8 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day II

  1. lol. so true. I had a friend whose elder bro always swore his eternal abhorrence for gays. Now the funny thing is that my friend is quite effeminate. His bro never seemed to notice. Sometimes I wonder if straight people can’t recognise a gay person when they see him. As for me, I sniff them from miles away no matter how straight acting.

    • loool. How very convenient for him never to notice. That said, not all effeminate guys are gay. As girlie as they may be, the concept may be strange to them o.

  2. if Jesus were indeed awesome in this context. .wouldn’t He want to make things easier for gays by giving them siblings that are gay friendly and not so homophobic? This isn’t funny and neither is it smart… and it’s a bit stale. ..saw this over a year ago.!

  3. This is hilarious and I laughed when I saw it because it rings true. I mean for starters my parents (God bless them) are homophobes and they were blessed with a son who can’t take his eyes off a man’s ass.
    I think they already know anyway; I will be 28 this year and I always come to family functions with only my blackberry (which I happily devote my attention to) unlike my cousins who always come with their “female flavor of the month”. Funny thing is that I had dated women in the past, but right now I want the suspense to eat them up while they wonder “is he?”, so I won’t be attending any family ish with a female company.
    God does have a sense of humor

    • hmmm Dennis, am so jealous of you!! you work in a gay tolerant organisation as well as have a liberal minded family! you almost have it all bitch! do you realise that in most other nigerian families, by now they would have called a ‘family meeting’ to find out why there’s no woman in your life unlike your other cousins, in some cases, they might even go further by giving you an ultimatum to show them the woman you intend to marry or else …

      • LOL! First of all, my family is no where near progressive! I think the bells go off at 30 in my family so essentially I have 2 more years to enjoy before we start having “that conversation”.

        My colleagues are also not that tolerant, it’s just that my company operates in so many markets of the world and has strict code of conduct rules which abhors discrimination of any sort. They they are left with side gossip in their cubicles and sometimes the silence that envelopes the cafeteria when I walk in. Not that I care anyway

        So I don’t have it all…..whatever that means….

        Oh and erm…I’m not a Bitch tooo LOL

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