Forced To Fuck

This is a very fantastic, university story that happened to my good friend, Lanre Swagg; I won’t mention the university where it happened; he asked me not to, I suppose, because someone might connect the dots and figure out his identity. Read. It truly is fantastic. And grotesque too. Read and let us know your thoughts.


g14That night, I had wanted to tell Sisi not to come because I wanted to sleep. But exams were close and she was nervous. We were the only two that offered PSY 204 in the faculty and she liked us to study together.

It was around 10 pm. She came with her boyfriend. I could never understand why he wouldn’t let her be. Didn’t he know we wanted to study? Or he thought I wanted to fuck his girlfriend. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway he was cute, a fair-skinned hunk with a permanent VPL in his jeans. No wonder my friend wouldn’t let him be either. I’d always had secret ideas about what I could do to him someday…lol.

Two hours of study later, I announced that I was tired and would be calling it a day. Not that the two of them would let me enjoy my much needed rest. They went at it all night like rabbits. My poor bed which I had sacrificed for them creaked until I feared the springs would give way.

That was when I heard the other sound, the loud rat-tat-tat on my door. My house was very far from the campus centre, so I wondered who could be visiting at past midnight. The knock sounded again, this time more aggressively, and it was followed by a dull husky voice: “Open Up!”

Sisi instantly snapped shut her thighs, which made her still-thrusting boyfriend wince in pain as she nearly crushed his weapon of ass destruction. We all stared, silent and petrified, at my door.

“No be human being dey inside or na animal dey sound for there?!” the voice roared. “We go comot this door o…”


Sisi started to whimper, something that incredibly turned her boyfriend on and he started to thrust, grunting, close to his climax. But she pushed him off, just as the door was splintered open. We shrank back, and the boyfriend was just then shooting off wads of creamy white semen onto his thighs, as the thugs walked into the room. The one in the lead had a menacing leer on his face.

He laughed, the thug.

“So na fuck you dey fuck for this serious period wey everyman dey read for exam?” he sneered. And with that, he reached out with one very long left hand and pulled Sisi from under her man. She screamed. Deji’s mammoth weapon bobbed up and down, still erect, and splattered more semen on his thighs. I stared at the monster between his thighs and wondered how Sisi’s tiny pussy could stretch that far.

She tried to get away from the grip of the thug but he whipped a slap across her face – and a hot kiss on her parted lips (not sure which came first), and then he flung her to the floor as three other menacing cult boys swarmed around him with brandished cutlasses.

“Jizosss, I’m dead…” I whispered.

Sisi started to cry. She got another slap for that.

Her boyfriend reached for his tiny boxers – not that it would fit around that penis in its current state – and he got tossed a backhand slap, one which made him reel into the corner of the room where I was. His firm muscular butt rested heavily on my groin. I got hard instantly. If he noticed, I couldn’t tell, because he nestled in even deeper until his butt cheeks were massaging my tumescent erection. All I had on was flannel shorts – Damn!

Gazing first upon the lover-boy with his rampant penis, and then at the vulnerable naked chick on the floor, a strange grin spread slowly across the face of the chief cultist. He seemed to salivate. His left hand was in his jeans pocket, holding on to what appeared to be a gun. Or maybe he was just happy to see freshly fucked pussy.

And then, he barked out an order, for the two lovers to fuck. Since that was what they knew how to do, he would teach them a lesson, he said.

“Ye! Ori Iya mi o…abeg na, oga…” Deji pleaded.

But he got another hot slap. He was shoved on top of Sisi, with a machete to his neck. His softening dick, which was then pressed against her still moist pussy, regained life and he started to grind against her slowly. Sisi didn’t move. She expectedly didn’t seem to be enjoying it. Her face was turned to the wall. The cultist drew close, shoved her face around and planted a brutal kiss on her lips.

“You too dey form,” he sneered. “You no dey enjoy am? See prick wey be like yam dey fuck you – mumu, otondo…!”

The other three cultists laughed. I could see their dick imprints pressed against their trousers. My eyes moved to Deji’s bubble-shaped ass rising and falling as he dug deep into his girlfriend with abandon. Or was it fear?

Suddenly, the chief cultist looked at me. He must have noticed my throbbing fly. I tried to hide it by turning around, but it was too late.

“Guy, wetin dey do you?” he asked. “Abi you be gay?”

The others laughed again.

“Ha no o!” I protested.

But before I could finish my defense, I got my first hot slap.

“Comot your trouser – imbecile!” the cultist snarled.

I obeyed. I shakily dropped my long shorts, and my straining penis bobbed into view.

They laughed again.

“I go punish you today!” the cultist said with a ribald chuckle. “Oya come and take over…” He grabbed me by the neck.

I was terrified at the thought that he was going to do something nasty to me; then a strange leer came over his face, and he concentrated on my bouncing penis with his gaze. I felt dread snake up my spine, as my frantic thought that he would do something nasty to me intensified.

“You this gays sef, you want to fuck abi?”

Then he pushed me on top of the couple writhing on the bed. My penis jammed against Deji’s rising-and-falling buttocks. I recoiled.

“Fuck that nigga or we will kill everybody this night!” the cultist commanded.

Deji stopped moving. He stared at the cultist, his eyes widened with horror. Then he turned his horrified gaze to me, then to my raging erection, then to the cultist, then to his girlfriend, and his spluttered, “Oga abeg –”

Of course, the rest of his plea was whipped away by yet another dirty slap. I got a deafening one myself, before the cultist snarled at Deji, “Idiot! Keep fucking!”

Deji humped against Sisi. This time, she moaned.

And I was dragged until I was lined up behind the couple, my penis pointed all the way to where Deji’s well rounded ass opened. And I slid inside. He screamed. He got another slap, I got a final push, and I was in – all the way to the hilt.

