choices not roles. I prefer being a top, because I have taken it up the *** before and the pain was out of this world. The few times I tried, I just couldn’t get over the pain, so I decided that it wasn’t for me. I am very happy being a wrecking ball LOL

  5. I think labels are good though *insert jaws theme* maybe its just, I like things to be clearly defined from the onset.

    The wahala is if you’re a bottom claiming to be top, you’re going back to wherever you and your lying konji came from. Cos the minute I notice something fishy while we’re at it, then we’re done… El finito.

    Basically i feel labels gives us a sexual identity if you get my drift, but then I think we should be open to adventure and exploration should the tides change. Afterall, all bottoms like to cum and all tops have an ass. So flipping “roles” should be a thing of adventure rather than trying to soothe your nonexistent masculine ego

  6. Loool pinky more like what you did and said, trying to seduce a married man all because of his ball and still adjusting your form fitting skirt ontop of that

    Am sure you’re one of the single ladies not allowed to sit anywhere near the first 3-4 rows in church…. A pastor is only human you know

  7. Lmao – what! This meme reminds me of those porn videos when the camera zooms in on the ass of the guy doing the pounding and we see his hole is wide as the rim of a mug (lol).

    • LMFAO!OMG Absolom! U are soooo wrong for this! *choking with laughter* I thougt I was d only one who noticed! Sometimes d top’s hole is so round and wide that u can see that niggah’s innermost thoughts and dreams thru it! LWKMD

  8. the seeming preference for the top label is simply a throwback to our ancestral societies where anything masculine is deemed superior and feminine is weak and inferior! we have unfortunately carried over these tired labels into the ‘gaybourhood’ … abeg those labels r tiring. am versatile and its no biggie, do me or I do you, all that matters is that the sex is good and am connected to you …

  9. But then, I’m of the opinion that tops have the nicest/fuck-inviting asses. I have seen so many I wanted to fuck just looking at their ass. I’m top myself, 90% of guys I’ve topped wished they could go behind me too. Current bf never considered topping till we started living together and as a nudist I’m always in my underwear and he can’t look past the ass, despite the size of the d… So yes, tops just so happen to have asses for days.

  10. In my opinion, taking a dick should hurt like hell. but when I give, I only see pleasure on their faces, it baffles me always.

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