Photo: Hottie Of The Day

Buff!Sometimes I see the photos of some guys, some guys so hot, so sizzling hot you can almost see the smoking hotness come off them like steam, and I wonder how long it took God to create them. Saw this photo on twitter and I simply had to share. Dunno his name, dunno who he is. But I would sure love y’all to join me in saying ‘Hallelujah’ to such a glorious work of art.


deep-thoughtsSince the 1990s when the scientific community first suggested that homosexuality might be genetic (after drawing blood from gay men and observing sexuality patterns of these men’s brothers and uncles from the mother’s side), I gotta admit that the struggle to have us breathe easier in the world has received a boost. More people have been forced to reconsider: If it’s natural, then it must be okay; then there’s nothing they (gays) or anyone else can do about it.

I do not subscribe to the born-this-way theory, however. In fact, I dislike it. I have never spoken about my orientation propped against the pillar that phrase is supposed to be.

Why? Continue reading


This is a work of fiction by a Kito-Diaries-ian, Tobi, who is fast becoming a regular writer for this blog. You may remember him from the controversial piece he did – The Hoe Issue. (Read HERE if you missed that). Here’s another shocking, raw write-up by him. Read and let us know your thoughts below.


Loneliness-sad-man-hd-wallpaper-free-downloadThe church bells chimed for about an hour.

I honestly think it’s too much noise, not that I’m not religious or anything. It just baffles me that that cute 19 year old Chris can just stand up there, hitting that thing for almost an hour. I couldn’t bear it, I tell you. During mass, I sit next to my parents and my senior sister Vanessa from 9 to 11. When mass is over, we move to different sections. Although I’m 17 now, I prefer the adult section so I can see those guys in their tight pants going forward to collect their holy communion and trace the prints of their dicks against the fly of their trousers. Most times, I barely get up to receive mine because I’d be hard as ever on the chair. I always wondered how it would be for me, my first time that is, with someone I did care about. Cute, hot, slim. Too much body drama isn’t my thing. All I want is just to fall in love with the right guy.

I watched carefully as everyone stood up to get their holy communion.

Just then, some guy sat next to me. I barely noticed until he whispered close to my head, “Hey…” Continue reading

Photo: World Gay Chart

World Gay ChartThe above picture is a research done by the Pew Research Center to determine the world’s disposition toward homosexuality. Sorta like the gay atmosphere of the world. Darker colours reflect more gay friendliness, and lighter colours, not-so much. Nigeria sure does look bleached out, doesn’t it?


homosexualsI spend most of my holiday periods texting and meeting up with different interesting guys, falling in and out of lust with them. The best part of it all is always the amazing sex that we have. I heard once that gay dudes are more sexually active that straight people. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but I can’t help the fact of wanting to breed a good bottom’s ass and leaving my cum on him.

I was with a dude last summer. Lanre. We fell in love fast and for some reason I wanted to date him. At least have a boyfriend, you know, the joy and all. I remember that one time at his place; he came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. I smiled at him, enjoying the sight of his body glistening from his bath.

And then he muttered, “I want you to fuck me.” Continue reading


Hello, guys, this is our very first series, brought to you by a brother whose a very good writer. We shall call him…erm, CeeCee. We’ll be posting episodes of it weekly. Enjoy. 😀



I turned the key in my bedside locker, took off my slippers and swung my feet onto the thin uncomfortable mattress. I tried to take my mind off the stifling heat and noises of at least 50 other boys in various stages of sleep. Some were muttering and snuffling in their sleep, some snored loudly and rhythmically while some grunted like pigs.

It was disgusting!

I hated this boarding school with every fiber of my soul and for the hundredth time that day, I wondered how I was going to survive till the end of the term – three long months! It just seemed like this place was designed with the worst corners of hell in mind.

My mind drifted back to events that occurred several months earlier in happier times before my idyllic existence had been rudely transformed and I had been transplanted to this despicable place. It was time for mid-term break, so I didn’t have to wake up at 6.30am for school. It was about 8am, and I was still twisted amongst my sheets enjoying the pleasure of sleep while overhead the split–unit a/c pumped out cool, filtered air. Mum tapped lightly on the door and walked in. Continue reading


This is Blue Fox’s kito story. Read and relate.


200019237-001Have you heard of all those brothers that set their brothers up? Well, I met the best of them.

It all started on the sweet morning when this straight-acting and thuggishly-looking top (did I mention I like bad boys), who happened to be my classmate in secondary school hit up a chat with me on Facebook; complementing and telling me how fine I had become, (it was at that time that I was becoming aware of how cute I was and the effect I have on tops). So great was his charm that I was swept off my feet by it. Now when he started telling me of all the things he’d do to me in bed, you can imagine how my hormones were raging. lol. Continue reading