22 thoughts on “The Six Gays You’ll Date Before You Die

  1. Hilarious! I think I have dated the closeted guy, and the slut (we all have). I am currently dating the queen, I buy shirts and after sometime they disappear because the queen thinks they are “so last season”. You need to see my bathroom, full of all manner of cosmetic products and he doesn’t live permanently with me *sigh*

      • As in!! Thanks Chestnut..tot I was the only one who remembered Dennis said he was dating a mechanic kinda rough guy…oh well…

        The way he gives his life stories on all most any topic one begins to wonder how only one person can have all these apt excitement in his life. Like and we live in Nigeria for that matter too

      • He never said he was dating a tough-looking mechanic. My goodness, you people! His exact words according to his write-up ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ https://kitodiaries.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/in-pursuit-of-excellence/ (if y’all will care to confirm before shooting your mouths off) were:

        ‘I am currently dating an amazing guy who changed the way I look at love and life. He is a geek of the highest order and works as an engineer specializing in fixing heavy duty vehicles. There is no other person in the entire Rivers State, Nigeria who can fix the kind of cars that he fixes, so he is some sort of hot cake. Now he works in yellow coveralls (the rest of the technicians wear black), his helmet has a Hannah Montana sticker on it and he works in pink patent leather safety boots, swinging his hips to the beat of Beyoncé’s rhythm anytime he is working.’

        Now, how does that say tough, and not queen? Jeez!

  2. Lol. I think some of these types may not apply to Naija e.g. nearly every gay man here is THE closeted gay…so…

    Disclaimer: The list that follows is not meant to offend oh, abeg.

    1. The Married Gay.
    2. The Off-The-Gay-Scene Gay.
    3. The Serial Dater (9 boyfriends in 4 weeks)
    4. The Converted Gay.
    5. The Bisexual Gay.
    6. The Kito Gay.

    Ok, I’m done here. *flees*

  3. great video!!! I was literally rolling on the floor. I think in naija we have mostly the closeted gays and the sluts! I have traces of the queen sha …

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