My Rebound Story

HomokissI still remember the first day I met Babangida. It was a sunny day, really hot. If you have ever lived or been to Gwagwalada on a sunny day, then you can appreciate what I am talking about. All my efforts at looking fresh, nice and sexy fell to ruins. I was sweating profusely, the handkerchief in my left pocket was already soaking wet.

Now that I think of it, I’m not sure if it was just the sun doing its evil job, or my nerves totally focused on ruining our first meeting. Thankfully, Babangida had a car. And better still, its air condition was fully functional.

As I stepped into the car, the chilly air felt like heaven. For a full two minutes, I sat down blank. Baba was speaking but I wasn’t listening. I was too busy absorbing the chilliness.

When I finally regained my composure, I quickly apologised for the silence. Baba understood and we drove straight to town.

Baba is a 32 year old civil engineer, working for one of the top engineering firms in Abuja. I have dated students and jobseekers in the past, and let’s just say, most memories from my dating history are such that I’d rather forget in a snap. So I was really glad when I learnt Baba did not just have a job, but was actually on the fast lane to financial success. The thought of being taken care of by someone else for a change was both liberating and slightly challenging. The challenge, of course, would be letting go of the reins of control. Somehow, it didn’t quite sit well with my inner masochist.

I had met Baba on Badoo. It was just three weeks after I broke up with Otas, and I was feeling a little lonely and hugely horny. Some days, I’d get so horny I would find it difficult to get out of bed. I had done the wank routine over and over…and I was so over it!

So Baba’s timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Baba is not one of those cute-look-at-me-I’m-pretty types of guy. His sexiness shines through his rugged looks. He isn’t ugly, but he isn’t handsome either. And he has this long tribal mark on his face, which he thinks makes him ugly. But which I thought raised his sexiness to astronomical levels. But above everything, Baba is pure bottom. He’s the type of guy that could never fathom sticking it to another guy or girl, or so he said. I often asked him if he never intended to marry and settle down. He replied that he would when the time was right and that his parents weren’t pressuring him, since he was the last born of the family.

Now, seeing him in person – after chatting for almost a month – made my engines start grinding. Baba was much smaller and skinnier in person. As we drove to his place in town, I could but imagine how he would look naked, in bed. The thought of him being nude made my dick tweak in excitement. We talked a little while he drove. It seemed we had chatted about almost everything on Badoo. No matter, we were in this for sex, not love. I just so wanted to get laid. I wanted sex like oxygen. And I had a feeling Baba could see it in my eyes.

On the way home, he stopped to get drinks and recharge card. We finally got to his place around 2pm. It was a one bedroom apartment, somewhere in Garki. He ushered me in and switched on the TV, while he went into the bedroom to change to shorts and a t-shirt. As he stepped out of the bedroom, it took all my will power to keep from pouncing on him. He looked too sexy in shorts. Never mind that the faint scent of incense was everywhere, my sexual appetite suddenly became ravenous. I wanted him here and now!

But of course, all this was happening in my head; outwardly, I was quiet, gently sipping on my sprite. He walked over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and poured himself a glass of coke. Then we had a little small talk about work, life, politics, including some of the nasty things we had said to each other on Badoo.

I reminded Baba that he had promised to show me the scar he got on his left thigh, when he accidentally shot himself with a gun many years ago. Of course, I wasn’t really interested in the scar. I just needed to move this lovely conversation to the path I needed it to be: sex. Baba knew exactly what I was up to, and he hesitated only for the briefest moment.

Finally the moment was here! The moment I had been waiting for. The choir of angels was singing in my head. As he pulled his shorts down revealing well toned muscles, I leaned forward and kissed it. That was all the motivation Baba needed. He pushed me gently to the couch and began kissing me. Slowly at first, and then furiously. We quickly threw our clothes on the floor, and his nudity bared his enormous dick to my startled sight. I gasped at the sight of it, and he smiled. It was such a shame such a massive tool was going to waste. But I was glad it would never be used on me. Someday, some lady might or might not be impaled by Baba’s thick stick.

As we lay there kissing and exploring our bodies, Baba went straight for my nipples. My nipples are the most sensitive part of my body. It’s the one place I can’t resist. No matter how turned off I am, if you can get to my nipples, you can get me going. It was one of the many secrets I shared with Otas.

As his tongued flicked rapidly on my now hardened stub, my dick responded with vehement protest. I grabbed his waist and we quickly changed positions. Baba lay flat on his belly as I spread his soft baby-fresh bottom apart. My tongue quickly went to work. I licked and sucked like my life depended on it. In another life, I remembered that this was my special talent which Otas could never resist. Baba moaned and squirmed and begged me to fuck him already. But I was determined to take my time.

I put the tip of my cock by the entrance of his asshole, playing a little with it till his orgasm ran free. Baba was in seventh heaven by this time. Shaking and pulling my waist closer, he begged me to enter. And his pleas were a super turn-on. I was going crazy. When I finally went in, I heard him gasp. He was both pushing and pulling me at the same time. So much that I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it or if the pain was a little too much.

I turned him on his back and lifted his legs as I continued pounding away. He squeezed my nipples and begged me to go faster. As I kept up the pace, Baba began to shiver, moaning loudly. Within a few minutes, his cum was sprayed all over his body. So much cum for such a little guy. It was the first time I had seen someone cum without touching his dick, and in a few minutes I followed suit, released my weeks of pent up sexual frustration.

I fell by his side exhausted. Baba leaned forward and sank his lips into mine. We both laughed, and then went to shower. Thereafter we dressed up and went for something in Javeniks, and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t pay the bills.

Written by Ken George

21 thoughts on “My Rebound Story

  1. This left me flustered and fanning myself viciously! I like a top who’s specialty is salad tossing! But how is this a rebound story? Are u and Baba dating now? was it just a shag? …this was undeniably an entertaining and explicit read but It ended so abruptly, I would’ve loved to know more

  2. I was expecting a rebound story but got a hard on in class instead. I hope my lecturer doesn’t ask me to stand up yo answer a question sha.

    • Chai! Boiz will be boiz! Just know that I’m here for you, dearie. On my knees, begging God to make your lecturer ask you to stand up for some reason, while your flagpole is still up of course. Hahaha

    • Hahaha! This is what will happen.
      James: the answer to the question is…
      Lecturer: how dare you put your hand in your pocket while addressing me?
      James: I’m sorry,sir.
      Lecturer: so why do you still have your hand in your pocket?
      James: um…er…sir I have a condition. I’m sick. And this is how I hold it down.
      Lecturer: pardon? Hold what down?
      James: the condition
      Lecturer: what condition?
      James: the one that made me put my hand in my pocket
      Lecturer: doesn’t it have a name?
      James: but I just told you sir.
      Lecturer: get out of my class!!!
      *james walks out with a swagger, with his hands still in his pocket*

  3. “Thereafter
    we dressed up and went for something in
    Javeniks, and for the first time in a long time, I
    didn’t pay the bills”.

    Hm! Mr free chop. Nice one though.

  4. Nice story…Hot sex.

    Another story about consensual UNSAFE sex between strangers…

    I know this is fiction, with a sprinkling of reality, is the sex real?!?

  5. nice raunchy, sexy piece Ken! quick question: I’ve often heard how hot Gwagwalada is, is it really true that though its technically part of Abuja, its much hotter? its fun to be taken care of, but from experience, it’s never a good thing in a relationship when all the giving us 1-sided, its better when both parties can bring something (however little) to the table …

  6. Just another Unsafe, Sex Hook-up story from a Badoo Addict….nothing new….I don’t see how it’s a rebound story….

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