Photo Of The Day: Balls On Display

This World Cup tournament is proving to be a lot interesting for more than just soccer. Forget about Luis Suárez’s bite. We’re talking now about a major World Cup wardrobe malfunction!

During the game between Portugal and Ghana on June 26 at the Brasilia national stadium, we witnessed how the players’ shorts might not be so reliable. In an attempt to get the ball, Portugal’s William Carvalho went after Ghana’s Jordan Ayew. It quickly became physical when Carvalho grabbed Ayew by the shorts putting his privates in full display for the whole world to see. See photos below.jordan-ayewjordan-ayew_0

Oh, and then, there’s this other photo. Is it just me or is that long and chunky swinging around in the groin area of the player in red? Zoom in on the photo with me, will you? 😀 and someone please tell me I’m merely hallucinating… (or not)fb1


14 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Balls On Display

  1. I tot I was the only one who saw the mandingoes on display. Choii ayew. U have only what pascal is said to possess

  2. You see what i hate about nigerian gays and maybe the whole gays. It all about sex. Why would you want a right you don’t deserve. You see some made believe hugh dick and you all horny, it shows how cheap you are. I bet if gay act become legal there would be high rate of male prost. Come on hold urselves. Show some self worth.

    • I’m sorry Toyota (oops Lexus)…. This comment was totally out of line. This was just pure fun and you had to bring the dark cloud of this stupid comment over it. It was exposed and has become a world topic..shikena. Do you think a bunch of girls aren’t sitting somewhere discussing this picture? Why aren’t they standing on the road? I hate it when people want to feel like they’re so much more intellectual than others and forget to have a sense of humour. It’s irritating.
      …..Oh! And this is coming from someone who’s probably read more books than you have

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