‘That One Person Out Of Ten Makes It Worth It.’ Chimamanda Adichie Defends Her Pro-Gay Stance

celebs 21Nigeria’s most critically acclaimed author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie penned her bestselling book, Americanah, and centered it on love, race and black hair. Over the past few months, she has been promoting the novel in Nigeria, America and the UK.

In an interview with The Rumpus, she spoke about the book . . . and the reason for that explosive piece she wrote in condemnation of the anti-gay law. You know, that one titled ‘Why Can’t He Be Like Everyone Else?’ In case you were under a rock during the uproar caused by this piece of hers, read it HERE.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from her interview with The Rumpus, where she defends her pro-gay stance. I thoroughly love her remarks. I’m sure y’all will too.

On speaking out about Nigeria’s laws against homosexual: “I did it because I wanted to start a conversation, and I wrote it particularly for a Nigerian audience and particularly for my generation of Nigerians. People talk about homosexuality in a way that is devoid of humanity. I think there are many Nigerians who are good and kind people, who hadn’t quite sat down to think about how deeply inhumane and unjust this law is. It’s very easy to alienate people when talking about something like this because Nigeria has become increasingly conservative in religion and religiosity. People close off as soon as you bring up the word. I knew that I would get a lot of negative pushback, but there’s no way I couldn’t speak about it. I had to.

People have told my family to tell me to keep out of this and stop supporting the gays. For every ten people who think and say that, there is also one person who says homosexuals should not be jailed or harassed. And that one person out of ten or out of twenty makes it worth it.”

28 thoughts on “‘That One Person Out Of Ten Makes It Worth It.’ Chimamanda Adichie Defends Her Pro-Gay Stance

    • Kendigin, Jude Dibia already wrote Nigeria’s 1st novel about (gay) sexuality 5 years ago – ‘Walking With Shadows’, for which he surprisingly was awarded the prestigious Author of The Year by ANA/Shell…

  1. I am such a fan, Americanah is arguably the best book I have read in a while. she writes about mundane, jaded issues but gives new life and prospective to it; her writting is simple and yet profound. She always has a story, she doesn’t ramble. I think people like James should pick up a Chinamanda book and read

      • Excuse You? I think u are the one that needs to learn a thing or two about self respect; and about giving ppl the space to air out their opinions. it is your blog, yes. but try and assume a level of anonymity everyone once in a while and try not to call out comments that you do not agree with- thats highly amateurish; and while you are at it, try to handle abit of criticism, constructive or not, without your constant need to kvetch like a small child

        now go to work and publish my post already

      • Let’s not deviate from the picture here. This isn’t about me. Its about you and your compulsive need to deride and be too scathing, even when it’s not called for. THAT comment was a cheap shot. And there was absolutely nothing constructive about it. Granted, people should be allowed to express themselves, but at what time should we close our eyes to blatant disregard of people’s feelings all in the name of freedom of expression. Weren’t we all always riled up about Alpha Papi? I may be the owner of the blog, but there’s no place in that job description that says I’m not allowed to call something out when I see it.

      • Anyway, I don’t think highly of you. So your opinion of me doesn’t matter, and I don’t see it ever coming to matter anytime soon. I enjoy your blog, but your “two cents”, your inability to handle criticism without being defensive; always leaves me disappointed and irritated.

        Publish my post, the one that isn’t blood curdling and doesn’t encourage the spread of STIs. Thanks.

      • You don’t think highly of me? Oh yea, that’s a real tear jerker. I’m slowly dying inside from a lack of your regard. I’d like to tell you where you can go with your regard but I’m not that much of a bitch.
        PS: Remember when you said its my blog? Keep that in mind as you take it for granted that I’ll publish everything I get.

      • I’ve always felt you were a bit childish but this is the height.

        I find it amusing ( and a bit sad) that you have formed the habit of picking at my comments even when they are not directed at you, as in this case. My comments may be scathing and caustic but I am always quick to praise when I see something that I really enjoy. I am not pretentious.

        I think you have really embarrassed yourself this morning by making my comments get the best of you, your replies almost seem premeditated. its so pathetic that I bother you so much, when for me the only time I am reminded of your existence is when I see your amateurish kvetching here.

        Take my advice, assume some level of anonymity and just observe abit without jumping up at the slightest comment u are in contention with. And maybe in my mind, I’d have a bit more regard for you. 🙂

        on a more serious note..I have work to do, so run along now.

    • Ummm Chizzie, why do you have this compulsive need to be a bitch at all hours, you lash out like a sex starved woman with a deep itch in her mangina. Please go get laid, pay for it if you cant get it free … a journal is often about the wanderings and ramblings of a creative mind, yes it may not always be interesting, but it is what it is … so pull it together Sister!

      • lol CeeCee…I have a boyfriend, so that eliminates the sex starved bit. and I am not a bitch at all hours, maybe some hours

      • Dude wats ur twitter handle? I personally think ur journal ish is dope! Esp d ramblings, makes u come across as real and human not some articulated perfect robot

  2. have always been a huge fan of her but now I think I am in love.
    hardly can you see someone hit the hammer on the nail better.
    I wish she would marry my bro( day dreaming…waking up)

  3. Maybe Chizzie is the Simon Cowell of this blog? I mean, every good show should have its own villain…

    There was Brian in Queer as Folk, Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada… There’s Chizzie on KitoDiaries!

  4. I’ve read all her books and I absolutely adore her style of writing. A tad bit depressing sometimes but doesn’t stop me from reading them over and over again.

    I’m not surprised she supports gay rights… she’s a humanitarian and doesn’t blindly follow religion like most nigerians.

    Her family need not worry. She’s a strong woman… she’ll be fine.

    I wonder why those people couldn’t tell her to her face to stop supporting us though… cowards.

  5. Chizzie is a bitch sha. Choii. Panther u try shaa. I won’t allow nitwits who do not I repeat do not understand the essence of a thing to bother me. After his realing for 2 seconds u shud have known he was out for u. Chizzie ur unknown bf will not die in ur hands. #foolOfallNation. #bboGcometakeCHIZZIE

  6. *yaawn*

    *reading* Chimamanda…Chimamanda…Chizzie….Panther…..Chizzie…Panther…

    *falls back asleep*

  7. My! My!! When iSee Chizzie’s comments, iJez think… “oh, what a scathing indictment to the gay community”. She almost makes me ashamed of… buh neeerrrh, not every “special person” is attention seekin’ and publicly needy as her. And to think the thing says she has a boyfriend? I beg to differ! That’s a shagbuddy you got there mate. Plus, you’re a regular bitch. Ain’t nothin’ special ’bout that, there’s a sh*tload of your likes out there and in tons too. Next time, if you wanna take a shot, please aim above the belt. Those ones below are jez cheap and lowly. STEP UP girlfriend!!!

    PS: iJez officially called you out Chizzie! It’s you vs me now! #LemmeShowYallHowASuperBitchDoesIT

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