Deji gasped as his muscled ass clenched against my erection – his first penis ever. Sisi stared, aghast, from underneath us both – I was fucking her boyfriend.

“Oya, fuck na! Abi you no like as e be? See ass like woman own…”

The cultists laughed again.

That was when I decided that if this was the last thing I was going to do alive, I would do it well. And I dug deep, with a viciousness that sent the tip of Deji’s eleven incher into Sisi’s uterus, until she choked out a scream. His body stiffened, but I didn’t care. I fucked like I was told to.

As I thrust deep into him, my hands went down and I grabbed his muscular butt cheeks. They bounced with every reinsertion. He relaxed a bit as he got used to the feeling and I rolled my eyes up, feeling an overwhelming sweet sensation begin to build. At the same time Deji moaned and grunted as he began to blast his girlfriend’s womb with hot semen. She screamed. I screamed too as I spurted my load till it oozed out and dripped to the floor. Deji’s ass clenched around my pulsating dick. I tried to pull out but it was too tight.

The cultists laughed again, they all had their hands on their visibly bulging crotches; what sort of perverse pleasure was this?!

That was when the gunshots were fired and everybody jumped.

“Police!” a shout came from outside. “Everybody, hands up! And don’t move!”

I collapsed on top of Deji, sinking deeper again, as he let out a cry of relief – or of pain, I don’t know which – and four men in black police uniforms and raised guns barged in to take charge over the sordid scene…

The End.

Written by Lanre Swagg

36 thoughts on “Forced To Fuck

  1. Wow! This would have been a nice experience tho (if the hot slaps were taken out, that is). But I still find it hard to believe that with just two thrusts, he was totally in the guy’s ass. This guy is supposedly 100% straight so his asshole would have been very tight so penetrating with two thrusts, without lubrication of any sort is kinda hard for me to believe. Nice story anyway.

    • When one is being raped, due to fear the body quickly adjusts and finds ways to reduce the friction. This is why some women do get wet when they are being raped, it’s not about pleasure it’s about trauma. So there have been cases in which men who have never had anal sex before found their bodies expand more easily than would have been imagined. The impending trauma makes the body enter panic mode and tries to cushion the effects.
      Nobody should have to go through rape!!!

      • Dennis I don’t agree with u,I’m sorry. When there’s impending danger,ur body stiffens up,not d opposite. It’s wen u’re relaxed and comforable (like with ur bf) that ur body relaxes too, and is more accepting. That’s why foreplay makes a woman (or a man) more…”Pliable”. When it comes as a shock,with danger attached to it, u body’s first response is to lock up until u feel safe.

      • I can’t claim knowledge in physiology, but I think you are wrong on that note. Fear doesn’t make u relax. It tenses u. That is NEVER good for sex. I’m quite sure they never get wet and thats the reason for all dem tears due to friction n shii. Its not lubrication that makes the rapist cum. Its the friction…I bet. Trust me in the face of slap, Lanre will push whether the nyash agree or not. I’m sure he spared us the very gory n disgusting details. That said, nobody should go thru the experience.

  2. I really don’t know how I feel about this story. I hope it’s fiction,cos that wasn’t an entirely pleasant experience. It’s amazing that Deji (who’s ass has never been poked) even sustained an erection with d pain of d first (and unlubricated and unplanned) dick to drill his butt…. *rides away on BMX bicycle*

  3. Trauma makes the body force itself to relax to as to cushion the effects. Ask any doctor who has worked with rape victims. Its the body’s response to the invasion as it were.
    Initially the body clams up, when the invasion as it were continues the body is often forced to be more receptive to “cushion” the effects. It is often a physiological response seen in quite a few victims of rape. I speak from “hands on” experience.

      • Lol! No! I don’t endorse rape under any circumstance. However I have worked in a trauma centre, so I have some knowledge about what I speak of.
        There is no need to rape someone, when I can as well seduce you to the point that you willingly and joyfully hand over those cakes (serving them on imported china LOL). Why resort to rape?

  4. From a learned point of view, d body surprisingly finaly relaxes in such situations.its like givin up all resistance afta so much struggle. I’d like to ask d writer wat d next encounter wit Deji was like after d episode.

    • Keyword: “finally”. Of course, d body will eventually relax in ANY situation,whether it’s voluntary sex or not. But what I’m saying is,in dis case, deji’s ass apparently didn’t wait for “eventually” b4 relaxing; that dick entered without any drama at all on first contact! I mean,even in cases of voluntary sex,d bottom might be so nervous of d anticipated pain,that u literally can’t even penetrate him for few minutes because of d reflex stiffening of d muscles…and dis is voluntary sex o! In deji’s case, it wasn’t voluntary sex,but that dick went in immediately,like there was no tightness whatsoever…oh well…*sips tea*

  5. raunchy, dirty, steamy, sexy!! love it!! I wish i was Deji, being pleasured from both front and back …the only difference would be that Lanre would have to use lots of lube abeg … great piece!!

  6. First of all, this will make a very good porn on…..secondly, I truly enjoyed this…having a 3-some with a Bisex dude and girl is one of my fantasies….I know some dudes have naturally open holes…so they are always open due to their body nature whether they have been fucked before or not….same way we have tight bottoms…but damn ! This shit almost got me spilling my juice…..dafuq !

  7. So armed robbers/cultists knock on the door and yet the bf still thrusts?

    They barge in and the erection is still there?

    You say he could see all the rapists’ erection, yet when they saw his own they termed him gay? Like seriously??? Are they gay too?

    Abeg so much unreality in this story and he entered the supposed straight guy’s ass for the very first time without any sort of lotion?

  8. 1st this story sounds like a scene in OOU or Osu as you all know.
    2ndly…I hope you never set your eyes on Sisi after that day?

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