Photo: Hotties Of The Day

So I was scouting through Twitter, as usual, when I happened on the delight for today. Specially grilled meat a la sexy 😉

And with them comes a question. In the fine print below the picture, the tweep who posted the photo asks: Which One Could Smash Your Guts Out? I suppose this is a question for the Bottoms and Versatiles (lol)

hottieOya o, take your pick and tell us why your salivating self wants him over the others, cos me, I’m still drooling over the merchandise. All of ’em.

19 thoughts on “Photo: Hotties Of The Day

  1. *screams , jumps around, twerk,tears g string,whip hair nd slit wrist.* oh my gosh I love all of emmm . I don’t mind a 4some though *runsaway* . Ok lemme be serious. I prefare contestant number 1 from d right. Cuz 1 he’s tall, has a cute face nd I can begin 2 imngine him banging me aiidy. *winks* *flips peruvian hair*

  2. for me it’s the middle guy, check out his feet. that’s some huge leg and u know the theory of the big feet n big c**k is so true 😀

  3. If I would choose the one on the left.
    But with most chilsed men like this always comes huge egos, attitude and a feeling of entitlement
    I don’t need my guy to be perfect physically I need him to be a good person and have a wonderful personality.

  4. @iluvmua iam still laughing at all the stuff u wrote just pictured it like when coach sylvester in glee did a nicky minaj performance in I think glee season 6 or so.Guy you funny all those routine and the guy would probably just run off…#still laughing

  5. All cute, but a bit too thuggish for me. I could do either of them on a drunken one-off basis, nothing steady ooo, I’d sha like to be part of a sandwich kn between the guy on the left and the one on the right …

  6. I thought the myth was about guys with large nose. I have seen guys with big feet with things that look like ube.

  7. Lmao at the ube comment…..meeehhhnnnn! Muscles are uncomfortable, soft and lush with a booty to die for is more my speed. But they look good, wish I could look like that.

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