What They Say…

This is a Facebook update of someone who I have no idea about his sexuality. However, whether he’s gay, bi or straight, that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that he very boldly updated this, a statement that decries the unfairness of the treatment of the LGBT community. Read below and let us know what you think.


Man+speaks+to+woman+‘They say gays are horrible. They say they should be lynched & their habitation rendered desolate. They wouldn’t bear to touch a gay, talk to gays, give a gay a helping hand. They treat them like lepers, and they are looked upon with such hate and venom not thought possible for anyone to possess. They call them ‘bloody gays’, ‘fucking homos’, ‘disgusting dykes’ and they treat them in a way less of a human. When a gay passes, they crumple up their noses, purse their lips in derision and whisper under their breaths, ‘fucking gay’.

These are the same individuals that profess ‘love’, hold hands together and say ‘I love you’ with a conviction. These same people tie their head with scarves in such a way that no strand of hair is revealed. They go to the mountains or hills to seek the face of their ‘all-loving Jah Jehovah’ and pray hard, shouting and blasting in unknown tongues for the sake of the nation, for the peace of the nation. They see no qualms in living with a dog, feeding it, loving it, but they consider it a crime loving others who’re different.

Let me ask a question – Does a person’s decision, decisions that cause harm to no one render him liable to be treated as less of a human? Does it make them less human because they don’t ‘fit’ into the so-called society’s standards – those standards, inane and insane, formed by ill-fitting, corrupt and morally bereft elements?

These ‘theys’ I’ve been referring to are no other but a group of people who title themselves ‘CHRISTIANS’. And yes, they’re bound to be uncomfortable when they read this because, although they say the truth sets one free, they’re far from the truth.

Their rules have no exceptions and their overly-strict adherence to their God-given commandments have turned them into myopic, painfully tunnel-visioned and intolerant entities. Their unwillingness to offend their God has wrapped their brains with the false consciousness of the delusional lily-white lifestyle.

How can you open your filthy, hateful mouth to advocate the lynching of gays or the annihilation of Muslims? How can you say that when you say Jesus came to save sinners? If really you look upon them as ‘sinners’, why then should they die when you just said Jesus came to save them?

If that firmamental enclave you all call heaven is homophobic, then no, thank you, I’d rather ride with the Devil, shooting craps in Hades.

21 thoughts on “What They Say…

  1. They say we are the cause of the country’s economic problems. They also say we are harbingers of the end-time prophecies.

    Most ppl these days are Jewish, not christians. Their hate n self righteousness pass Pharisee own. And we all know how those caused the destruction of Israel. Now THEY, as against gay ppl are causing the destruction of present day Nigeria.

    That said, I think he was a bit extreme in his vituperations. ‘myopic, painfully tunnel-visioned and intolerant entities…filthy, hateful mouth’??? Oh boy, this bros vex gan-an

  2. Wait till the American and British embassies begin to ask “what do you think of gay people” during visa interviews. You will see how quickly people change their views!!! LOL

    • @Dennis lmfao. I’m still trying to imagine the systematic way they will drop the question. I will imagine the applicant has ‘jabo-ed’ about his hate b4 dey popped d big Q

      @Pinkie No blame am o. Reading thru, even I thought he was gay AND muslim. A pained one at that. Prolly had just been harassed sef

  3. Lmao @Dennis….that will be a good one! But But I’m glad someone had the balls to put this up, I just hope people read and don’t start judging.

  4. LOL! You begin to hear, “Gay people? Omg I love them, they are proof of diversity in God’s creation. My son is gay, I hope he can marry a good man one day. My dog is gay too, I got him a nice male dog play mate. You know I am very OPEN MINDED, which is why I should get this American visa as I am OPEN MINDED like americans”…..LOL

  5. “If that firmamental enclave you all call heaven is homophobic, then no, thank you, I’d rather ride with the Devil, shooting craps in Hades.”
    This I like. Reminds me of what Desmond Tutu said.

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  7. We can cry blood from here till kingdom come, but it wont change much. What gay people need to change the tide is to keep educating and engaging the ignorant, then strategic organized socio-political movement.

    I believe and know that change will come, its inevitable. Eventually gays will be free to be themselves. I also know that that change is not likely to happen this generation. This is the generation that begins to initiate the change. Many of us will get married and have kids. I just hope we dont let our kids suffer the same fate like us. We must look to the future while planning today

  8. I think issue’s like this become so repetitive to the point where talking abt them induces an eye-roll. I dont think there’s anything ground breaking abt stating the obvious. Nigerians are a homophobic pretentious hypocritical bunch…case closed. What would make for a more compelling read would be to ask why? why are we so homophobic? as opposed to simply just stating that we are.

  9. “We can cry blood from here till
    kingdom come, but it wont change
    much”. With the greatest respect, I disagree with Kendigin on this one.

    The best sociological change is the one that starts from within: from within the individuals pushing for the change.

    You have a scenario where the vast majority of gay people themselves in this country are battling with self hate. And you think the best way forward is to pick a megaphone and go out in the streets and start chanting pro gay slogans? That’s beyond ridiculous! Even your fellow gay people will psychologically tear you apart before the rest of the mob could get to you.

    I’ll say that articles like this are urgently needed in the gay community. We need to keep circulating them until the monotony of it spores us to some spontaneous action!

  10. Hhhhhmmmmm…Am new here and have just been reading comments. Never knew such a wonderful community exists here that teaches a lot about LGBT with respect to what they face, which is caused by others who r yet to understand and in some cases by LGBT. God bless d initiators.

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