32 thoughts on “Photo: Streepers We Love

  1. I guess we hope its in Nigeria so we could all rush down to that club on the guise of a “business trip”

  2. Um, o…kaaaaay. These strippers aren’t…”Frosh”?,so I’ll pass. If u’re gonna show skin for a living,then u better exfoliate,cleanse and moisturise, bish! Hehehe…

  3. Male strippers abound in Nigeria who perform in “guys only” parties. I have been in one and I know this guy on twitter who arranges them. He also knows that discretion is very important.

  4. @Pinky, I vacation in hell already so It will be a natural transition for me. This one you are talking about surf boards? *coughs* are you borrowing a line from beyonce’?

    @chestnut, just looking at cakes significantly improves my blood circulation. So imagine what eating them does to my health. Can you really blame me?

    @obatala, you too? Ok! Continu! I will soon sprinkle something on you, it will not be water!!!

  5. Wow, I just love you guys here no exceptions. Gosh you peeps are all witty and your comments are just ravishing Eg. Chestnut, dennis, pinky, james et, al. Don’t stop been fun. #first time commentor or rather commenter.

  6. I’ve laughed so much at the comments here that I just can’t help but comment.. You guys are cray and fun… I love you all.. And Pinky, u are doing a fab job. Keep it up. Meanwhile, am waiting for Declan and his adventures to show up here anytime soon… 1st time commentor but a regular reader…

  7. Only in the USA…probably Atlanta…the black gay capital of the world….loll….this making me to remeber all those nyash-shaking boy dancers at Constain-under-bridge in Lagos…

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